H2O Plus Sea Marine Triple Butter Body Cream Review

H2O Plus Sea Marine Triple Butter Body Cream Review

The triple butter body cream is a part of the H2O plus Sea Marine set. Having reviewed the scrub already here in IMBB and the body wash got wasted due to bad packaging the cream was the only product in the gift set left to be reviewed. So here is the review of this triple butter body cream for all IMBB ladies . 🙂
When I open any gift set or a kit like this I prefer to use all the products [like the body wash, scrub and body cutter] at the same time hoping that would give me the best result. Though I am not sure about the difference it makes I still follow the same thing. Previously I was using The Body Shop Satsuma Bath Kit and now this H2O Plus Sea Marine Gift Set. When I use the triple butter scrub as I mentioned earlier I really don’t need a separate moisturizer as the scrub itself is highly moisturizing.

H2O Plus Sea Marine Triple Butter Body Cream Review
H2O Plus Sea Marine Triple Butter Body Cream Review

The body butter cream that comes with this kit is 118 ml and the ones available separately costs $25.00 for 240 ml. The bigger one comes in a tub whereas the one in the kit is a tube.

What does H2O say about this the triple body butter?

“A sumptuous, richly nourishing moisture cream to smooth, soften and restore skin’s natural health with Zostera Marina, Triple Butter Blend and Hydrating Marine Blend.

  • Zostera Marina sea grass helps accelerate collagen synthesis restore firmness and suppleness to rejuvenate skin.
  • Shea, cocoa and mango butters rapidly absorb into the skin to replenish natural moisture, soothe and protect the skin.
  • Moisture-rich marine botanicals, including Wakame, Sea Lettuce, and Sea Fennel, deeply hydrate for visibly smooth, radiant skin.
  • Notes of fresh eucalyptus and cool mint awaken the senses and subtly scent the skin”


“This rich, revitalizing formula combines mango, shea and cocoa butter for maximum moisture. Natural aloe vera and vitamins help nourish, smooth and restore the skin’s elasticity. It has himanthalia, spirulina and nori that has Provitamin B,A,C and E.

Direction – Massage generously over cleansed skin, paying special attention to dry or rough areas.”
Source – Back of the tube.

My experience with H2O Plus Sea Marine Triple Body Butter
Whenever I try a new cream or body lotion I would first smell the product. If the smell is good then the product gets most of my points and I will be half sure to get the product. When I opened the tube to smell this body butter I didn’t expect much regarding the fragrance as I had already used their scrub and the smell isn’t much impressive. This product smells like grass, no herbs actually, no little minty actually I am not sure. 😛 Also the smell is not over powering or disturbing so I thought of giving it a try just for the tag line ‘triple butter’.


My skin is extremely dry so anything buttery I am sure my skin would just drink it up. Slurrrpp Slurrrpp 😉
This is a thick cream that has to be rubbed on the skin for a while so that it gets absorbed completely. Not suitable if you are rushing for work in the morning. Once applied the skin is soft, supple and smooth for the entire day and even till next morning I could feel the skin moisturized. Also the skin looks shiny and not dry or patchy anymore. What more do you think I will expect from a triple butter body cream? If you are worried about your dry skin then this cream will solve your problem for sure.

What I like about H20 triple butter body cream?

  • Really really highly moisturizing.
  • The effect stays for a very long time.
  • Comes in a tube, so hygienic while used.
  • This cream is not tested on animals.
  • The ingredients like aloe vera, shea and cocoa butters are really impressive.
  • Can be carried around in the handbag.
  • Mum got this cream in her suitcase from US and it did not spill or leak even a bit. Lid is intact.
  • Smell is not over powering or disturbing.
  • Packaging is neat and simple.

What I don’t like about H20 triple butter body cream?

  • I personally don’t like the smell. It is not disturbing but at the same time not very impressive.
  • Cream is very thick so not very easy to apply. I always prefer body lotion for creams.
Rubbing few times
after Rubbing a few times
Moisturized Skin
Moisturized Skin
  • Price is on the higher range.
  • Not available in my place.

My Rating – 3.5/5
1 point taken away for the smell and 0.5 as the cream is pretty thick and takes time to be absorbed by the skin.

Will I Repurchase?
No. I might try other products like The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter or Strawberry Body Butter that has really awesome fragrance, especially fruity 😉


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  1. I am so loving body butters these days. Anything buttery and I want to have it. It’s getting drier and drier here. I am liking body butters more than Body lotions these days. 🙂

    I still have to check out the scrub. 🙂

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