What goes well with a Fuchsia Purse

What goes well with a Fuchsia Purse

Handbags are the most important accessory that we carry. Like our clothes our handbags too can make or break our image. I have always been a sucker for handbags. Big, small, colourful, I have them all. Shape and colour is what I looked for whenever I wanted to buy a handbag for myself.


The one handbag colour that’s getting all my attention and love is – Fuchsia. A stylish fuchsia purse can add a dash of colour to your outfit if you are not used to wearing bright colour clothing. A stunning hot pink bag has the same versatility as the standard neutral coloured handbag when it comes to matching with outfits.

Here are few tips that might help you sport this bag with much more élan:

• Pair your fuchsia bag with your neutral colour, such as beige or brown, clothing to make an understated style statement by balancing the intensity of your accessory. Fuchsia bag really pairs well with your Little Black Dress.

• A simple pair of jeans looks twice as cool when paired with a brightly coloured handbag. Add a basic T-shirt to your ensemble and you’re all set for making a casual yet stylish statement. Grab a blazer in neutral shade, or a complementary colour like navy to really make a classy impact.

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pink bag with jeans

• Try your fuchsia handbag with something unexpected, like a red jacket or dress. If red is too much for you, wear your bag with pastel or neutral shades, instead.

• Smart bag and pretty shoes always make a statement. Matching shoes and hand bags creates a polished and a put together look. Wear hot pink shoes to match your handbag. If you can’t find a shoe that perfectly matches your bag, no worries, varying your hues a bit can actually make your look more interesting.

• Try paring your bag with floral print dress but make sure you’re not overpowering your look with other bright accessories. Too many brightly coloured accessories with a loud outfit look sloppy and scream poor taste.


Also keep in mind to

• Choose a bag shape that is opposite to your body type. People with tall and thin frame should to opt for big bags in round shapes. Hobo or slouch style bags are good options for them. A low-slung tote with long shoulder handle can add height to short or small person’s appearance. Women with wide shoulders and narrow hips should choose a bag that are narrow and hit the hip line, they should avoid bags with sharp edges.

• Match the formality, satin works for formal, but not casual.

• Relate the size of the bag with the purpose, day bags are larger than evening bags.

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