Chambor Beauty Sponges Review

Chambor Beauty Sponges Chambor has recently (say about 2 yrs) launched its skin care range which includes a hydrating range and a whitening range. I have not tried their skin care range but have used other Chambor cosmetics. Though I would not rate it as a great, must- have- one kind of cosmetic brand, I have had no issues with it. It has so far suited me and I have no misgivings about it (except for the eye kohl pencils which smudge like no one’s business :() About the Cleanser Cum Exfoliator Chambor Beauty Sponges

    • It is a two-in-one product that removes the makeup and exfoliates while cleansing


  • It comes in a transparent tube with bubbles drawn all over it to represent the sponges and a black flip – flop cap.



  • The cleanser is a runny transparent gel (it looks orangish yellow on the tube but actually it is almost transparent) with small small , lots of bubbles (sponges) floating in the gel.



Chambor Beauty Sponges Source Chambor Beauty Sponges says that it is a

    • Dual Action Makeup Remover and Gentle Exfoliation


  • A daily polishing massage, for renewed skin



  • A gentle make up remover with a new technology based on Micro Sponges which creates a mild skin polish action with soft exfoliation.



  • Rich in Apple & Kiwi Extract, it has moisturizing, toning & astringent virtues, making the skin look healthy, fresh & pure.



  • The micro sponges clean all kinds of time resistant foundations, absorbing the impurities of the skin, like dead skin cells & excess oil.



  • Suitable for all skin types & is DERMATALOGIST TESTED”



Chambor Beauty Sponges I mostly use it during the evenings to pull off the makeup, dust and grime. I first massage some olive oil for taking off my eye makeup and also to counteract the taut feeling after cleansing. After taking off the oil with the cotton ball, I dot the sponges all over the face. Massage it on for some 2-3 mins with very little water till it becomes creamy . Add a little more water to work out a foam. It gives out a lot of foam. Finally I rinse off to a super clean skin . 🙂 Some Good things about Chambor Beauty Sponges :

    • It does what it claims. It cleanses and exfoliates . The skin is squeaky clean and super soft like a baby’s skin. Really baby soft


  • The bubbles /sponges that are instrumental for exfoliating are very gentle unlike the granules that are found in most of the exfoliators . It does not hurt while rubbing it on the face. Sensitive skin can benefit from this



  • There is an immediate glow after rinsing off and patting dry. Kind of a healthy glow. It proves its claim of polishing too



  • A 50 paise coin sized gel is enough for one wash. It takes time to lather but it lathers well. The tip is to dot it all over the face and apply little water to spread it. It becomes creamy and then when more water is added, it lathers quite well



  • It washes off also easily too. There is no soapy feeling that lingers on after the rinse.



  • I sometimes use the Body shop face buffer to work out a foam and use it to massage all over the face . This way it provides more intensive exfoliation and consumes less amount of the product



Not-So-Good Things Chambor Beauty Sponges :

    • I feel it is too expensive for a cleanser. It costs around Rs.485 for one tube. Agreed that it is a two in one product and saves the hassle and time of cleansing and exfoliating routine, but there are also other brands that has come up with this concept like Ponds , Dove etc etc and they do a pretty good job too .


  • Though it says it has a moisturizing element in it, it is indeed a bit drying . So a moisturizer or a face mist is essential after the wash. So it might not suit ppl with dry skin . They might try mixing it with a cream cleanser (aroma magic has a good range of cream cleansers for all skin types) and use it . It might be less drying then. It is just a thought and I have not tried doing that.



  • When I saw the sponges , I was assuming that it should be crushed to extract the exfoliating ingredients and smooth over the face. But I was not even able to catch hold of the sponges with my fingers, which was a bit disappointing for me. Not that there is anything to complain about that.



  • Since it is a runny gel, there is a possibility that an excess quantity might be squeezed out. There is less control on the quantity that comes out.



  • The sponges tends to get into mouth while rubbing on the face and I do not quite like the feeling.



Would I purchase: One tube lasts for about a maximum of 2 months. It is not yet my staple . I might get it, not regularly though. But if Chambor considers to revise and lower its price, then I would purchase it regularly.

Have you used Chambor Beauty Sponges?


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19 thoughts on “Chambor Beauty Sponges Review

    1. 😀 . It comes in a tube. There are small small beads/bubbles in the gel which are very soft . I guess that is why they are called Sponges 🙂

  1. hi lavanya, i liked the packaging very fresh & cute.
    wow 2 in 1 i’ll definately by it… bt doesn’t it sting d eyes???? 😥

    1. It did not for me . For that matter, be it any face wash, I clean my face keeping my eyes open and I don have that burning feeling (watever it might be). :-))

  2. Have never come across this product anywhere in Blr..well atleast where I shop regularly..Will look out for it in future..If I come across, I would like to give it a shot.

    Nice review Lavanya..

    Btw, where did you get this from? Health and Glow?

    1. Yes I got it from Health and glow. Also all healtb and glow outlets do not have Chambor counter. This product is not that advertised (infact not at all advertised) as their other skin care range. I got to know that such a product existed after reading Tanveer’s blog

  3. Me too…In chambor counter…i have seen only cosmetic items…
    A good detailed review Lavanya…gel tempts me a lot these days 🙂

    1. oh i had seen this long time back
      but thot its too costly coz i end up using a lot product for make up removal
      thanks for the reveiw

    2. mmmm.. Chambor skin care is comparatively less popular than their make up range. That is also one of the reason why the counters does’nt carry them 😕

  4. Hey Lavanya, good review..

    Frankly I too found out about this when I was at the Chambor counter itself. 🙂

  5. i loved the name and the packaging .. its oh so cuute..!!
    if id be a richie rich maybe i would have taken such an expensive facewash 🙁

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