Five Wardrobe Must Haves for the Indian Woman

Five Wardrobe Must Haves for the Indian Woman

To simplify your fashion woes I bring to you the five timeless, classic, chic and versatile pieces every Indian woman should own. With these pieces in your wardrobe, you are guaranteed to be your chic best regardless of “what’s in” or “out.”

1. The Silk Saree

  • Fabrics like net and velvet come and go, but the one fabric that is quintessentially a saree fabric is silk. You’ve seen it in your grandmother’s wardrobe, you’ve seen your mother carry it with panache, and it’s time you own one too.
  • A silk sari is classically elegant and can be dressed up or down according to occasion. It can be dressed up with festive jewelry for celebrations, or worn with a simple watch or bracelet for socializing.
  • Make sure you choose a color that you love and looks great on you!
Indian Dressing Saree
Indian Dressing Saree

Indian Dressing Saree
Indian Dressing Saree
Indian Dressing Saree
Indian Dressing Saree

2. The Crisp White Shirt

  • A full sleeve, button-up, white shirt is as versatile as it is classic.
  • Wear it for work with a pair of pants or skirt. On days off pair it with jeans. A longer length shirt can be belted and paired with leggings for a look that is fun and comfortable.
  • Layer your shirt with a tank top for days that are a little cool.
  • Dress your shirt up by pairing it with chunky necklaces and bracelets.
  • Tired of always tucking it in? Add a belt to create a more defined look when wearing the shirt out.
Indian Dressing formals
Indian Dressing formals
Indian Dressing - white shirt
Indian Dressing – white shirt

3. The Dark Wash Jean in a Straight or Boot-Leg Cut

  • Whether you’re in your twenties, thirties, forties or fifties a dark wash jean is a must in your wardrobe.
  • Can be paired with both western and ethnic tops with ease. Just make sure the top length is not too short, if it doesn’t provide the “hip-coverage” you seek, layer with a cardigan, boyfriend blazer or open buttoned shirt.
  • If you’re shying from wearing jeans because of age, it’s best to opt for a more ‘conservative’ cut and slightly relaxed fit type.
  • A boot leg cut (fold the bottom half of your jean, the flair should be a little wider than the middle) and a straight cut (fold it up and it will be of an almost uniform width) jean are universally flattering on all figure types. A dark wash lengthens and slims the legs. In other words: win-win.

4. The Shawl

  • The shawl, which has for long been a staple in every Indian woman’s wardrobe , is one of the most classic and versatile pieces of clothing. Too bad it is severely underrated.
  • As functional as it is stylish, the shawl can be worn with a number of ethnic and western clothes.
  • If you’re worried that a full-size shawl maybe too cumbersome to carry, opt for a smaller, sleeker design.
  • Since fall is here and winter is fast approaching, this is one item that sure will beat the jackets and sweaters in your wardrobe in terms of wearability and chicness.
Indian Dressing -shawl
Indian Dressing -shawl

5. The Black Pump

  • The black pump is perfect for work and for socializing. And it adds an instant pizzazz to any outfit.
  • Can be worn with dresses, skirts, pants, jeans and about anything in your wardrobe.
  • Opt for a peep-toe pump so that you can pair it with your ethnic wear without looking mismatched. Just make sure that you’re allowed to show toes at work (some companies deem it inappropriate to wear open toed shoes).
  • Choose a heel length that you are comfortable with, you will be wearing this baby a lot.
The Black Pump
The Black Pump
The Black Pump
The Black Pump

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What are some of YOUR wardrobe must haves?


39 thoughts on “Five Wardrobe Must Haves for the Indian Woman

  1. Nice one Devie…but, why have you not included Kurtas…I thought they were something every Indian woman has and nothing beats the comfort level 🙂 Btw, i like Kourtney Kardashian’s style of dressing a lot!!!

