Healthy Habits Every Office Going Woman Must Adopt!

By Sheetal Maurya

Yesterday, I was talking to one of my colleagues who is much senior to me. She is suffering from swollen legs for the past two years and the reason behind it is continuous sitting. So, I felt I must write about this as most of us work in the slot of 9 to 5 and it becomes very hard to be physically active during office duration. 8 hours of sitting and continuously staring at the computer screen can invite many health issues. Many researches have also already proven this. So, by adding a few good habits, we can tackle this serious issue.

Healthy Habits Every Office Going Woman Must Adopt!1

Morning Walk

Healthy Habits Every Office Going Woman Must Adopt!

Yes, generally we don’t have the time for morning walk and we are always in such a hurry in morning that we skip this exercise. So, in morning while going to the office you can walk till station/metro station which can count as morning walk. I walk approximately 25 minutes in the morning just to reach the station. You can also follow this rule while returning home. It not only burns calories, but also saves your money. You can even take the steps instead of lift, if time permits.

Wear Jacket and Drink Water

Healthy Habits Every Office Going Woman Must Adopt!3

Most of the offices have centralized ACs which cause extremely cold temperature. AC rooms can dry out your skin and can invite various health issues. So, always wear a light jacket or a shawl to avoid getting too cold. Do not compromise with water in an AC room, drink as much water as you can! Water helps to remove many toxic substances from the body and also keeps your skin and hair hydrated.

Not Holding Pee for Long




I’ve seen many of my colleagues who hold their pee thinking ‘one more article then I’ll go’. Yes, you have many urgent reports to submit, but never hold your pee. Holding pee can invite various urinary infections, kidney diseases and stomach pain.

Light Exercises at Regular Intervals

Healthy Habits Every Office Going Woman Must Adopt!8

Office is not a place where you can do proper exercise, but you can surely follow, short walk after lunch, do some stretching and other desk exercises too. It will help to break the monotony of continuous sitting and will also relax your muscles.

Eye Exercises

Healthy Habits Every Office Going Woman Must Adopt!7

Out of 8 hours of office time, we spend nearly 7 hours just staring at the computer screen. So, follow the rule of 20-20-20; i.e., after 20 minute see the thing placed at 20 feet away for 20 seconds. You can place your hand over the eyes and keep the eyes closed for 20 seconds also. You can also trace 8 using your eyes for some time. Massaging the head with your fingertip can reduce the heaviness of head which occurs by continuously staring at the computer screen. Or you could set alarms like these on your phone or computer to remind yourself.

Drink Green Tea

Healthy Habits Every Office Going Woman Must Adopt!2

Instead of regular tea, drink green tea as we all know how much green tea is beneficial for health and skin.

Avoid Canteen Food

Healthy Habits Every Office Going Woman Must Adopt!6

Canteen foods are tasty at some level; you can have it once or twice a month, but do not eat canteen food regularly as they have soda in food which destroys the natural nutrition present in meal. Instead of this, try to carry a tiffin from home which is good for your health.

Healthy Snacks

Healthy Habits Every Office Going Woman Must Adopt!5

Even before and after lunch, we suffer from hunger pangs every two hours or so. To combat this, just keep a small box of dry fruits, fruit salad or vegetable salad with you which will provide you various nutrition and will also keep you fuller for longer.

The addition of these little habits in your daily regimen can help you lead a healthy life and can shoo away many of the diseases. Bonus point of these habits is that you will get natural glow on your face without any makeup! Hope you like the article, drop in your feedback and views. 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Healthy Habits Every Office Going Woman Must Adopt!

  1. I loved reading it too Sheetal. These tips are very simple that we all can definitely implement in our lives for the sake of good health. Looking forward to more such awesome posts from you. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Shikha and all the IMBB team. I am so happy to see my first article. It feels like my dream comes true. Thanks for encouraging me 🙂

  2. This post is so apt for so many women. When I interned, I used to make it a point to avoid canteen food. I am one of those people who can’t share food or see anyone else share food 😛 I know that’s weird :/

  3. Great tips Maureen, welcome to IMBB 🙂 Somehow I have to really push myself to like green tea, really need it 🙂

    1. Yes.. Jomo ma’am… when I drink green tea the only thing I kept in mind that It is good for health… think like this… you’ll surely going to love this…

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