Girls with Limp Hair will Love These Tips for Bouncy Hair

Are you dazzled by the luscious and glossy hair women show off in tv advertisements and on magazine spreads?! Well, we can brush these off as highly processed and edited images and videos, but the truth, is we all do love that bounce in our hair! Girls with limp hair complain that their mane falls flat a few hours into the day, no matter what they do. However, with the correct technique, some tips here, some tricks there, and of course the right products, it’s possible to add volume and bounce even to the most limp hair. In this post, we have compiled some tips that girls with limp hair will absolutely love.

Girls with Limp Hair will Love These Tips for Bouncy Hair

1. Pick a volumizing shampoo and do not forget the conditioner: The first thing girls with limp hair should do, is to pick a volumizing shampoo and a volumizing conditioner. These products are specifically formulated to lift hair and add bounce without weighing it down.

2. Do not apply conditioner to the scalp: A lot of us miss this clear instruction that is usually mentioned on the conditioner bottle – “do not apply conditioner to the scalp, only to the hair length,” and that’s because conditioner would make hair roots oily and limp. Apply conditioner only through the hair, avoiding the scalp completely.

3. Make Voluminous Doughnut Bun with Socks: Here’s how you can create an illusion of voluminous hair with just a pair of socks!

4. Wake up in the morning with bouncy hair by tying your hair in socks as shown here.

5. Tease your Hair: Hairstylists depend on the “teasing” method to add major volume to thin hair. To tease your hair, use a comb to pick a small section of hair and raise it upwards. While holding the section, use the other hand to comb hair from the middle till the roots. Repeat this backcombing process on other small sections if you want more volume. Now, use a brush to smooth the teased sections and do so gently to keep the volume intact.

6. Do not layer a lot of hairstyling products: Layering a lot of hairstyling products like hairspray, scrunching gel, mousse, thickening spray all together can kill the bounce by weighing down the strands. Pick and apply only limited products.
7. Use a thickening spray: Some good thickening sprays can add volume and bounce even to the most fine hair. David Mallett Spray No. 2 Le Volume, Ouai Dry Texture Foam, Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep, are some options.
8. Tousle Hair: It would do a great deal of good to your hair if you remember to run your hands through the hair during the blow drying process, and to keep tousling the strands through the day to retain the volume.
9. Invest in a good dry shampoo: One of the main reasons why hair would turn limp and lifeless is due to greasy hair. Use a dry shampoo (even baby powder would do) to soak up the oil from the roots and regain the bounce.
10. Add layers to the hair to give an illusion of thick hair: It’s a fact that long hair looks much more flatter when it’s long. That’s why short, layered hair cuts like long bob and pixie make hair looks fuller. Also, keeping it shoulder-length can create an illusion of volume and bounce.
11. A good sea salt spray helps to create and add texture to the hair, lift up the volume, and gives you gorgeous, care-free, tousled, loose waves. Here’s how you can make a homemade sea salt spray.
12. Use a metal comb or wooden comb instead of plastic ones: Wooden or metal combs can clear static an and frizziness; wooden combs especially are good at removing dirt and dust, making hair bouncy and frizz-free.
13. Clear product buildup once in 15 days: Hairstyling products usually have polymers and silicones in them, which stick to the scalp and hair, weighing them down and killing the bounce over a period of time. This buildup will make hair limp and flat. Use a clarifying shampoo that would help clear out product buildup and bring back the bounce. Here’s a list of 8 Clarifying Shampoos that you can include in your haircare routine.
14. Remember to blow dry hair by using small round brushes, ideally a 2-inch round brush. Flip your hair upside down and then use a round brush to add volume while you blow dry.
15. Rinse your hair with 1 tbsp of glycerin and 2 tbsp of rose water. Use this spray all over the hair to add shine, hydration, and bounce.

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