6 Hair Growth Secrets from Around the World

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We all want to know hair growth secrets and add them to our regimen. So here are some hair growth secrets from around the world.

Indians Swear by Coconut Oil

coconut oil on table

‘Sticking to the skincare regimen for a longer period they use coconut oil to massage their scalps, roots and lengths and braid their hair in a moderately loose manner’

If you ever peek into the traditions of India, you’d know that they swear by coconut oil. Coconut oil is an important or essential part of Indian hair-care regimen. In fact, some might keep their hair restricted to coconut oil, only. That’s surprising – how can they be this less emotional towards promising hair products?(!). But, you know there are 50+ reasons why you should make a place for this oil. Well, coconut oil isn’t a real secret here. The secret is the consistent use for a real long period. And for us, we do not stick to a single product, be it natural or synthetic, for a longer time. It is just out of our time-dictionary.

Japanese Long Hair can be Found in the Sea

A glass of home made rice milk served with brown rice, honey and organic sugar candies on a rustic metal background

‘Fish isn’t the only secret for healthier hair. There are some more for longer, stronger and healthier hair’

Japanese are not famous for just looking young, elastic skin and zero wrinkles. Japanese have secrets for long hair, too. What are they? The major secret to longer and faster hair growth – seaweed and alga. It is unimaginable how the marine life can help us get healthier and longer hair.

Jamaicans Prefer Black Castor Over Any Other Hair Product

Headshot of a beautiful Caribbean woman with an afro

‘Keeping the natural components undisturbed and unmodified. Tuna, castor and aloe vera are three keys to longer, black and soft hair’

We just cannot miss the faster hair growth that castor oil offers. And for the secret to long hair, Jamaica has got Jamaican black castor oil, which they prefer to keep cold-pressed. And maybe this is the reason why Jamaican black castor oil is the best for black and long hair. Other secrets from Jamaica are rare. What are they? Sap from the tuna plant, castor oil extracted right from the beans, and aloe vera (wow!). So promising.

Morocco Admitted It – Ghassoul And Argan Oil

‘A clean scalp and hydration level of 110’

We all knew about argan oil. Moroccan argan oil is kind of popular among hair care freaks but we rarely knew anything about ghassoul. What’s that? Ghassoul deeply cleans the scalp. The clean scalp can actually be an enhancer for hair growth. Who’d grow healthy hair with a scalp full of grease/sebum?

Fermented Rice Water from China, and no haircuts

A glass of home made rice milk served with brown rice, honey and organic sugar candies on a rustic metal background

‘Swearing to fermented rice water for hair and cutting hair once a lifetime!’

No haircuts? That’s scary! Fermented rice water? Chinese have been known for healthy hair. We never knew that fermented rice water can be this helpful to grow hair longer. And what so about the no haircut? They cut their hair once a lifetime and stick to the use of fermented rice water as hair growth enhancer (and a hair health enhancer, as well). This needs a long breath.

Arabic Secret to Longer Hair – Ginger

Ginger mask for longer hair, a mustard mask for healthier hair – the Arabic secrets are innovative.’

Ginger is hated for its taste. At least by most. We never knew that ginger can help you get faster hair growth and longer hair. What about the shine? Mustard! Now they know how to make the kitchen a salon. They probably swear by natural mask for better hair. So innovative!

What is your secret to long hair with healthy hair growth? Why? Share with us in the comments below!

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