Fab India Coral Glow Face Pack Review

The Fab India Coral Glow Face Pack

Price : Rs 250 for 100 gm “The extracts of coral, real pearls, aloe vera and Alum deep cleanse, cool and clarify the skin, giving it a radiant glow.”

Key ingredients

  • Liquorice : is an effective skin lightener.
  • Alum : is an effective toner.
  • Oak : removes excessive oil while regulating the sebum (oil) production in the skin.
  • Aloe Vera :  aids in skin healing, reduces perspiration and moisturises skin.
  • Coral Powder
  • Pearl Powder : helps skin in healing, skin brightening, anti-wrinkling, and sun protection.

It smells very sandalwoody but sandalwood is not mentioned as an active ingredient on the pack.

Fab India Coral Glow Face Pack

The face pack comes in a powder form. The packaging is pretty cute. The pot is a clay pot with wooden lid. And the powder inside is in a zip-lock pack.  You may empty the powder from the plastic bag to the jar but I didn’t do that. I feel that the pack remains protected from moisture etc. this way.

Fab India face Pack

It also comes with a wooden spoon, which I feel is a little longer than it should be. The lid does not close completely once the spoon is inside the jar. I don’t mind that much because I keep my pack locked in a plastic bag  so even if the lid is not completely closed, it doesn’t affect the face pack.

Woodden spoonDirections for use : Mix a spoon full of face pack with milk for  dry skin and with curd for oily skin.  Apply on face , neck and arms in upward direction. Leave on for 6-8 minutes. Wash off with luke warm water.

Half a teaspoon is enough for face and neck. Coral Glow Face pack

I would say that this is a quick face pack. I make this pack in 2 tsp of milk and I keep the consistency of the pack pretty thin. The idea is to have more milk in the pack than powder. After you apply this pack on your face and neck, it starts to dry pretty quickly. I have never been able to apply this pack for more than 5 minutes . It dries quickly and makes you skin super tight. Then you have to run to the bathroom to wash off the pack and then run back to apply moisturizer. At least this happens with me. 😛

FabIndia Coral glow Pack

But all this running around I feel, is worth it. You see your face once you have washed your face, you would feel that you have got a facial done at the parlour.

  • Pores: Tightened
  • Skin : Stretched and youthful
  • Glow : Perfect
  • Dead -Tired looking skin : Bye Bye

My skin looks nice and glowing even after 2-3 days. The day I know that I have only 15 minutes to get ready and  go out for a date with hubby ( :P), I use this.

Fab India Pack

I keep the consistency this thin. You may also make this in milk cream if you want.

Fab India Face Pack

Overall I think it’s an excellent pack. Atleast it works wonderfully for my skin. Also, a little goes a long way.You just need small amount of it every time so that makes it even worth its price. You may use the jar even after your pack is over.

A few drawbacks are that

  • You cannot travel with it because one, the lid does not close- it’s just a light wooden cover on top and two, the jar is quite big.
  • The clay jar has to be stored at a safe place so that it doesn’t break.
  • I wish the spoon was smaller so that the lid could close completely. Not a complaint though because at least they are giving a cute spoon along with.

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating : :-* :-*:-*:-*

This pack was recommended by an IMBB reader, Rakhi. i would just like to thank her for this wonderful product. 🙂

I would just like to mention that skin care products don’t work the same way for everyone. So the results after using this pack may vary from person to person. Please use your own discretion before buying it. 🙂

Btw, I bought my first MAC brushes today- 2 MAC 217 and one MAC 219. Will show you guys tomorrow. 🙂


74 thoughts on “Fab India Coral Glow Face Pack Review

  1. Finally the coral pack review is here 🙂 …cute packaging…am getting it but my mom told me it’s been consistently out of stock for a while now 🙁

  2. I have never seen this pack at the store, wonder if they supply it here in Mumbai, the jar is very unique and unlike the other plastic jar they sell their other packs in… Anyone seen this in the Mumbai stores?
    I bought the lotus fruit pack and marinepack today s Im quite happy with myself :D, Rati, how much are the MAC brushes for? look fwd to seeing them tomorrow

    1. Oh!! i think you cna enjoy the lotus packs till the time you get the stock of this. I used the lotus fruit pack once and it’s quite refreshing. 🙂

      MAC 217 was for 1100 and 210 for 1400 🙂

      1. Ditto Renuca…this packaging is such that u can never forget if u’ve seen it at Fab India stores and I a feeling sad to say that I hvnt seen this at the 2 Fab India outlets close to my place…now I am just keeping my fingers crossed and hope to find it there…

  3. congrats for mac brushes rati hugssss
    and i too bought this pack after reading here and used it with curd that was great thanks for reco.

    and yes its available in mumbai in fab india store at chambur and they have sooooooooooooooo many i was just wondering coz i wasnt able to find it in santacruz(W) store … so i was lucky enough to get this ..

    1. Thank you, Rashmi. I was jumping with joy yesterday. 😛

      Glad you liked the pack. I have never tried this with curd. Does it dry within 5-7 minutes even when used with the curd??

      Now that you have mentioned al lot of IMBB girls should be seen at the santacruz store. Guess you must do a Fab India Mumbai IMBB meet. :rotfl:

      1. hahhahah aww i said CHEMBUR store plssss dont go to santacruz store mujhe gaali mat dena yaar….

        K Star Mall
        Unit No. 3 B, K-Star Mall,
        Diamond Garden, Chembur, Mumbai
        Ph: +91-22-25209370, 71

        Store Timings: 10:30 am to 9:30 pm; Open all day of the week.

        and yes with curd it doesnt dries up fast …
        i loved it ….
        i also bought under eye aloe vera gel …

  4. Thanks for this review Rati :-*

    I am surely getting this…anyways my Lotus and Biotique face packs are doing nothing gr8 so I hope this works for me the same way its working for u….

