How To Curl Hair With Socks: Do It Yourself

Hey Everyone,

Hope all of you are doing great guys.  Today’s article is a quick tutorial about how to get loose waves or curls overnight with absolutely no heat.  This trick of getting heat-free waves is called the “sock bun curl trick.”

All you would need for this is:


1. A clean sock.
2. Scissors.
3. A hair tie or band.
4. Water to wet your hair.
5. A comb, preferably a wide-toothed comb for tangle-free hair.

So, let’s get started:

Take a clean sock and chop off the upper curve of the sock as shown in the picture.


Now, as shown in the picture below, starting at the actual open end of the sock, start rolling the sock out until you reach the end and get something that looks like a doughnut, as shown in the picture. Make sure the doughnut is rolled tight and firm.


Now, wet your hair mildly.

Now, comb all your hair thoroughly to make sure there are no tangles and now bring all your hair to the top of your head, the crown area, and tie it up into a pony.  You can let it be loose, does not have to be very tight, as shown in the picture number 4.


Now, as show in picture number 5, insert the doughnut/sock bun into the ponytail at the tip and tuck in the ends of your pony into the sock firmly and then start rolling the sock inwards as shown.


Keep rolling the sock and keep tucking the hair in until you reach your scalp.

Once you finish rolling, your bun should look something like as shown in picture 6.


Now, go to bed with this bun on the top of your head and the next morning, you would wake up to beautiful waves or curls. Now, depending on your choice of waves/curls, keep the bun loose if you just want waves or secure it tight if you want curls.  Set the curls with a setting spray and you are all set for the day, thus getting beautiful hair without any heat damage done.


Another variation for overnight heat-free curls:

1. Wash your hair/wet your hair.
2. Divide the hair into two parts and braid your hair into two plaits and go to bed.
3. Next morning, you would have beautiful waves in the hair.

Another use of sock bun:

You could also use this trick if you love buns in your hair. You could follow the exact same steps, but you just have to make the bun at the back of your head and you could sport a chic bun to any do just by accessorizing it with flowers or any hair accessory.

Hope you guys try it and do let me know how it came out 🙂

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35 thoughts on “How To Curl Hair With Socks: Do It Yourself

  1. This is one of the most interesting tutorials .. I never knew socks cud help hair curl hehehehehehe quite innovative hehehehe

    1. Ha… takes a lil practice…it took me also a lil practice bt den it seems easy
      ….jst do it a couple of times…..ul get it… 🙂

    1. Thnku aparajita…..n yes…..true..i did try wid a scrunchy also….n it works provided d scrunchy is quite tight n firmly elastic… 🙂

  2. I’ve been meaning to try this for a while; I’m actually sitting with a bun in my hair right now. Had the time today, figured out why not, saves me a wash 😛
    Thanks for sharing! My bun isn’t anywhere as neat as yours, but I figure I’ll master it with some practice 😀

    1. haha….yes Devie…. the bun thing does take a bit of practice…am glad u tried…..hope u wil like d outcome.. 🙂 🙂

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