8 Ways Coconut Water can Benefit your Weight Loss Routine

Coconut water is not given enough credit it deserves. This wonderful and delicious natural water is definitely a superfood. When I think of coconut water, I remember South India and how there are different types of coconut available over there. It was amazing to see how many varieties exist!  The best part about coconut water is that there is no time to have it, you can consume it during the day or night or in between the day. Apart from this, there are 8 other reasons how this incredible drink can help your weight loss routine:

Ways Coconut Water can Benefit your Weight Loss Routine

1. The one thing that makes coconut water extremely helpful for your weight loss regime is that it has very few calories. You feel full with water from just one coconut and while it is filling your stomach, it isn’t adding too many calories to your body.

2. The bio-active enzymes in coconut water have excellent properties. They can recharge your body in no time. Post workout, you must have fresh coconut water from your local vendor to rejuvenate all the strength you lost without obviously adding too many calories.

3. The electrolytes found in coconut water don’t just give you energy, they also help in recovering your body quicker after a day of heavy workout. Besides this, it is great for your skin and hair too! I mean, having coconut water is a win-win situation from every side, right?

4. Having one coconut a day can keep potassium levels in your blood in control and combat many diseases! This can play a great role in your weight loss program as you aren’t just shedding weight but also doing it in the healthiest way possible.

5. When you are craving for a sugary drink, coconut water is a great alternative. The natural sugar in it is good for the body! On this note, please avoid any packaged version of coconut water even if there is the word “natural” mentioned on it. Trust me, it is not natural whatsoever. Every place in India has at least one or two vendors standing with coconut water throughout the year. Have it natural and fresh directly from the source, without picking packaged coconut water off the aisles from supermarket where not only are you paying extra, you are getting added preservatives too.

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6. The enzymes in coconut water boost metabolism and an active metabolism burns calories better. If you’ve been struggling to shed weight and it is just not happening, it could be your metabolism too. When your metabolism is good, you can digest food faster and also lose weight quickly.

7. Did you know that coconut water consists of lauric acid and it is known for helping your immunity and also facilitating weight loss. Who wouldn’t want a natural product that has so many benefits.

8. Lastly, for people who are suffering from dehydration post a run or workout session, or have severe constipation and experience heartburn due to eating habits, they must have coconut water daily to alleviate all such symptoms.

Other than having coconut water, you should have the “malai” too because it is incredible for your intestine. It is packed with minerals and vitamins which will make your digestive system stronger. When you have a weak digestive system and extreme bloating, you tend to have a hard time shedding the weight off. Health experts have always pointed out that good immunity and strong digestive system are powerful keys to weight loss.

I’ve started my coconut water regime daily, and you must start right away. Trust me, it helps a lot in so many ways. You will see a major difference in your overall health in under a month.

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