Fantastic Tips For To-Be Brides

Fantastic Tips For To-Be Brides

Fantastic Tips For To Be Brides

I am writing an article after a really long time.  IMBB is virtually home, but I have been absent for reasons unknown to myself as well.  Okay, getting started, a very lovely and dear friend of mine is getting married soon and I am feeling as happy for her as I would have been if I were getting married myself.  So, these days, a lot of my time goes on the internet surfing through Bridal Sutra, Asiana Brides, TLC Bride, etc., and the list is endless.

Be it “Band Bajaa Bride” or any other bride-related show, outfits, shoes or anything related to the wedding, the glamour and fancy associated with an Indian wedding is unmeasured.

So, today, I will be talking about bridal fashion.

An Indian bride with the skin tone and variety of outfit options has endless possibilities to dress up on her wedding day and related occasions.

From simple and subtle “churidars” modified to “ghagra cholis” and “sarees” draped in different fashion, the possibilities are endless.  I mean “endless,” taking the example of how Samyukhta (Suma) had a wedding combining the traditions of 3 different regions (Bengali, Punjabi, and Manipuri).


You could make your outfit as simple or yet alluring here as Kimi did for her wedding or you could have 3 different attires region wise like Samyukta did.


I will just give out a few useful tips for any bride-to-be and a few links on the trends and the best bridal websites.


    • Comfort:  As far as the shoes go, comfort is the key.  Please for this very day, wear as comfortable shoes you can, do not over do and walk in the “wedding” shoes for at least 10 days before the D-day.
    • Keep spare bindis/pins/blotting sheets/powder puffs/sanitizer all handy.
    • Brides maid:  The purpose of the bridesmaid is not just to be there for you, but also to look after your needs and to take care of every tiny detail, from fetching water every hour to taking care of your dupatta.
    • Waterproof eye make up is a must.

Blue eyeliner

  • Facial spray of any sort, rose water or anything which will give you a pep up is a must.  I recommend rose water in a spray bottle with a drop of lavender oil in it.
  • Emergency kit: Tampons, mini sewing kit with safety pins, spearmint, aspirin, etc.
  • Have a “point it out” person:  Have someone else besides your bride maid who can be your “point it out” person or saviour who can tackle any predictable or unpredictable situation at your wedding, your messiah for the day.
  • All your skin treatments should retire at least 1 month prior to your wedding.  Keep your skin as naturally treated near your wedding as possible.
  • Employ a spot checker:  It can be your mom or whoever you think will notice if something is amiss during your wedding and will fix it up for you.
  • Always consider climate and lighting issues before applying make up and do a trial at location if possible.
  • Prime face and body.
  • Don’t be the new Kate Middleton to do your own makeup if you can’t.  For any occasion, tiny or big, go for an artist.  Tell the person what you need if you need something specific and take pictures.
  • Dab some concealer if need be even after foundation.
  • Use eye enhancing technique, do emphasize your eyes.
  • Do your eyebrows the right way.  Eye brow pencil is a must have, colour matched.
  • Tweet your woes off.
  • Breathe.
  • Drink a glass of water every hour and have as many set of girls around you.  This is your day, throw tantrums and enjoy!

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28 thoughts on “Fantastic Tips For To-Be Brides

  1. This has just come in at the right time…. I am getting married in the next 20 days and I already realise how useful every bit of the post is… Awesome post Fly girl.. 🙂

  2. do you all have an good makeup artist . in Mumbai …or could recommend some one good…any link or number who can b trusted…as marriages are very special occasion..anyone who can turn our fairy tale and make us in beautiful princess

  3. very very good points rauni. and after attending the wedding recently i cant agree much to all the points you have mentioned. 🙂

  4. Nice article FG. This being wedding season, I ams ure there might be many girls like Swathi who will get married in the coming weeks.
    I would also like to add a few points –
    1. Do a dress rehearsal for every outfit you are going to wear for various rituals of the wedding.
    2. Talk to your beauty artist and explain her the dress and the kind of jewellery you are planning for every marriage ritual so that she can plan the type of make up before hand and you also are aware of it. Else for example, it might be too much bling if you are wearing all gold and your make up is also very bright.
    3. Have a dental visit to make sure your teeth look pretty bright and white. Make sure the lipstick shade doesnt make your teeth look yellow.

      1. Thanks FG. I wanted to mention make up rehearsal but thought it would be wise not to because there is chance of getting little zits/bumps to some who have sensitive skin when doing various trial and error. Although a feel of eye-lips-blush color combination will really help better imagination. I agree.

        1. ashu its upto your make up artist really .he/she should already know the needs of your sensitive skin!!!! but to be on the safe side …..also i think there are these new softwares where you can do your trials on the computer screen itself.not very acurate ones but fairly good.or best thing would be to start the trials a month in advancee!this way u get to correct any zits if they appear

          1. You are right. I agree. 🙂 the computerized trial helps a lot. But an actual trial will give you the real look and feel.

  5. if i was getting married and drank water every hour – id spend half my wedding day in the loo 🙁 whatever happens if u want to pee in the middle of the ceremony – that would suck so bad !

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