5 Green Foods For Glowing Skin and Weight Loss

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Today I am back with this lovely article about best green foods you must eat for health and beauty. Few of us know that green foods is always a well wisher for our health and beauty and these are divided into five categories but unfortunately ,we do not add green fruits, vegetables, herbs, pulses and nuts in our diet for excellent health and beauty advantages . Go for green and fix green fruits, veggies, nuts, pulses and herbs in your meal if you have a desire for healthy and beautiful body. I will suggest you some easily available green foods those are present in your grocery store so you can add green foods into your meal plan. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Green Vegetables:
Green vegetable has many health benefits .fresh green vegetable is not only good looking but also have enormous nutritional value for keeping the internal systems in perfect condition. Some of these veggies like lettuce, broccoli, celery, okra, green beans, cucumber, parsley, zucchini, peas, green tomatoes, green olives, spinach and sprouts of all variety ,cabbage and some others definitely worthy. I would love to eat these green veggies for gaining health benefits and beauty too. You can eat cooked vegetables and salads and boiled vegetables as per your wish.

2. Green Fruits:
Green fruits are all we need for perfect diet plan. Fruits are all time favorite of us but we can made it more healthy and delicious by stick to some beautiful green fruits like watermelon, kiwi, green apples, avocados, honeydew, green grapes and many more. You can enjoy all this fruits and make a part of your cooking like topping it in your favorite dish and cuisine.

3. Green Nuts:

Only some of us know that nuts are not only meant for decoration of our desserts and sweets but also for eating alone for wonderful healthy needs. Nuts are good for your whole body such as skin, hair, nails and others. Instead of that some people do not eat .eat handcuff of pistachios, pepitas, green raisins for several good healthy benefits.

4. Green Herbs:
Herbs cure us from many health problems and give us a mesmerizing beauty. Nowadays, you must need to know that herb is important for healthy lifestyle. Many herbs like basil, mint, thyme, rosemary, bay leaf, cilantro, sage are miracles for beautiful and fit body. Some herbs can be eaten fresh like basil and mint. You can start your morning by chewing basil leaves for glowing skin and other surprising benefits. You can try using these herbs in your own kitchen.

5. Green Pulses:
green pulse

Pulses are essential for good working of all body organs. It is a package of complex carbohydrates, proteins and fiber. Pulses are also called legumes and luckily legumes are super food for all. Legumes like mungbeans , regular lentils, green split peas, French green lentils are some excellent examples of fitness world.

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