Boots Pretty Body Spray and Impulse Temptation Body Fragrance Review

Boots Pretty Body Spray and Impulse Temptation Body Fragrance

Both are available at boots. Impulse temptation is also available at other places such as waitrose.
Boots Pretty Body Spray Impulse Temptation Body Fragrance
Price: I think 2 pounds each but I forgot. But definitely both are under 5 pounds 🙂

Impulse Temptation Body Fragrance

impulse temptation body fragrance
I want to start with the very bad one one- impulse temptation body fragrance- which they say is a blend of musky vanilla scents with amber notes. The pack says “feel absolutely irresistible with impulse temoptation. Its intense perfume blends musky vanilla scents with amber notes leaving you ready to dazzle. Spray it all over your body and enjoy its captivating scent. Dermatologically tested.
Other variants from impulse are London, goddess, glamour, true love etc. now why I got this was that I didn’t carry a deo to UK as it would have been an addition to the luggage. I just carried two perfumes instead and thought I would buy a deo there and manage to finish it off there and then. My neighbour was once wearing an impulse deo that her hubby would bring from Singapore in like dozens together and I really like it on her, ignorant of which one it was. When I saw an impulse deo in waitrose, I thought that the bottle was a snug fit into my purse and bought it. But the deo is nothing great; it smells like some normal evz one like the peach can of eva (eva may be better) I don’t know how to describe the smell but it’s a bitter smell and I don’t like it on at all. It ‘s a little over the top, not fresh, not citrus and not rosey. It’s just nothing at all. It doesn’t last one me for more than two hours. I don’t like it at all. The only thing I like about this one is that it doesn’t have a cap and I need to twist the cap to one side to dispense, also I like the snug fit can which is easy to carry and also the pretty roses on the front. One major thing is this doesn’t burn at all. So I consider its good for underarm too if some of us are scared to use it directly. But then why would you get this one!

Rating: 2 on 5 for the snug fit size, mildness and the capless nozzle!

Boots Pretty How Do You Feel Body Spray

boots pretty body spray
“pretty body spray is a lively and zesty fragrance, so go on girls, be pretty “

I got this one from the airport I don’t know why; perhaps I was killing time and there was pretty Boots store there and I just picked it up and also had to pay some 20 pence for a clear bag to keep this in for the security check :headbang: the reason again is the pretty can and the cute tidy snug fit can which I can carry around. 75 ml would also be over soon so no headache of clutter and if you don’t like it just toss it out. But thankfully this turned out to be good, at least better than the impulse one. I like the pretty butterflies on the can and the fragrance itself is nice and I would say a mix of rose and citrus. it’s a little strong but I do like it. It’s gentle on the underarm and it lasts for around three hours at least. Neither of them of course counter sweat. It’s a nice fruity floral one and neat to carry around.

Rating 3 on 5
Last word:
I wish the boots one too had a cap les nozzle like where u can twist it so I could carry it without having to drop caps in washrooms and leaving them there.both of them are nothing special and some Eva ones are better than these. Impulse one is a disaster for my taste. Like both the petite cans though.

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22 thoughts on “Boots Pretty Body Spray and Impulse Temptation Body Fragrance Review

  1. he pretty one is so prettyy :giggle: I like to carry a teeny bottle of perfume with me.. really cnt do away without carrying it with me in my bag.. I like the size of these. :))

  2. Impulse goddess is good Nehaji..Also i tried once their limited edition one on Cities like newyork and paris etc.. The one named paris had base notes of vanilla and musk and was good… :specs:

  3. nice nice review neha… :yes: :yes: .. i think my small sa avon roll on deo is better than these :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  4. The little bottles look nice! Too bad the experience wasn’t that great. 😛 A bad deo/perfume can spoil the mood for the entire day. :-/

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