7 Quick and Easy Hair Care and Styling Secrets of Kate Middleton

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There is something fascinating about the life of royals; majority of people derive inspiration from their style and way of living as the royals know how to carry themselves comfortably. One of the royals, Kate Middleton, is a source of inspiration for women all around the world. Her wardrobe for the recent tour in India grabbed attention of the masses, but her other features are worth-noticing too. She has a signature hairstyle which makes her look younger. So, deriving inspiration from her hairstyle, here are a few tips on how can you get hair like Kate Middleton.

1. Bouncy hair with soft curls

kate middleton hairstyles
Her hair is shoulder length, voluminous, and glossy brown chestnut coloured. Her signature hairstyle is bouncy hair with soft curls and she creates that look with a blowdry. You can achieve hair like hers by following a simple routine too.

2. Be regular with trims

She is regular with her hair trims and doesn’t change her hairstylist. Her hairstylist is styling her hair since her college days. So find a hairstylist who understands your hair and your needs and stick to him/her. Also go for regular trims as trimming helps in getting rid of the damaged hair tips which prevents split ends travelling up the hair and also keeps your tresses healthy.

7 Quick and Easy Hair Care and Styling Secrets of Kate Middleton

3. Wash your hair regularly

bouncy hair
She washes her hair everyday to keep it clean. It is not advisable to wash hair everyday as it strips the hair of natural oils and makes it dry, but you can wash your hair every alternate day to keep your hair clean. Clean hair is easier to work with.

4. Head to the spa

She also goes for spas regularly to pamper her hair. If visiting a spa regularly is a troublesome activity for you and you don’t have time for it, try deep conditioning your hair once a week at home. This will provide your damaged hair with moisture that it is lagging. You can use different products available in the market or go natural by trying homemade deep conditioning methods, whatever suits you the best. Oiling also nourishes the hair well.

5. Learn that perfect blowdry

kate ponytail
For that perfect blow dry, let your hair partially dry naturally. Once the hair is partially dry, divide it into sections. Dividing your hair into smaller sections helps in evenly drying the hair and prevents frizz too. Now use a round brush and dry the hair keeping the dryer at least 3 inches away from the hair to protect it from over drying and getting damaged. Once you are done with this, concentrate on your roots by gently pulling up all the hair and focusing the dryer at the roots. This gives hair a bounce.

6. Add some rollers

Once finished with blow-drying, put some rollers in the hair to secure the soft curls and leave them on for at least 20 minutes. For a glossy look, finish this look with a frizz controlling serum. Be gentle while removing the rollers to keep the soft curls intact.

7. Find an amazing routine

Keeping hair healthy requires dedication as there is no shortcut to it and everyone’s hair needs are different. Try to find out the routine that suits your hair the best as well as work out for you and stick to it. Also, always go for good quality products.

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