Hair and Skin Concerns of a College Student: Ask IMBB

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Anjana MK asks:

Hi, Im 21 and have fair and dry skin, my skin is turning dull and I am unable to use any creams as they burn. I have dark rough skin at my elbows..and I tan easily.Moreover I have to travel about 2 hours daily to college and back by bus.Can you help to brighten my dry dull skin>?

My hair is thin and limp..I have severe hairfall…and hair is turning dry and frizzy and hard to manage….can you suggest hair oil and shampoo and conditioner and also some hair masks… i dnt want to use any chemicals…suggest some natural remedies or herbal products in the range 200-300…Thanks IMBB!

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8 thoughts on “Hair and Skin Concerns of a College Student: Ask IMBB

  1. hi
    firstly use a sunscreen for yourself which is really very imp when u step out to protect yourself
    and for your hair i shall say use pantene shampoo pro v range and condition it really helps

    for rough skin there is DIY to use haldi and lemon and scrub at the dark areas such as elbow knees neck etc
    also u can rub tomato on ur face after u come home to remove redness and tan

    1. But gram breaks out oily skin , is there any substitute for it because I love this pack and it’s effects but it’s always followed by acne.

  2. This feels like written by me except that I have oily skin and she has dry skin.
    Anyway, since you tan easily it is very important to use sunscreen. Always,always,always carry a tube of sunscreen in your bag and reapply after every 2-3 hours. And summers is the season to use face packs. Get some nice face packs an use once a week. Also use a face scrub at least twice a week.
    Now coming to the hair, since your hair is dry and limp like mine I suggest you oil it every time before you wash or at least once a week oiling is a must. You won’t see immediate results but in about 2 months the texture of your hair will start to improve. Use olive oil preferably. Warm it and apply and leave it on for an hour and wash.
    For shampoo – patanjali makes some very good ones and they’re herbal also. Don’t go for biotique as they usually cause dandruff. Happened with me. Patanjali is available online and in almost all cities.
    For conditioner — after a lot of search I had come across this Aaranyaa methi nourishing hair conditioner.. It is extremely moisturising and herbal.. Not easily available though.. But u can find it online.
    As for the hair mask, you can try the DIYs… They’re extremely helpful..
    Hope all this helps.. Because it has helped me! 😀

  3. Hi Anjana,

    You can use yogurt and raw honey mask for your face. Remember only raw honey contains active enzymes that can do much wonders to the skin. Use a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil cleansing lotion, and you may use the moisturizer from the same range.
    Use of sunscreen is a must. Get one in spray form, can keep it in your handbag and apply with convenience.
    For hair you can use fenugreek seed mask: soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight and grind in the morning, or you can alternatively grind dry fenugreek seeds finely and then soak them. I prefer the later one for convenience. In the morning, mix some curd and a spoonful of honey in the fenugreek pase and apply from scalp to tips of hair. Keep for 45 minutes and wash off. You may add hibiscus powder as well to the mask. Its been known to stop hairfall significantly.
    For herbal shampoos and conditioner, try teh Lass Naturals IHT antihairloss therapy kit. Its a 3-product kit, though individual products are also available. The oil also is good.
    Hope this helps!!

  4. I have the same hair concerns that you have, and believe me, Olive oil works wonders. I use the Figaro olive oil for my hair. Before you step out of your home, just take a few drops of that oil and work it into the tips of your hair.. It helps to protect the hair-ends from getting split in the heat and from frizzing in the hot dry weather.
    Use a scarf or stole to cover hair while travelling, to protect it from getting caught in the wind and frizzing.
    For dry skin, you can try Banjara’s orange peel face pack. Or a home-made papaya facepack. I suggest adding milk to every home facial that you do, as milk has moisturizing and skin-repairing properties.

  5. Hi anjana….
    Try nd drink loads of water throughout the day.
    Wrap a cotton dupatta on your face when travelling and also wrap the dupatta around your hair too by bringing all of it to one side. This will help with the frizzzines.
    And also use the fenugreek hair oil ( search it on imbb), I did the same. And it has worked wonders for me.
    I use shahnaz Hussain’s shamla hair cleanser. This has really saved my locks.
    + wear gloves, full length I.e. till above elbows to prevent tanning and also rough skin. Apple mixture of glycerin and lemon juice on elbows every alternate day.
    Dab petroleum jelly on elbows every night after washing with any gentle soap.
    You’ll have soft elbows in no time…
    Hope this helps… 🙂

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