Flaunt Beauty Miss Marine Purse Spray Review

Flaunt Beauty Miss Marine Purse Spray Review

Hello Ladies,

How many of you like to carry some perfume or body mist with you in your bag. I think many of you, but carrying the big or expensive bottles in bag is difficult and takes more space too. So, I was looking for a small perfume bottle and then came across this purse spray from Flaunt Beauty.  Flaunt Beauty is an exclusive cosmetic line found only in ICING stores in the USA. They make makeup products too, which are very popular especially among teenage girls and the sassy packing makes it look very vibrant.



$8.50 for 0.34fl oz or 10 ml (I bought during sale for $4.25)

Product Description:

Feel the freshness of ocean and cool down with this crisp aquatic scent. Citrusy top notes open up to a very feminine floral heart followed with a sensual ambry dry down. Dive in!


Ingredients Perfume

My Experience with Flaunt Beauty Miss Marine Purse Spray:

If you read my reviews, you must be knowing by now, how much I like good smells and smelling good. Nice smells turn me on, and smelling nice makes me feel good and beautiful. So, last time when I was in the ICING store, I saw these tiny cute looking boxes and thought what are they. When I found out that this is a purse spray, I got all set to pick one for myself and then when I came to know that they are on sale, I quickly grabbed it.

As the product claims, it has citrus top note, flowery mid note, and musky dry note, and that is my favorite combination. I always keep it in my purse, and it comes very handy on the go. No worries of carrying a costly perfume or having a heavy bag, this small beauty easily fits anywhere.  The staying power is also quite good; it stays on me for some 4 hours which is good.

Purse Spray

I love its packaging; the blue color carton box has the picture of a sexy marine girl. All the products from Flaunt beauty has a lady’s picture printed on it, and you can read about them on the bio section on the flaunt beauty site (you can take a quiz and result will tell you which character is close to you and you can buy products from that line, fun right?).  The perfume bottle is a small transparent glass tube with golden color spraying head, which is easy to use. It does not stain the clothes too.

Purse Perfume Spray

Pros of Flaunt Beauty Miss Marine Purse Spray:

  • Beautiful smell, deadly combination of cirtus + flower + musky smell.
  • Good staying power.
  • Small bottle can fit anywhere, easy to carry around in hand bag.
  • Cute packaging.

Cons of Flaunt Beauty Miss Marine Purse Spray:

  • Not available in India.
  • In US also available only in ICING stores, so difficult to find online.

Final Verdict on Flaunt Beauty Miss Marine Purse Spray:

This is a wonderful smelling, easy to carry around spray with good staying power. Availability is an issue, but in ever you get chance to visit ICING or if you have friends or family in USA, get this one for sure.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase Flaunt Beauty Miss Marine Purse Spray?

Sure I will, as soon as I go there 😀

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  1. This is so cute! I usually carry Sephora samples around as perfume bottles are too heavy 😛
    Does Claire’s carry this? There’s no Icing store close to me 🙁

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