Fabindia Tea Tree Cleansing Milk Review

Fabindia Tea Tree Cleansing Milk

Hi beautiful women….
Today I will review the Tea Tree Cleansing Milk from Fab India. I visited the store searching for the lovely lavender cleansing milk but to my shock I was told they have discontinued that. After the lavender toner, this is one more big blow from Fabindia. I had to pick one so I decided to try this. Although I have a dry to combination skin in winters but I read the claim and wanted to check how it fares. Read on to know more….



The cleansing milk comes in regular Fabindia plastic bottle packaging. The Tea Tree range has this light green motif design all over which so much trademark of Fabindia. The lid is solid white in color unlike the bottle which is transparent. Quite a simple but effective packaging as you can keep a check on how much product is left and also control the amount of product required each time.


The cleansing milk feels really light on the skin. There are quite a few in the market which are heavy/greasy on application just because it is a cleansing milk. But this one is pleasantly different as the application is smooth and light on the skin. Also the spreading is easier as it is not too thick in texture.


Rs 200/- for 200ml

Product description:
A gentle cleansing milk with grapeseed oil and tea tree essential oil, that penetrates deep to cleanse and moisturize your skin giving it a healthy glow.


My experience with Fabindia Tea Tree Cleansing Milk

I totally loved the lavender cleansing milk so I was over-judgmental when I started using this. I generally take some product on my finger tips and massage on my face for some time. Then taking a soft facial tissue I wipe off the milk. I have seen or felt no oily residue after wiping off. On the contrary my face feels fresh and there is a mild cooling sensation which I believe would be a bonus in the summers. I guess this is one cleansing milk which I can use in summers as well so I am double happy. The smell is same like the others from this family but it does not linger long. It vanishes after a while. You will not require a moisturizer immediately after the cleansing is done as it does leave the skin stretchy. It rather feels comfortable after the cleansing is done. Overall I am happy that I picked this up. Though I will continue to miss lavender, as it is my favorite fragrance, but this one is not a step behind in terms of performance.

Pros of Fabindia Tea Tree Cleansing Milk

• Fresh smell
• Sturdy packaging
• Justified price
• Gives fresh feel after cleansing
• No parabens


Cons of Fabindia Tea Tree Cleansing Milk

• None I can think of

IMBB Rating:


Will I repurchase Fabindia Tea Tree Cleansing Milk?

Yes, why not…. I find no fault in it!
Take care beauties…..muah!

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23 thoughts on “Fabindia Tea Tree Cleansing Milk Review

  1. i nvr used cleansing milk rashmita.. *powder* bt am tempted to get this.. *drool* Is it gud for oily acne prone skin… *scared*

    1. try this Neetu…am sure you will like it…being from the tea tree range it will be good for oily acne prone skin as well… *haan ji*

  2. ohh the lavender one is discontinued..???i love their lavender tonner n cleansing milk…sad they discontinued. *shock* *shock* *shock* *shock* .but this sounds good..will keep it for the coming summers.. 🙂

    1. i have combination skin and this works just fine…if you have super oily skin then you should try the tester at the store….

  3. wooohooo 5/5 means a great product *woot* *woot* plus tea tree always attracts me *hihi* *hihi* nice pick *clap* *clap*

  4. I love fabindia stuff, have tried the toner and face wash from the tea tree range *haan ji* *haan ji* time to pick this up!!! *happy dance* *happy dance*

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