Smokey Eye: How to Get Smokey Eyes

smokey eyes makeup
smokey eyes makeup

Smokey eyes
Rati has done the look far too well every time, but what about ladies who belong to my clan? Here is a writeup to get you the perfect smokey eye.

The most important step for achieving smokey eye is blending the light colors with the rich dark ones. The blending must be flawless for a good smokey effect.

All you need for the smokey eye make up:

* Eyes primer
* 2 Shadows: a light shade case and a darker hue
* Eyeliner
* Makeup brushes
* Mascara

Here’s the procedure:

• Preparing the eyes:

You need to keep the eyelid oil-free for having the right smokey effect. Apply a primer to achieve this. Try the Urban Decay’s ‘primer portion’ or MAC’s ‘paint’ for this. The primer keeps the smokey effect intact. Apply a light concealer below the eyes to accentuate the smokey effect.

You can apply powdered concealer too. This will not only conceal the dark circles below eyes but also help gett rid of the excessive eye shadow.

You can also use a very mute shaded eye shadow and apply it all around the eyes from the lash line to the inner corner. This not only provides a nice canvas for your smokey eye make up but also highlights the whole effect.

• Applying the eye liner:

Match the eye liner as per your smokey eye effect color, and apply it on the upper lash line and have a broader line in the middle of the lash line. Line the upper and the lower lash rims using an eye pencil. For ladies with smaller eyes, start lining from the middle of the lash rim towards the outer ends.

brown smokey eye
brown smokey eye

Use an eye liner pencil on the bottom lash line to blend color since they can be easily smudged. After applying the liner use your finger to smudge the line, using a bit of shadow is also great for giving the complete smudge effect.

• Blending the colors:

Use a Q-tip for this. Then apply a light base shade.  A shimmery eye shadow will complete the effect. Go for mundane, pearly and creamy shades for base. Whereas for the darker hue pick a nice dark shade may be a chocolate brown, grey or black will help create the magic.

Concentrate the lighter shades at the inner corners of the eyes.

Blend in the deep shade with the base shade, start blending from your lash line and upwards and end blending the deep shade at the crease.

• The finishing touch- mascara on eyes:

Now try a very nude look for the rest of your face. To highlight the eyes, keep the lips and cheeks nude. Use mundane, mute shades of lip colors. This shall give you a complete smokey look.

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