Fab Bag : My January Bag

Fab Bag January

fab bag january

So the January Fab Bag is just how it should be – a bag full of winter pampering and party essentials. At least that’s how it looked to me. 🙂 And the bag, it looks lush, and classy. The bags are getting better with every passing month.

I think I’d  quickly jump to the products I got in my January’s Fab Bag.  🙂


I Love Mango Face Masks : I am taking these to wedding obviously. These are going to be my pre party pampering masks. Love that these are in sachets. And going by my previous experience of I Love.. products they smell nothing less than delicious. 🙂

i love mangoes face mask

Nake*d by Lisa Haydon : My most favourite product from the bag. I have dry skin and this is almost God sent. I was planning to pick a SPF free cream for evening time and this worked wonders. It’s natural. Contains aloe vera, Vit E oil, rosehip oil , avocado oil and geranium oil. It says that is preservative free and needs to be kept in a refrigerator. I wouldn’t call it a great travel companion but an excellent home care product.It makes skin smoother and gets absorbed quickly.  Love the earthy packaging. I might just pick a full jar of this. You can check out the full range of products on Fab Bag.Com

Lisa Haydon skin care

Lisa Haydon skin care cream

Nyassa Almond Body Butter : Loved the texture and feel of the product. It works great for my dry skin. It adds the required moisture my dry skin needs during these wintery months but it’s heavily scented of bitter almonds. The fragrance kinda settles down after a while and is not bothersome but I might not give it a go again.

Nyassa Almond Body Butter :

NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick Sparkling Red :  Not a fan. Love reds. Love NYX. But sparkly reds.. well not my cup of tea. It’s a great lip color for parties if sparkle is your thing…specifically. See how lovely this color looks on Sabrina in her Easter Makeup look. 🙂

nyx diamond lipstick

nyx diamond lipstick sparkling red

Overall, I think the Lisa Haydon product blew me away. I cannot rave enough about it. I am going and doing some damage to my card after writing this post. 😀

Here’s a cute video by featuring Vineeta (Co-Founder FabBag.com) and Lisa Haydon. 🙂

As a bag 3/5.

Good Night Everyone. 🙂

What did you receive in your Fab Bag this month? 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Fab Bag : My January Bag

  1. wow Rati! Lisa Haydon cream looks fabulous. Mango face masks? Well, I don’t think I have the guts to try them now. It’s off season and what if you lost controll after putting it on your face? *drool*
    Nice shade for nyx lippie but I too don’t like sparkling ones.

  2. Lisa Haydon has a beauty line? How did I not know this??! She has the most radiant skin ever!!!
    What an awesome collection of products 🙂

  3. Fab bag is getting awesome with each month. N*ked face cream *drool* *drool* ….Lisa Haydon and Vineetha – two gorgeous ladies *jai ho*

  4. It looks lovely! ! *clap* Rati, I want to write for IMBB. I had mailed you regarding that, did U get my mail? 🙂

  5. I coaxed and persuaded my project lead to buy this and now she is thanking me. *haan ji*
    She has got that almond body butter, the nature’s co body wash, a lip gloss and votre skin toner *happydance*

  6. I too loved January’s fabbag … I got alfonso mango body butter *powder* and an eyeshadow palette from beauty UK *woot* *woot*

  7. I had subscribed only for a month Fab bag offer to see how the products would be..received coconut (mango version shown above) face mask..was easy to apply but it was so much pain to remove the mask, so would not use those masks again *cry* *headbang* Almond body butter was good as it just helps in keeping your hands and feet moist 😀 And Beauty UK Eyeshadow Palette n*ked in neutral colours which atleast i am happy with as they r not loud (but i am mac products fan so not sure if i would use that) *pompom* and Votre Pore Shrink Toner (yet to try because i am using forrest essentials rose water currently as toner and i love that)..but will not go for more subscriptions *devil*

  8. I too ordered it this time and am excited to receive it , the nake*d cream by Lisa Haydon looks very tempting, natural and preservative free that’s a great product *happy dance*

  9. My jan fab bag has the same products too except the face masks i’v got the nature’s co coconut body wash. Got nyx lipgloss-true red which i kinda din like 🙁 the almond body butter fragrance is bit overpowering and the only product i liked to the core in this month’s bag is lisa haydon naked potion lotion. Overall its an average bag for me and yeah the bag is very cute though 🙂

  10. The texture of the lipstick looks sooo creamy *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* i have to order a fab bag now *pompom* it looks awesome *hifive* *woot* never heard about the cream but was great to receive some knowledge *happy dance* i have soo many creams to finish and just got a tbs strawberry body butter.. just can’t stay without it *hihi*

  11. I got the n@ked potion and the same body butter *happy dance* *happy dance* I also got a lord & berry lip balm, don’t ask about it, it’s an exception *headbang* *headbang*

  12. i got my first fab bag too ….oily skinned.

    got toner instead of Nysa *waaa*

    Nyassa mango body butter (instead of Almond Body Butter) 😀
    i love coconut face masks instead *preen*
    and eyeshadow kit ( shades of brown) from beauty.uk *puchhi* (instead of NYX )

  13. recd. first fab bag jus about average … din get lipstick or the naked cream got shampoo n conditioner instead … way below my expectations.. “i love cocunut mask” n nysa cream were jus about ok as well…

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