Shaving vs Waxing vs Tweezing vs Threading for Hair Removal

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What is Shaving?

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Shaving means cutting the head of your body hairs with the help of a razor or an electric trimmer/shaver. It is considered one of the easiest, oldest and a classic method to get rid of all the unwanted hairs on your body.

Pros of Shaving:
• One of the foremost advantages of shaving is that it is the fastest method of removing extra hair from your body and saves you a lot of time. You can shave while in the shower, dress up and be ready to slay!
• It is the easiest of all and does not require any extra skill that you might need while opting for waxing or threading.
• Also, it is painless and is, thus, suitable for women who have a low pain bearing capacity.
• You can shave your hair as and when you want. You don’t need to care about salon appointments or anything; it is available pretty much whenever you want.

Cons of Shaving:
• Shaving leads to the formation of ingrown hairs that can get infected and turn into pus-filled boils.
• If not done right or with the right kind of a razor, it can give you some nicks and cuts which are prone to infections and hurt quite a bit.
• It can lead to a coarser, faster and thicker hair growth in future which appears like stubble and feels unpleasant.

What is Waxing?

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Waxing is a semi-permanent form of hair removal which involves spreading the heated/cold wax wherever needed and then pulling it off with a cotton strip. It removes/pulls out all the unwanted hairs right from their roots leaving back a soft, supple and smooth skin.

Pros of Waxing:
• Waxing lasts for a fairly long time and you don’t have to worry about your hair growing back for at least another 3 weeks.
• It damages the hair follicle, thus, leading to a softer and sparser hair growth in future.
• If you have the right kind of tools and a little experience, you can do it at home by yourself as well.
• It targets a larger area at a time, therefore, getting the job done quickly.

Cons of Waxing:
• Some kinds of superior wax can cost quite a bit and might hurt your pocket if you are a student or otherwise on a tight budget.
• It can be very painful for some people and unsuitable for sensitive skin type, as it can cause a lot of redness, bumps, and irritation.
• It is not a very hygienic process since workers at salon often use the same tools to spread wax on different people.
• Waxing does not get rid of very small hairs and your hair growth has to be of a certain length to make waxing effective.

What is Tweezing?

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Tweezing is an inexpensive and a very quick method to remove a stray hair from here and there with the help of a plucker / tweezer. Also, you can use this method to shape your brows if you have the skills and patience.

Pros of Tweezing:
• It is cost effective in terms of money and time. All you have to shell out is the price for a tweezer which lasts for a fairly long time.
• It is useful if all you want to remove is a stray hair from here and there.
• Gives you precision and great control.

Cons of Tweezing:
• Extremely painful.
• Not suitable for larger areas and is very time-consuming.
• Leads to thick and quick hair growth.

What is Threading?

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In this method, a hair is twisted between a long piece of thread and then pulled out. It is a relatively new method as opposed to shaving and tweezing, but is much better than both of them.

Pros of Threading:
• It is suitable for sensitive skin since no heat and chemicals are involved.
• It is hygienic as only a piece of thread is used and your technician is compelled to use a fresh piece of thread for every customer that she/he caters to.
• It is inexpensive and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.
• A natural look can be achieved because it provides precision and great control.

Cons of Threading:
• Not suitable for larger sections and is mostly best suited for facial hair removal.
• Can be more painful than waxing for some people in the sense that it removes each hair strand separately one by one.
• Requires the help of an expert and cannot be done by oneself at home.

That’s it, ladies. Hope this helps you in deciding the best alternative for yourself.

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  1. Hi, thanks for the informative article. Although I prefer shaving and having already started, waxing would just hurt more,I think, I must say some waxing cons are not necessarily true, as they should be changing or disinfecting they tools for each client. Also if you want you can do it yourself just like shaving.
    I’m just curious, given we started as adults, otherwise it’s clearly for other reasons,if we stop shaving, does the thickened hair eventually return normal again or is it permanent to an extent?
    That it grows faster is a myth, though I think. Not that I mind, I’m ok with it and in any case I already started ;), just curious and it’s to consider for who plans shaving new zones of the body. Thanks again.

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