Fabindia Seabuckthorn Soap Bar Review

Fabindia Seabuckthorn Soap Bar Review

Hi there,

Today I’m going to share my view about the bathing bar I recently picked from Fabindia. I have tried a couple of their bathing bars before and had a good experience. So, I had an urge to try all of them to find out the best suited one for me :). So I picked a couple of them to try out first.

I chose to use the Seabuckthorn first. It’s a honey colored, translucent soap.

Fabindia says:

fabindia sea buckthorn soap bar

Made from legendary seabuckthorn berries found in higher altitudes of the Himalayas, this bathing bar contains nutrients, essential oils and vitamins that protect and nourish your skin.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Glycerine, Coconut Oil, Stearic Acid, Seabuckthorn Oil, Castor Oil.

Price: Rs.65 for 125 Gms

Seabuckthorn Ingredients

First impression:

When I first opened the pack, it had a strong citrus smell (reminds me of some cheap detergent bar 🙁 ) I was a little skeptical about using this as I didn’t want to smell like a detergent bar after taking bath with this. I did try smelling the product at the counter but could not make out the smell due to the plastic packaging.

Soap Open


I don’t want to list out pro’s and con’s for this product. But would like to go about what my expectation was and if it has met them or not.

I don’t expect my bath product to solve my entire skin problem as I keep changing them. What I expect is it should,

1. Leave skin very clean without slipperiness
2. Give a refreshing bathing experience (smell)
3. Not dry out my already dry skin.

The soap did clean my skin pretty well without slippery feel. So my first expectation was met.

For the first few days, even the thought of using this soap gave me unpleasant feeling. Just because of the smell. I convinced myself to go ahead and use this soap in spite of not liking the smell. Thanks to the low staying power of the smell that it did not linger for long time after bath. Overall this did not give me a refreshing bath experience. Failed my second expectation.

I had no clue about the effects of seabuckthorn oil in skin care when I picked this soap (Later I learnt that seabuckthorn oil is good in healing of skin injuries, dryness and anti-aging).The catch point for me was “Glycerine” in the ingredients list. Off course all their soaps contain Glycerin. As I had good experience in past with soaps with glycerine (like pears etc.,) I expected the same smooth skin result from this one as well. But it didn’t give me that kind of smooth feel after bath. My skin was still dry after bath. So I can’t skip my body lotion. My third expectation also failed.

Overall I did not have a pleasant experience with this soap.

Will I recommend this soap:

No I won’t. You can find better smelling variety of handmade soaps.

Rating: 2/5 (+1.5 for containing seabuckthorn oil in it, 0.5 for cleaning my skin and -2 for the smell and -1 for not doing anything on my dry skin.)

Hope this review helps everyone.

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24 thoughts on “Fabindia Seabuckthorn Soap Bar Review

  1. Bad smelling soap early in the morning..what a turn off!
    And a unique wake up call. :lol2:

    Have you tried TBS soaps? I too have dry skin, the strawberry soap smells good and doesn’t dry it out further. 🙂

  2. Dove soap (even though not hand made) would fulfil all the above expectations I think. It does for me. :jiggy2:
    Sorry this one did not work. :nonono:

  3. hie all…. 🙂
    a really useful review.. 🙂
    the odour is a real turn off 🙁 :yuck:
    bt i personally like fabindia products..
    its tea tree toner is a wonderful product for oily/combination skin..
    it deeply cleans d skin n leaves a beautiful effect on d skin.. 🙂 thunpsup for d product.. 🙂

    1. but the good thing about the lotion is that it stays for 12 hours !!! :woot: + it keeps my hands moisturising whole day !!! :pompom: :pompom: :pompom:

  4. i have used this soap, and though it smelt ayurvedic, i loved the scrub that it had on the lower part of it, my skin really felt squeaky clean 🙂

  5. I have also bought this one with scrub. but for me the scrub part is too harsh to use. It felt like I am scratching my skin with rough stone. :hunterwali: Used it only twice. Didn’t like it at all. :nonono: :nonono:

  6. I’ve often thought about buying this soap only because seabuckthorn sounds appealing. Thanks for the useful review. I wanted to like this product but since it seems so disappointing, I think I’ll skip it. Shame. :((

    1. Try smelling at the counter once , if that smell doesn’t bother you much then i think no harm in giving it a try for just 65 Rs 😉

  7. i have used almost all type of soaps , but non of them really work well :nonono:
    i m looking for something new wihich will take care of my combination skin and as well deep cleansing :preen:

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