Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Moisture Rich Lipcolor – 501 Peony

Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Moisture Rich Lipcolor- 501 Peony

Hi Beauties,

The Pujas last month were a source of so much happiness for me. Agreed that I was ill for some time, but all my close and distant relatives had gathered together. It was a real happy time full of fun, frolic, food and family; in the backdrop of devotion. My son doesn’t remember his previous two pujas….so he was actually gazing with wonder at all the murti of Goddesses, the Puja Pandals, the Aartis, the noise, the fun,in fact…the entire shor-sharaaba…..It was completely mind-boggling for him as well as a source of delight.


I was delighted as well; since this was the time of all shopping and gifts and giving and receiving presents on all quarters. I have had a huge fun time shopping; and bought so much; without feeling even an iota of guilt. Today, I am going to review a purchase of mine (inspired by IMBB writers…thank you so much). It is a lipstick from the brand Giorgio Armani; I bought three lipsticks from this brand and all the shades are totally day time wearable shades; I got much darker ones from some other brands…however, will talk about those later.
About the product:

With Rouge Ecstasy, the Giorgio Armani laboratories push the boundaries of the exceptional even further with the first “CC” lipstick. “Color& Care” – new innovative hybrid product that marks the start of a new era in lipstick.Care: Rouge Ecstasy offers the comfort and softness of a lip balm, leaving lips repaired and beautifully enhanced day after day.Color: This velvety soft, everyday lipstick coats the lips in saturated, ultra-luminous shades with impeccable hold. Application is simple, precise and effective.
Rouge Ecstasy is available in 36 luminous shades—a broad palette of intense and vibrant colors to enhance and satisfy every desire. All of the Rouge Ecstasy shades are inspired from a particular memory or association for Mr. Armani. From Italy and Milan to the Red Carpet and Hollywood stars.
Price: 34 USD for 4g of product
Shelf life: 24 months from opening of packaging.




My experience with Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Moisture Rich Lipcolor- 501 Peony

I had read a few reviews on the Giorgio Armani lipsticks; and I just could not help myself. I had read that these lipsticks are extremely comfortable on the lips; so I thought; well, why not buy some nice day time wearable shades from this brand; which would also be most comfortable. And I did. And…. I am loving these!!!!!

From the moisture excess range, I bought the shade 501 named Peony. I was actually looking for for this shade; but most of them were too pale for my complexion. I am NC 30; with yellow undertones; and I wanted something “peony flower-like”; which would not wash me out. Finally, I got my “mera-wala pink”. This is a light; beautiful pink; with slight coral undertones. This may mimic a daily wear nu*e shade for many of you; and will look extremely beautiful on fair to medium skin tones.

The lipstick comes in a standard Giorgio Armani black box packaging; having all information written on it. Inside is housed, this beautiful, delicious, lip-smacking red color lipstick metallic tube casing. It has the logo of the brand at the break; where the two parts of the case close snap shut in a magnetic closure. This lipstick case; from the outside itself; exudes sheer luxury.

Inside, the case is black in color; with the lipstick bullet completely submerged inside. The cut of the top of bullet is oval like, sharp and extremely unique. I mean, I have never myself seen such a cut before. It fits right on the curve of your lips, and helps in maintaining a tight lip line.

It has a lip-balmy; almost “Boroline” kind of fragrance; which I totally love. I prefer not having fragrances in my skin care and makeup products; but this fragrance feels so familiar; and does not bother me at all.

The lipstick has an extremely creamy texture; and glides on almost effortlessly on the lips. It goes on creamy and very hydrating on the lips; and then settles down to a semi-matte yet moisturised finish. It does not dry out my lips; and I do not need to usually prep my lips in any way before applying this. Though the color is subtle; it gives the true color on the lips in 2-3 swipes as on the bullet; and easily covers any pigmentation on the lips; yet it is not a full coverage lipstick by any definition.


It stays on for 5-6 hours on my lips; with light snacks in between; and then disappears; yet leaving a nice MLBB kind of stain on the lips. It does not transfer onto cups or glasses; might just leave a faint imprint of your lips on it. You may want to reapply it every 3-4 hourly, but then, this one is such pure and unadulterated luxury; that it will not be cumbersome at all. Infact, bringing out this lipstick from your purse will leave all your friends awe-struck; as you delicately glide on the lipstick and then purse your lips together. It does not feather or bleed at all. However, you might want to exfoliate your lips a bit if you have very dry lips, so that you can give full justice to this lipstick and the shade.

Pros of Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Moisture Rich Lipcolor- 501 Peony:

• Packaging shrieks out pure luxury
• Has 36 gorgeous shades in this range
• Has a magnetic-snap closure; so can be easily carried around without any fear of disaster
• Has a nice “ Boroline”-kind of fragrance
• The shade is a very pretty pink with coral undertones; which will suit Indian skin tones well.
• The shade is a perfect day time wear kind.
• The texture is extremely creamy, yet very moisturising
• It gives true color on the lips as on the bullet
• It covers pigmented lips very well
• It stays on for 5-6 hours, with light snacks in between
• Does not transfer too much
• Does not feather or bleed at all
• A MLBB shade for many


Cons of Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Moisture Rich Lipcolor- 501 Peony:

• Expensive
• Availability in India is limited
• Many need to prep your lips if they are very dry
• It is named excess moisture rich lipstick; yet do not be swayed away by the name; it is a semi-matte lipstick with average hydration
• May not suit dark skin tones



IMBB rating: 4.7/5

Will I recommend Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Moisture Rich Lipcolor- 501 Peony?

Absolutely, you have to have this lipstick; if not this exact shade in your life. This is a perfect MLBB shade for me; which I can wear comfortably at any time of the day; or at night with a nice smoky eyes makeup.

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24 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Moisture Rich Lipcolor – 501 Peony

  1. I am so happy u are feeling fine now
    yes loved the pujo season, we went to two pandala here in pune! very nice feeling indeed
    beautiful shade for fair skin na

    1. Thnx Neha…. We also enjoyed pujas despite everything… This shade will look stunning on fair skinned gals… And on u…

    1. Lol… Jomoliii… Thats so sweet of u… But u know what… In hospital , the entire day i spend in Operation theatre… Where I go around like phoolan devi… With cap and mask…..

    1. Thnx Neha… But as I said… I seldom get to wear much makeup in hospital…. Who would notice me???? My patients are behosh naaaa… And my fellow docs see me as phoolan devi

    1. Thnx vini… Yes i m much better now.. Thnk u… But it was a scary time for all of us.. For some time it was doubtful if i will be able to see in one eye again… And got scar marks around the eye area from that time…. Wonder if those will ever heal and disappear

    1. Its indeed very pretty … And Ga has so many other shades of mlbb pink… U will surely find one…. They r really gorgeous

  2. Doc this is such a perfect day wear shade, lovely lip swatch and offcourse, the quality is amazing. you were khamakha saying k you have picked up dark dark dark, this is so much like my kinda of shade. Glad you are good and back on writing. Love to rahul :0

    1. Thnx sumi… Arre i love dark dark dark…. I hav picked some up…. Not reviewed them yet….. But u r right… These three GA lipsticks r not in the dark dark range…. Infact i wanted to get out of my dark dark mould and buy some daytime wear shades….. Rahul is doing good…. Was ill for some time… Season change… But ab gooood….. Full time masti….. How r u… Missing u on wa…. Hows ur cough

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