    1. Appu I debated that for the longest time.
      And a kurta was the sixth item on my list! 😀
      I just feel that with kurtas a lot of focus needs to be on tailoring or they can easily look sloppy. Also too many sequins can well be a little tawdry for daily use, totally appropriate for weddings, festivals etc. though.
      I think I would add a well tailored, Embroidered kurta to the list. Something you can wear for years and years….

      1. Actually, I kinda agree with Appu here… and I’d replace the shawl with kurtas… coz all of India does not face a harsh winter… heck, western and southern India has no ‘winter’ so to speak of… but a kurta can be worn by women everywhere…! 🙂

        having said that, I loved the article. There are so many such articles on the net for western women… never found an India pecific one 🙂 thanks for putting this up

        1. Good point :yes:
          I think we should take a black pump out (since that seems to be the one item women are missing) and put in a nice Kurta.
          I would keep the shawl because it really does work great in places that don’t get hit by strong winters as a light cover up and because it’s so truly India :))

    1. Haw Cali! You don’t have one yet…? 😛
      P.S. a good trick is to get it tailor made if you can’t find something that fits perfectly at the mall.

      P.P.S. Niiice pic…I guess IMBB is really gearing up big for tomorrow 😛

            1. I was wondering what the hooblah yesterday was all about. Ofcourse confusing this Mr. Patterson one for a certain crepuscular, blood sucking one… 😛
              I somehow missed that post….now that I know I can’t wait!

          1. That was just a trial??? 😯

            I am going in a hiding now. Someone send in some food and makeup in my cave… :tremble: :weep: :tremble: :weep:

                1. Wow…I’d probably be worried about putting my makeup in my mouth and my food on my face in a dark cave… :-/

                  And vampires… 😮 they love caves… :X-P:

  2. I think except black pumps I have everything in my collection. :))

    I love wearing shawls/ stoles during winters and white shirt is something I can never get tired of. 🙂

    Fantastic , practical post. :yes:

      1. I don’t own any kurtis…so embarassing… :-((
        I do own salwar kameezes though…but took me a long time to start loving them since I had to wear them right through school…

    1. Rids I promise you it’s a great shoe to own…goes well with almost everything.
      Try on a few pairs and when you’re in love settle for one 😛

  3. Awesome Article Devvie..loved it :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I own at least 1 of all these items 😀

    My only problem here with the Pure silk sarees that i own(like the ones in the pics)…is that in spite of loving them to bits, i find them very difficult to be looking neat if i am draping them myself :idk: :idk: so i always opt for other fabrics like organza or Italian silk that are very soft and has lovely feel…loove it

  4. Thanks Deb…after appropriating a sari from my mothers closet I am now the proud owner of all 5 items!
    i love organza, it’s been one of my favorite materials

  5. …oops pressed submit
    Contd… since I was much younger
    I can’t drape a sari to save my life! I think someone needs to do a post on that 😛

    You look REALLY good in your new avie…! :-))

    1. oh Thanks Hon :-*

      Also still in the sari matters… 😀 I learnt to drape the sari but only after some good 3 years into marriage so dontcha worry you have a lifetime to learn 😀

      Pure silk saris are not very common on my husband’s place…he is a marwari and as we also ought to cover our heads i feel that more soft fabrics are less hot and more flattering to be under :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

  6. No White shirt, No Saree, Check everything else.
    I think a HG Handbag would be great on this list. Every woman needs to have or probably does have that one special handbag yea ?

    I cannot live without a pair of black pumps, I run through one pair and get another ….

  7. Yay!!! :dance: :dance: :dance:

    I have all of these except the black pumps… Can’t wear heels!! :-(( :-((

    My feet hurt like hell if I do..
    But the rest of them are really must haves.. Gr8 post Devie!! :yes: :yes:

  8. gr8 post devie… i just missed out on the white shirt 🙁 .. hav other colors in shirts bt nt white.. got to hav 1.. n i luv my black pumps.. a lil shorter heels many silk sarees n shawls.. i luv sarees n silk really luks FAB :beauty: ..jeans both straight n boot cut..i just cant liv without them.. 😛

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