12 Foods that Reduce Heartburn

Heartburn is basically another word for acid reflux. With constant changes in our eating habits, a majority of the Indian population is extremely prone to develop heartburns. Excessive diary products, fried and heavily spiced foods majorly cause acid reflux. Also, if you are avoiding enough water intake, you will experience heartburns from time to time. If you have been searching for home remedies to reduce heartburn, here’s a list of things you can use from your kitchen to get some relief from heartburn.

Foods that Reduce Heartburn

1. Fennel: Also called “saunf,” in hindi, this is a great ingredient to control heartburn. You can either add it to your food or simply chew it post meals. We all love having a little sauf after eating food, you can have a little with “mishri” (crystallized sugar lumps) too as it will cool your stomach.

2. Ginger: Simply boil ginger in water and drink it once a day to keep heartburn at bay. You can also get ginger powder and add it in your food to avoid getting acid reflux often. Another thing that can help is having ginger tea when you have an upset stomach.

3. Curd: A spoon of curd everyday will keep acidity away. If you do not like having curd or if you are lactose tolerant, have buttermilk instead! It is one of the best drinks to have post lunch. Add a pinch of jeera powder for added benefits.

4. Jaggery: There’s a reason elderly people have a small piece of jaggery post lunch. It is said to help you digest your food better and also acts as a sweet dish post meal. It is said to have properties that reduce acidity in the stomach. Hence, a small piece of jaggery is a must!

5. Cumin seeds: Jeera is a great ingredient to add to meals, chew it raw, and much more. It cools down the stomach and keeps bloating away too. Boil some cumin seeds in water and drink it before bed.

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6. Coconut water: Another super drink that will ensure your stomach is cool. Drink it regularly to reduce heartburn. Another tip is to add some chia seeds as they contain high amount of fiber which is good for those suffering from severe constipation.

7. Banana: When constipated or experiencing heartburn, banana is a great way to fix these issues. he antacids in banana relieve stomach issues and also regulate your digestive system.

8. Cold milk: Having cold milk in the night helps in better functioning of the digestive system.

9. Ajwain: Another ingredient that is most commonly used in Indian cuisine. Ajwain is great to reduce heartburn. Add it to your parathas’ or simply soak it in water and drink it for quick relief!

10. Melons: Muskmelon and watermelon are great for the digestive system. They are mainly full of water and helps cool the stomach, avoiding heartburn.

11. Tulsi: Found in every household in India, this plant produces more musicians in your stomach. It consists of anti-ulcer properties which comforts the stomach. Having tulsi tea regularly to beat acid reflux. Alternatively, you can chew 3 to 4 tulsi leaves daily for the betterment of your immune system.

12. Cardamom: Chewing elaichi when having heartburns is extremely helpful. Add it to your tea or simply keep chewing on it after meals to avoid acidity. Having cold milk with ginger powder, elaichi and a little cinnamon can help your stomach rapidly.

These foods are generally a part of the Indian diet, but if you have been having constant heartburns, opt for some of the methods mentioned above. Continue to have healthy meal choices and cut out outside junk food. 

Watching your diet, drinking water and exercising with these remedies will put all your heartburn worries away.

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