Givenchy Prisme Libre Mat Finish & Enhanced Radiance Loose Powder Review


Claims : This sheer and luminous powder mattifies, provides color-correction, and sets makeup to last longer. The pigments are lightweight, refreshing, and soften the complexion to perfection, while the veil of powder delivers a breath of radiance and luminosity. The secret to the formulation is in its pigments, which are treated with atomization technology making them extremely fine to glide on evenly for an ultra-natural, peachy-soft skin effect. The featherweight powder also boasts an exquisite fragrance trail featuring lilac and white musk. Each case includes a white microfiber powder puff for optimal gentleness on the skin—the epitome of refinement.

Available in 4 colors :
Each of the four shades is inspired by haute couture fabrics, from muslin to organza:

  • Mousseline Pastel: Sugar-coated colors, which correct and reduce imperfections for a natural opal effect. (More for color correcting. has purple and pink pastel powders)
  • Taffetas Beige: A cocktail of beiges, apricot and yellow, which delivers a healthy glow in just one stroke of a brush. (the one I am reviewing)
  • Organza Caramel: Cream, peach, cappuccino—a dessert selection for the skin providing dreamy tanning. Perfectly sexy without excess. ( good for those with dusky skin tones has chocolatey , caramel shades))
  • Voile Rosé: Sensual and voluptuous with a mingling of pinks and mother-of-pearl, this shade creates a halo of light and radiance. (good for those with light skin tones. Has pastel pinks, light beige and white powders in it. )

Price : USD 53 for 4×3 (12 gms of powder)

My Experience with Givenchy Prisme Libre Mat Finish & Enhanced Radiance Loose Powder
The shade I picked up is Taffetas Beige 02. It includes 4 powders – a pale yellow, light peach, medium olive skin tone color and a pinky peach. When used together it comes as a light peach powder.

I am a huge loose powder user. If I am doing a makeup look, I would pretty much bake my under eye area. Or if I am going out for a long time esp in evenings, I like to so a bit of makeup baking. I like creating different textures on the skin – a mix of matte and dewy. Plus the makeup stays on for so long. No creasing of concealer plus bright under eye area. Love it!

I was totally obsessed with Chanel Loose Powder until I got this one. First, I love the whole concept of using 4 different powders that work in harmony with one another to create a beautiful blended shade.

I like the square packaging. It looks minimal and chic. It also comes with a powder puff, which is an extremely bad condition right now to even show you guys. 😛 I tap the powder in the cap, give it a little blend with a brush and use it for makeup. Upon mixing the color of the powder is light peach and it gives a lovely brightening effect to the under eye area without looking whitish or harsh. You may check how it looks on the under eyes on a very recent makeup look I did HERE. I tilt the jar upside down on the cap and tap all 4 powders once so that they dispense equally. It works. If you want one color more than the other, you could tilt the jar that side and tap it from there. Also, when you use it for baking esp around the nose area, it makes your pores look smoother and gives an even look to the skin.

Sometimes I also like to use it as a setting powder very lightly right after I have used cream products and it just looks beautiful and makes my makeup last so well.
It has a lovely light fragrance to it. I absolutely love it.

It is an extremely finely milled powder. It almost has that satiny silky feel to it. The finish is matte. The excess powder easily dusts off from the skin without sticking and leaves the most natural look to the skin.

The only negative is that it hell lot of messy…I find it messier than most loose powders I have used. May be because of the square shape…I am not sure. It flies because it is so finely milled , it also gets accumulated on the edges, plus sometimes the matte surface of the cap also catches the powder and it looks dirty. I have to constantly keep cleaning it and it also leads to product wastage. Phew!

Despite the con, I am so extremely in love with this powder. It gives the loveliest and most natural look to the skin. One of the best ones I have tried so far. Worth every penny.
Rating : 4.5/5

Givenchy loose powder review givenchy prisme libre review The 4 colors. givenchy-matte-finish-enhanced-radiance-loose-powder-review-2 givenchy-matte-finish-enhanced-radiance-loose-powder-review-3 givenchy-matte-finish-enhanced-radiance-loose-powder-review-review Swatch  when all 4 powders are blended :givenchy prisme libre swatch

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5 thoughts on “Givenchy Prisme Libre Mat Finish & Enhanced Radiance Loose Powder Review

  1. Hey! I saw this or one of its variants a couple of days back at the Givenchy counter. What I saw was called Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder Quartet Air Sensation. The shade names that i came across were different from the ones you have mentioned. i wonder if they are the same product in different packaging – for different markets OR something totally else. Where did you pick up yours Rati?

    Irrespective – the Givenchy powders are really finely milled. They are lovely!

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