Hat: How to Choose a Fedora

Fedora hats have become really common in the last couple of years. Celebrities have worn fedoras in all seasons in completely different looks. The trend is catching up in India as well.
fedora hat celebrities
The perfect hat is as difficult to choose as the perfect jeans. Here are a few things to consider while buying a fedora.

How to choose a fedora:

1. Choose a color that suits your skin tone. Since the hat touches your forehead, an unflattering colour can totally kill your look.
2. Choose a hat that flatters the shape of your face. Women with round or square faces may find a fedora with a slightly taller crown, while a fedora with a shorter crown looks best on women with oblong face.
3. Consider the proportions of your body. Smaller fedoras suit petite women more, while if you are curvy around the shoulders and/or hips you should pick up a broader fedora with detailing to balance your body shape.
4. Be careful about the size of the fedora you are buying. If it falls over your ears then you need a smaller size whereas if it makes your scalp itch then you need a bigger size.
5. A fedora should be angled a little. So try placing it at different positions till you find the angle most suitable to your face.
6. Make sure your hairstyle looks good even after the fedora is removed. A low side ponytail, a messy side bun are good options.

As a reference I am using this fedora from Zara. Its called TRILBY and is available for Rs. 1,390.
fedora straw hat zara
Fedora straw hats are casual day time hats. However fedoras also come in different materials and colours for winters. You can change their ribbons according to your outfit and make it more dressy or feminine. Look for 1and a half inch wide ribbon in various patterns and textures. Alternatively you can also glue on big flowers or other details to your fedora.

Below are a few outfits I put together for inspiration using the above mentioned fedora. All clothes and accessories are from Forever21

LOOK 1- running errands

Do your odd jobs in style. Wear this look with classic black wayfarers.
fedora look running errands

LOOK 2- walk at the beach

Make your evenings at the beach more fun with this outfit. Nothing says summer more than a maxi dress and a hat.
fedora look walk at beach

LOOK 3- Semi Formal

Tuck in your formal shirt and put on your light fade jeans for this semi formal look. Team it with classic brown and tan oxfords and a fedora for that sophisticated yet effortless look.
fedora look semi formal

rati beauty ad

LOOK 4- Casual Dinner

Look effortlessly sexy for a casual dinner date with this look. Team your fedora with dressy skinny jeans and killer platform heels.
fedora look casual dinner

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