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Swati Asks:

I have recently undergone REBONDING for my hair (for the first time). I got it done from a reputed saloon and took all the precautions told by them. But it`s only 10 days and curls, rather waves, are visible in the front. I dont know how to correct it. I have already taken 2 hair spas and haircut after rebonding.

I dont want to undergo rebonding again in such a short interval.

Please suggest me what to do?

I am so upset.

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15 thoughts on “Hair Rebonding Problems: Ask IMBB

  1. use a very nice professional conditioner and serum..continue spa every month..If u like hair to be poker straight use straightening iron.

  2. That’s because the ironing process during the rebonding wasn’t done to perfection. I have been going in for rebonding for the past three years and I’ve never faced any such problem. One of my friends faced a similar problem. It totally depends upon the saloon. Often the big-named ones try opting the easy way out and mess up the ironing, which absolutely spoils the entire purpose of straightening.

  3. I got my hair rebonded a year ago and faced no such problems..looks like the parlor lady dint do it properly. wait it out and get it redone after 8 months minimum in a better place..

  4. Hi..
    my aunt is a beautician and she told me :specs: that after rebonding , the lasting effect totally depends on the care and precautions you take and also on your natural hair growth. If they are naturally curly and wavy, then rebonding will not last for so long as natural growing hairs will come in natural way and you need to fix them again :shutmouth: 😐 😐 😐 😐

  5. I have been wanting to do rebonding for such a long time, but I fear two things….What if they mess up my hair and it becomes worse? and secondly, I hate the look when the hair is half curly or wavy in the front and poker straight towards the back. Anything to solve this problem?

  6. I am still somehow very skeptical about the process 😛 the end result promising poker straight frizz free hair with luxuriant shine seems tempting enough but the second ping of conscience reminding one of hairfall and possible baldness has kept me from trying this out :secret2:

    1. same prob with me..but otherwise i love poker straight hair :inlove: :inlove: :love: , :love: whenever i see sum1 with poker straight hair,i keep looking at them. :dumb: :dumb: …and my boyfriend thinks either am mad or i am a lesbo!!! :X :X :lol2: :lol2: 😆 😆

  7. they didn’t do it, right. happens at some places, the technicians are not trained enough or use less product, i think you should tell them because am sure you paid up solid.

  8. I have rebond my hair in a reputed saloon but after the first spa my frond portion oft hair is same like my old normal hair and the end of my hair looks like brush not look like sahiny or soft what I have to do whether I can under go another spa or what is remedy for it aim up set. Please give me solution . Thank you

  9. There was definitely an issue with the way your rebonding was done, coz normally it gives great results on virgin hair. and you know its better not to get rebonding done ever again. it will damage hair so bad ..ufff

  10. Hi, I did my rebinding few days back. On third day after washing my it. I was about to cry. It was really disappointing. My hair was still curly and frizzy. Want to reuse the procedure but worried. Will it spoil my hairs?

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