    You knw so many of my friends rave abt facepacks since they since a significant diff in their face once they use facepacks so its a instant pickup for thm but none of the packs i’ve tried have worked that well for me so I feel so sad 🙁 but now i think I might just hve found something that would work gr8 for me

    Now my only worry would be to find this at a closeby Fabindia outlet

    1. HD the other day I met Ki and she wanted to pick this at one of the stores and they didn’t have it there. I have not visited other stores of Fab india since long time so i don’t know. But I guess this pack is doing really well at their store. I guess mainly because of the packing an dthe ingredients mentioned. he he

      I hope you get it soon. May be call them up and ask them if they home deliver stuff??


      1. yeah will check that….will have to marofy some haath pair to get this one I guess…

        Hey did u try they frujuvenate facepack? how u finding it?

        1. Tried it once. It’s nice and cooling and smells very pleasent. Didn’t even feel any stretchiness after washing my face. I think I am gonna enjoy using it. 🙂

  5. Arre – wish you had posted this one yesterday – had passed a fab india outlet yesterday! Anyways, will get this over the weekend!

  6. Hey Rati. As you know I got this very recently. They had just 1 jar left with them and I just grabbed it. I have used it a couple of times and I really like it. Since I am very lazy to apply face packs and wait for a while I don’t buy many I’ve just got this one and I am happy with that 🙂

    1. oh wow!! 🙂 Guess i must mix both curd and milk because adding only curd might dry my skin more. This pack really makes me smile. 🙂

  7. Sounds very nice . I would go for anything that claims to tighten pores. This claims and seems to works too . Let me get it :-))

  8. Feels like facial done at parlour, i’ll grab this soon…
    oh i just bought the lotus clay pack , so will try after finishing it up….thx for the post rati.. :laugh:

  9. hey rati!!i couldn’t find this pack here in kolkata too!!they said that its not available in delhi from from where they despatch it.so i went ahead and got their sandalwood radiance pack.
    and it worked pretty well the first time i used it!!! :inlove:
    so until they restock the coral glow pack i’ll use the sandalwood one!!!yay!!! :-))
    .-= sree´s last blog ..crushed flowers =-.

  10. Hi Rati….have been using lotus clay and fruit packs but my tubes are almost over now.i was planning to buy a new face pack..but i was confused ?:-) and c here is your one more helpful post at rgt time :highfive: ….thanx..i have pores issue..happy to c that this coral pack may solve this issue…hope it works for me as well…thanx again..

    1. Yeah, it works pretty well for my pores. Although I don’t hav emajor ores issues but yes it does give that soft supple look to my skin. 🙂

      Hope it works for you as well. 🙂

  11. Was wondering why the fabindia products smell different always, as is said in the review there is no sandalwood mentioned as ingredient in this pack but has a sweet sandalwood fragrance…similarly their seabuckthorn shampoo smells like pure honey, though it is not there in ingredient list…wat could be the secret?

  12. I am having oily and sensitive skin. Can I use these Fab India Produvcts like AloeVera Misturiser and Facepack for my Skin. Will This help me, because I want to improve my skin texture.
    In which Fab India store in Kolkata can i Find this?

  13. Hi Rati,
    I just came across your blog recently and am simply loving in it,i got acquaint with lot of new products which i was nt aware of..and hmmm my shopping for beauty products increased thanks to you..
    @Teju and yes teju even i am having the same combination skin and searching for good face packs as i love to spat face pack on lazy sundays while watching good hollywood flicks(preferably romocom)
    and yes coral glow face pack is discontinued i guess , as i asked there store representative
    so guys temme is sandalwood radiance pack working for anyone bcoz my jovees mud pack is not workign at all…

  14. This face glow pack is not available at the FabIndia outlets from over a month.Checked with their bandra and chembur outlet. 🙁

    I am dying to try this product, but can’t till i get my hands on it.

  15. Hi Guys!!!
    My hunt for this face pack started after reading the review of this pack on ur blog..and after such a long time i finally got this pack :yes: Hip Hip Hurray Hip Hip Hurray !!!!ya today i just went to phoenix mills for shopping as soon as i entered the Fab India outlets here face pack was right in front of me..i was so happy tear rolling down my eyes :victory: ok ok i now its too much i grabed two pots as i want to stock up hehee i knw lalach buri bala hoti hain bt wen it comes to this face pack chalta hain and ya i bought my first fab haul aloe-vera protein conditioner and shampoo and vitamin E skin hydrating cream..
    and people of Mmbai who want this product its available it haven’t discontinued ever its just out of stock and arrived today in Phoenix mills..dunno abt other outlets..

    So girls wat r u waiting for “GO AND GRAB IT!!

    1. hey thanks Shirley … but I m not able to get this pack in Pune…
      can anybody tell me where can I get this Pack in Puneeeee???? 😥

      1. Hi Teju,

        After reading the gr88 reviews of this pack…..i decided to buy one…the GUD news is…that is it available in Pune….just picked up one yesterday…from Fab India…near Sourabh Hall….n they had a gud stock of it….!! Hope u get ur hands on it …!!

  16. Hi Teju,

    After reading the gr88 reviews of this pack…..i decided to buy one…the GUD news is…that is it available in Pune….just picked up one yesterday…from Fab India…near Sourabh Hall….n they had a gud stock of it….!! Hope u get ur hands on it …!!

    🙂 🙂

  17. HI Rati ji
    i have searched this pack online but cudnt get it. I m thinking to buy it frm fabindia store….. is it possible or they have discontinued this product????

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