Keratin Treatment Vs Rebonding for Hair Smoothening

Hair Smoothening Treatments

Hello IMBBians, Every girl in this world wants hair that looks amazing and in attempts to achieve the perfect luscious locks, we often undergo hair treatments such as Keratin and Rebonding. Ladies often get confused between these two as in which one should they opt. Therefore, today, I am back with an article on “Keratin Treatment Vs Rebonding for Hair Smoothening”. Let’s get started so that you could decide which one is the best for you.

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An Introduction to Keratin Treatment:

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Keratin treatment helps in combating frizzy and unruly hair and gives you smooth and shiny tresses that are to die for. The reason why Keratin works so well on hair is that our hair is naturally rich in Keratin and going under Keratin treatment helps in replenishing the Keratin content of our strands where it lacks. Keratin works by making your hair frizz-free, straighter and easier to manage and style. Also, it adds luster and moisture to your dull and dry hair making them look livelier and healthier.

Pros of Keratin Treatment:

• Makes hair shiny and gives it a natural looking luster.
• Does not have any major side effects.
• Restores natural protein in your hair and does not chemically alter their structure.
• Makes your hair easier to style and manage.

Cons of Keratin Treatment:

• If you visit a novice for the treatment, you may end up with itch and infections.
• Costs a bomb.
• Can only be done by the help of an expert.
• You need to spend on products for aftercare which add to the total cost of the treatment.
• Regular touch-ups are required which means regular salon visits. Therefore, those on busy schedule may want to skip this treatment.

An Introduction to Rebonding:

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Being a milder version of Keratin treatment, hair rebonding pretty much works the same way as the former and helps you in achieving silky and smooth locks. However, rebonding is a chemical hair treatment which makes your hair sleeker and gives it a beautiful sheen. Also, you will need to touch-up the roots of your hair as and when they grow out so that your hair does not look messy and exhibit different textures.

Pros of Rebonding:

• Make your hair look sleeker and smoother.
• You will cut damage to your hair done by ironing your hair regularly with a flat iron.
• Your hair will be frizz-free and look appealing and well managed.
• It is cheaper as compared to Keratin and needs lesser touch-ups.

Cons of Rebonding:

• Alters the structure of your hair with the use of chemicals.
• Your hair will eventually get damaged if you opt for Rebonding regularly and over a large span of time.
• If not done right, your hair will form kinks for which you will have to make another salon appointment and spend bucks.
• Can make you go through a terrible hair fall due to the chemicals used during the procedure.

Difference Between the Two:

While Keratin treatment replenishes the natural protein in your hair strands that gets lost and depleted due to the harsh lifestyle in today’s age, Rebonding concentrates on chemically altering the structure of your hair to make it poker straight and sleek.
Another interesting fact to know about these two treatments is that Rebonding lasts for a tad bit longer than Keratin, and Rebonding needs lesser touch-ups while Keratin needs more salon visits and costs more as well.

That’s all for today, girls! Hope this helps!

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