Fab Bag July 2015 Bag Review, Photos, Makeup Look

fabbag red carpert bag

It’s been a while we have reviewed FabBag on IMBB. So thought I’d post a review of their special edition ‘Red Carpet’ bag for you all. 🙂

You may order your Fab Bag HERE

Price of Fab Bag Subscription :

Rs 599 for 1 month
Rs 1,499 for 3 months
Rs 2,699 for 6 months
Free Shipping!

The bag is all gold glam with with a foldable design and foil strips texture. I ended up loving it so much that I am carrying it on a trip with me right now. 😀

fab bag july 2015 bag

The contents of the bag include :

  • Sugar Cosmetics Twist and Shout Fadeproof Kajal
  • Ayorma Spa Daily Scrub and Face Wash
  • Vana Summer Shimmer
  • Bellapierre Red Lipstick.
  • Fabpost with little tips and tricks to get the whole red carpet glam.

fab bag july 2015 bag review

Sugar Cosmetics Twist and Smoke Fadeproof Kajal Velvet Black : I am an out-and-out kajal girl. I love using my bright lipsticks, but I think on most days, I like using kohl in my eyes. Every new kajal pencil excites me.:D I am head-over-heels in love with this fadeproof kajal. It comes in this gorgeous beige box. The pencil is black. There is a lovely textured grip on the pencil so it gives control over the application. The pencil is black, it could have been more black, but it is pretty decently pigmented. It goes on smooth without tugging or pulling.  It gives you enough time to smudge it and then it sets. I wore this kajal for like 12 hours straight and my eye makeup was pretty much perfect by the end of the day. At least 50% of the kajal was still on my waterline, which is the most impressive part. Rest, there was no smudging, fading or racoon eyes. I was like…wow! 😀 And for all you lazy bugs, this is a twist-up pencil. No sharpening required. 😛

This pencil hasn’t left my side since I have started using it. Absooolutely love it. You gotta try it!



And this is the makeup look I created using the kajal. Soft smoked out eyes. 😀 sugar kajal from fab bag

Ayorma Spa Fairness and Anti Tan Face Wash : It is a khaki green face wash with green beads. The beads don’t dissolve when you use the face wash, but they are supposed to be the skin whitening globules. Honestly, it’s hard to tell how true the claims stand in such a less time. But I would tell you my first impressions. It smells heavenly – kinda mix of neem, citrus and has the smell that most spa products have. It’s the kind of smell that freshens you up and also calms you down. You know how you kind of get relaxed with all the amazing calming fragrances during a spa treatment. Honestly, I feel that this is more ideal for those with oily/combination skin, but the weather in Delhi was crazy humid and I used this face wash a couple of times.  It leaves my skin clean and refreshed. But I have dry skin, so my skin feels a bit stretchy after using it. I always have to follow up with a face wash. I used it during my flight as well and I loved how the fragrance kind of calmed my senses.

Ayorama Fairness Daily Scrub : I liked the scrub more than the face wash if I go by the skin type. This is a white color scrub and has very fine granules for scrubbing. It’s almost like a cream with soft grains. It’s super gentle and honestly can be used everyday. This also has a very spa-like fragrance. It’s great for gentle exfoliating on a day-to-day basis and leaves skin very clean once you rinse it off. It leaves my skin comfortable and soft. I have to follow up with the moisturiser and my skin feels pretty good.

Overall, I really like both of products. They are free from parabens and preservatives. They are a combination of aromatherapy and ayurveda. The fragrances instantly transfer you to the spa and I love it!

I loved these two products so much that I sneaked them with me for my trip. 😀


Vana Italian Bergamot Luxury Summer Shimmer : The only product that I didn’t care much about from the bag. It is a body lotion (paraben free and made with all natural ingredients) with a lot of sparkly golden shimmer. You can wear it on your arms, décolletage, back, etc., for the sheen, but the shimmer particles are pretty visible despite being very small. So, either you’d like it or you won’t. I fall in the latter category. I am more of a sheen person. I am not fond of glittery particles sitting right on top of my skin.

Bellapierre Red Lipstick : I haven’t got a chance to try this lipstick, but I love the packaging and this shade of red is right up my alley! It actually pretty much matches the shade that Aishwarya Rai wore at Cannes for the red carpet (check first pic above). 😀  Looking forward to using it. I’d share a pic when I do 🙂 Has anyone of you used it? 🙂




Swatches :fabbag-sugar-cosmetics-kajal-review

Overall, I really liked the bag. A good mix of two full-sized makeup products and lovely samples of skin care products. The products from this bag have become a part of my everyday routine. I hope they include more Sugar Cosmetics and Ayorma products in the coming bags. 🙂

Did you like your July 2015 Fab Bag? 🙂

You may buy your Fab Bag from HERE

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6 thoughts on “Fab Bag July 2015 Bag Review, Photos, Makeup Look

  1. I am tempted, especially with ayorama products 😛 I am thinking of placing an order for the August bag, that looks good too 🙂

  2. My subscription ended in June and in July they sent such good products. Not fair! :/ I have heard so many good things about this Sugar Kajal, will check some of their products.

  3. Lovely review Rati….I also loved the July Fab Bag a lot. I got Sugar cosmetics eyeliner instead of kajal and that too is as awesome as kajal looks in your review. Recently I wore Bellapierre lipstick to my friends’ engagement and loved it. It doesn’t dry out lips and stay on for 5-6 hrs. Pigmentation is also good. Do try it out 🙂

  4. hi rati..sorry for writing this here..but i am really missing your posts at faux pas..plz write an article there at the earliest..i am waiting desperately..

  5. I am so happy to read your review of July Fab Bag. I have ordered the Fab Bag for the very first tym and have received it today( havent seen it yet still in office). M so excited to use the Kajal and lipstick. i hope i have received the kajal … many have recvd the eyeliner……Do post your review and pics of the lipstick.

    Enjoyyy your Belgium trip. waiting for your post on it on faux pas.. and wish you a very very happy bday in advance….Have a great day and year ahead……Muahh….btw i am in your city tomorw….my one day shopping trip….will check out al the places u suggested… :))))) take care….

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