6 Lipstick Application Hacks to Get The Perfect Pout Each Time!

by Shelja David on October 1, 2015 · 4 comments

Lipstick is just like a beauty goddess for every women! And I’m sure it’s been used by most of us. We all have tons of shades already, and yet we keep on buying more and more lipsticks. It’s just like a lipstick addiction, and I don’t think it’s ever going to be enough for girls. But when it comes to the perfect stroke of lipstick, many of us may be making a few mistakes that can be easily resolved if you read the below tips carefully.


1. Never Be in A Rush

6 Lipstick Application Hacks to Get The Perfect Pout Each Time!3

You may be running late, but don’t rush while applying your lipstick, as you may end up making a mistake and then removing and reapplying–which can be a stressful job. The calmer your mind, the better your hands will work and your lipstick will look.

2. Don’t Underestimate The Power of A Lip Liner

6 Lipstick Application Hacks to Get The Perfect Pout Each Time!4

This is an excellent tool for beginners as it clearly defines the lip area and there is no chance of outlining or misleading if you’re using a lip liner.

3. Learn The Art of ‘Mix and Match’

Always want new lipstick shades every single day? I know the answer is yes from everyone! But it may not be possible as you can’t spend every buck on lipsticks. However still you can try new shades. How? By mixing two lipsticks together! Invest in a nude matte lipstick and keep it with you forever, then mix any dark shade and the nude shade together by following the basic tips written below:

6 Lipstick Application Hacks to Get The Perfect Pout Each Time!5

a) Apply the nude matte lipstick first.
b) Now apply the lipstick of your choice.
c) Now apply your matte nude shade lipstick again. Make sure your lip colour looks even from everywhere.
d) Apply more dark lipstick or a nude lipstick, according to your desired colour.
e) Now smile and thank me! ?

4) The Concealer Trick

6 Lipstick Application Hacks to Get The Perfect Pout Each Time!6

If you’re applying a dark red lipstick/maroon lipstick, use a concealer near your lip area and blend it really well. I’m sure you don’t want to look like a blood sucking vampire! 😛 After blending, if you feel it’s looking too white, you can always use a bronzer or a dark compact to cover the area. Now use a lip liner and then throw in your dark lipstick, this way your lipstick will pop out real loud and trust me, it looks beautiful!

5) 5 Steps to Make Any Lipstick Last Longer

Always wanted your lipstick to last longer? Here’s a solution! Follow these steps : Either the one described in following picture or the ones listed down (looks like a long process but it take hardly 5 minutes).

6 Lipstick Application Hacks to Get The Perfect Pout Each Time!1

a) Apply a concealer on your lips.
b) Now use a lip liner all over your lips.
c) Blot some baby powder on your lips.
d) Apply your lipstick.
e) Happy forever! 🙂

5) For The Undying Love of Mattes

6 Lipstick Application Hacks to Get The Perfect Pout Each Time!7

As matte lipsticks are hitting the trend, there are still many favourite lipstick shades that you always wished were matte? This trick will make any lipstick turn into a perfect matte lipstick!


a) Apply 2-3 coats of your lipstick as it will become a tone lighter eventually.
b) Now dab a thin tissue paper on your lips, let it stick to your lips.
c) Use baby powder with a brush and use it on your lips without removing the tissue.
d) Now remove the tissue paper and your lips will look matte!

6) Don’t Stain Your Teeth

It’s a common thing and happens with every girl! However if you’re with your guy, and if he notices and tells you, “Erm…there’s lipstick on your teeth!”– that can be the most embarrassing situation. No need to panic, I have a cure!

6 Lipstick Application Hacks to Get The Perfect Pout Each Time!

After applying your lipstick, just put a finger inside your mouth and make an ‘O’ through your lips. Make sure your lips are touching your finger from the inside of the mouth, as you don’t want to mess with the lipstick from the outside. This way excess lipstick which is inside the lips will come on your finger and your teeth will be stain-free (don’t forget to wash your finger).

Hope these small lipstick hacks brings in a major change in your life. Thanks for reading.


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Khushi October 1, 2015 at 3:27 pm

Beautiful pics and awesome tips. Great for beginners 🙂


Ahana C. October 1, 2015 at 7:51 pm

Thank you so much! Wonderful tips indeed!


nancy October 2, 2015 at 10:00 pm

lovely tips Shelja, the beginners will surely benefit from these. wish i had known all tips before, would have saved so much of my time in figuring things out my self..haha. nice article 🙂


Prat December 20, 2016 at 8:33 pm

Rati u r so beautiful
I just lv ur makeup nd the way u apply it . Its so creative .


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