ELF Studio Lip Primer and Plumper Review

ELF Studio Lip Primer and Plumper Review

ELF Studio Lip Primer and Plumper

Product Claim:
Want perfectly primed and plumped lips? Then check out our e.l.f. Studio Lip Primer & Plumper to achieve longer lasting lip color and plumped lips. The Primer creates a base for lip color for no budge, no smudge pigment that lasts all day. The cinnamon scented Plumper enhances your lips with a subtle plumping tingle effect for fuller, larger looking lips. To use apply the “prime” to lips and blend in to help hold color to the lips all day. Use the “plump” alone or on top of primer or color to achieve a naturally fuller lip.

This is sold at $3 and I purchased it at a department store here in Manila for just a little over that price, around 200 pesos or approximately Rs. 211. I’ve never tried either a lip primer or plumper, and I was curious about those since I love trying all sorts of lip products. Well I found both in this tube and it was cheap, so why not?

Here’s a photo of the ‘Plump’ side:

And here’s one of the ‘Prime’ side:
Third Pic

I follow the instructions above when using this- I apply the primer first, then lipstick, and finally the plumper. I don’t use both the primer and plumper with lipgloss because I feel the color of the primer would mix and become a goopy mix with the gloss. I prefer using just the plumper when I’m using lipgloss.

Swatch (photo taken with flash):


Left- plumper, right- primer

• The texture of both the plumper and primer aren’t waxy and feel light and non-sticky on my lips. They glide on easily.
• Neither the plumper or primer dry out my lips.
• I don’t detect any taste to either of them
• I consider my skin sensitive, including the skin on my lips, and this product, including the plumper, does not make them feel irritated.
• The primer helps my lipstick stay on longer.
• The plumper does make my lips more plump. Nothing dramatic or Angelina Jolie-like, but I was able to see a difference. I really like using just the plumper and topping it with gloss- makes my lips look lush but not overly dramatic.
• It’s an affordable product.

• The primer is like a super light-colored concealer, but instead of making the color of my lips look more even, it just gives my lips an ashy color and ends up making the color of my lipstick look a few shades lighter. I apply just a light layer and dab with my finger to blend.
• The primer doesn’t help make application of lip color smoother. Instead, it emphasizes the lines and dry areas in the inner rims of my lips, even if I’d applied lip balm beforehand.
• The strong cinnamon scent of the plumper may put off some people. The first thing I got when I opened the cap of the plumper was a strong blast of cinnamon. So warning: if you dislike lip products with strong scents or if you despise the smell of cinnamon, you might want to avoid this product altogether. Personally, I don’t mind it and I’ve gotten used to it. As for the primer, I don’t detect much of a scent it.
• The plumper produces a stinging sensation, not a ‘subtle tingle effect’, but it’s bearable and nothing horrible, if you ask me. Everyone reacts differently though, so take note to test first before buying.
• May not be available in all countries, aside from the USA.

Well, I don’t like the primer side very much. While it does improve the wear of my lipsticks, it doesn’t improve the application, seems to tone down the vibrancy of my lip colors, and makes the dry areas and lines on my lips more obvious. The plumper, on the other hand, I like. I do have sensitive skin and I was afraid it would feel like my lips were burning, but it didn’t. When I apply it, I get a stinging sensation, but it’s not so strong that it makes me wipe the product off. It’s definitely a stinging feeling, but for me it’s not too much and doesn’t hurt, and in about ten or twenty seconds, it’s gone. I actually kind of enjoy the feeling. 🙂  However, I would still totally advise testing the plumper on a patch of skin before use, since everyone’s skin reacts differently. Overall this was a fun, cheap buy, and if ELF released a lip plumper alone, I would buy it.

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