Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer No 2 Review, Swatch, FOTD

giorgio armani fluid sheer no 2 review, swatch, fotd

Claims : Fluid sheer dresses skin in an illuminating veil of radiance. This unique, translucent formula is available in a range of versatile hues including makeup base shades, correcting shades, and radiance boosting shades. Blend your favorite fluid sheer with foundation to add radiance, polish and sculpting definition to your complexion. Or use it alone as a makeup base. All skin types.

Price : USD 62
My Experience with Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer #2
I have always been a fan of dewy skin but I think now I am obsessed with all things highlighting and GLOW. 😛 We have two brilliant reviews on IMBB for Fluid Sheer No 4 and No 6 so I already knew that I was picking up a fantastic product.

No 2 is a gorrrrrgoeus champagne gold highlighter. If I put it in my words, it is basically liquid gold. 😀 This is a shimmery highlighter with very fine shimmers. So if you are someone who does not like the look of shimmers on the skin, this may not be for you.

I also like that it has that warm beige tone to it so it blends in beautifully with the olive skin-tones and looks like a part of your skin. The color is very similar to Becca Moonstone Shimmering Skin Perfecter. However, going by the photos the Giorgio Armani one is more shimmery and ‘glittery’ as compared to the Becca one. Not that it makes the Fluid Sheer any less stunning, it only depends on your personal preference. I wouldn’t mind using either. 🙂
But me, OMG! I cannot stop using this product at all.
It’s liquidy creamy.I dot it on the high points of my cheeks and quickly blend it away with finger tips. I always do this as a last step to my makeup because if you use powder on top of this, then it loses all its shine. I have tried using it by mixing it in foundation as well and honestly, it photographs gorgeous. That way you get that luminous glow on your skin. In real life, honestly sparkles here and there on the skin bother me when I look at my face in the mirror.:P I’d say try using it both ways and you may just end up liking the overall glow it imparts to the skin. You could also use it on your body was well. Just mix a bit of it in your moisturiser and you have your perfect party product.

I like that it is sheer, this way you could control the amount of shine you want on your skin. You have to layer it up to get that strong highlighted glow. I mean I can’t imagine it to be super pigmented because I would have gone crazy controlling the shine of the product. Now I build it up slowly to my liking based on the occasion or my mood.

It build up beautifully without going patchy or weird. You have to work quickly with this product because it sets fast. Still it gives you enough time to blend as per your preference.
Since there are sparkles, it may accentuate your pores. But the sparkles are very fine and very smooth. They almost look like part of your skin. And they impart the prettiest glow when light hits your face. The best option (infact for using any highlighter) is that you prime your skin properly. If you have pores, you could always use a pore minimizer. Then work on the clean smooth surface. And this product is a bridal dream come true. 😀
It comes packed in a gorgeous thick glass bottle. Travelling with is not much of an issue but still be careful with how you pack it.
I am absolutely obsessed with this product. I’d however warn you that the fine sparkles show on the skin so it’s a very party or going-out product. If you don’t like any speck of glitter on your skin, I wouldn’t suggest it to you. The shimmers are very very fine and barely noticeable from the distance but this is a review and I’d tell you every single thing about it. 🙂
The staying power is incredible. It stays on for good 8-9 hours on the skin and then I notice fine shimmers here and there.
If you want that strong strobing effect, you could use this as a base and layer it up with a powder highlighter.
Overall, LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! :))
Rating : 5/5
giorgio armani fluid sheer no 2 giorgio armani fluid sheer no2 giorgio armani fluid sheer no2

Swatch giorgio armani fluid sheer no2 swatch

FOTD: mixed with foundation for all over glow and used as a highlighter to get the strobing effect. Full makeup breakdown HERE

giorgio armani fluid sheer no2  fotd

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11 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer No 2 Review, Swatch, FOTD

  1. So much love in one review. 🙂 I have never used such a product, but would love to, if I ever am able to learn proper application. 😀 You look absolutely gorgeous with and without this one. <3

    PS : You had me at "liquid gold". 😛

    1. awww!! thank you shikhs. and you should give it a try. in india we have benefit highbeam and chambor liquid highlighter. may be give it a go you know… 😀

      haha!! it is liquid gold. 😛

  2. this looks so tempting but I am not ready to transition from my Becca glow just yet !! U should try Becca Rati u might love it more than this !!!

  3. You like it too!! They really are like liquid gold! I really wish they came in smaller bottles so one could pick up a few to try. With 30ml bottle and at that price – picking up another one is just criminal!!

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