Fa Coconut Milk Caring and Fresh Shower Cream Review

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It is spring and the temperatures are still low here in Netherlands. Last weekend, I did some beauty haul and burnt a hole in my pocket, and I am broke already! But, at the end of the day, the happiness of using the products is unbeatable. I would be reviewing all one by one. So look out for some posts from me ( Happy Me!). So, Fa has introduced 2 new variants for the summer and the common ingredient is coconut. I bought a shower cream and a shower gel. I love the smell of coconut products. So today I will be reviewing the first one I used out of the two: Fa Coconut Milk Shower Cream. So read on!
Fa Coconut Milk Caring and Fresh Shower Cream Review

Discover caring refreshment with Fa Coconut Milk Shower Cream. The shower cream with natural Coconut Extract awakens the senses and leaves your skin protected against drying out.
» With natural Coconut Extract
» Protects the skin against drying out
» Mild and caring formula
» pH skin neutral
» skin tolerance dermatologically confirmed


€3.39 For 250ml

My Experience with Fa Coconut Milk Caring and Fresh Shower Cream:

I love spring! You get a whole new range of products and going to a beauty store is like going to paradise. You have everything you want but you have a price to pay! Dah, dream spoilt! Anyway, I came across the new range of Fa shower products and there was Berries and Coconut range that was launched. I like the smell of coconut; it is delicious and I love food, and I couldn’t resist myself from picking it.

The product comes in a plastic bottle and the color is similar to coconut: brown and white. The packaging is good and the cap is sturdy, thus making the product travel-friendly if you want to take bulky products. The product is similar to coconut milk. It has the same color and consistency. Very creamy and it smells like coconuts! The product though looks thick, it lathers very well and is easy to spread. The product washes off cleanly without leaving any residue. It claims to have natural coconut extracts and I am really not sure about it.


It definitely soothes the skin and doesn’t dry the skin after a shower. But you need to follow up with a lotion. I noticed that after 30-45 minutes, the skin starts to become dry. But this could be a good point if you have to epilate/wax after a shower. You will be dry skinned free for some time. After all, it is a shower cream and has soap so I never expected any miracles from it. I don’t find it to be moisturizing either. The skin feels really good as long as you are in the shower and few moments out and your skin is back again to the normal way.

The fragrance doesn’t remain for long as well and starts to fade out soon. The product is a good summer shower cream where you don’t need high moisturization for your skin. Even though it has coconut and we do know the benefits of coconut oil/cream for the skin, the product cannot be used in winter and also is not an ideal choice for dry skinned beauties. The product is suitable for sensitive skin and doesn’t irritate if you have minor injuries.


So summing up,

Pros of Fa Coconut Milk Caring and Fresh Shower Cream:

• A good summer shower gel
• Smells nice
• Soothes the skin after a shower and application of lotion can be delayed
• Lathers and rinses well
• Suitable for sensitive skin/with minor cuts

Cons of Fa Coconut Milk Caring and Fresh Shower Cream:

• Not suitable for dry skinned beauties
• Doesn’t provide effective moisturization

Will I Repurchase Fa Coconut Milk Caring and Fresh Shower Cream?
No! I didn’t like the product and I had high expectations from it.

IMBB Rating:


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