10 Great Habits for Healthy Lifestyle

Here are 10 good habits to slowly incorporate into your daily lifestyle before starting any diet program or exercise regime or even if you are not doing anything at present, yet want to embark on a healthy path.

1. Eat Breakfast every single Day!

breakfast healthy lifestyleWhy?
Well, your body has been fasting about 8-9 hours or even more by the time you wake up in the morning and now needs fuel for energy. If you feed your body a good breakfast, it’s going to boost your metabolism; you’ll feel more active, satisfied and fresh to start your day. Breakfast should be considered King of all the Meals, so quality of breakfast is also important. Try to include protein, complex carbohydrates (whole-wheat, whole-grain products), calcium and fats in every breakfast. If you don’t have habit of eating a full breakfast, start with a small plate, it takes time to get used to it, but you will be ready to tackle the day with full gusto!

2. Eat every few hours, don’t go for more than 3-4 hour gap.

You are less likely to eat a lot in your next meal. As long as your body keeps on getting some food every few hours, you are less likely to feel sluggish and out of energy at any time of the day. As a result, you can be physically more active as you don’t feel tired. Even your metabolism doesn’t slow down as the body has to work to digest the food it gets every few hours. So, do not fast (going without food for a long time), that’s the worst you can do, instead eat something every few hours. Keep high-nutrition based snacks like fruits, nuts, low-fat cheese with crackers, low-fat smoothies, low-fat yoghurt with baked puri, etc handy, to keep you going in-between meals.

3. Eat gracefully and slowly, don’t just stuff the food into your mouth.

This way, you will know when you are full; hence you will stop eating thereafter. When you stuff food into your mouth (when reading magazine, or watching TV), means you will be gulping half of it down your throat; hence you are not really eating. Smaller bite sized portions help you chew better, lets you taste the food well and creates a more overall satisfaction.

4. Eat whole fruits and vegetables instead of juices.

fruits healthy lifestyleYou get plenty of fiber when you eat the fruit whole, which helps you feel full for a longer time. You also have to chew your food for a little longer, which also contributes to feeling full. If you do have to have in liquid form, do not leave out the pulp.

5. Engage in physical activity of any kind to make your body active, flexible and free of injury

Even picking up your clothes and dumping in your laundry hamper is stretch and bend activity. Similarly carrying your own dish to the sink and rinsing off is walking and using your arms. If others do for you, then your health benefit is transferred to them. Warm-up, Stretch, Exercise, Cool-down at least 4-5 times a week. If you don’t have time to exercise, then accept that you are living unhealthy lifestyle, Hence sooner or later the consequences are going to be there as well.

6. Keep hydrated! Drink Water!!!!!

drink water healthy lifestyle
Your body needs water to sustain itself. All functions of the body can be done efficiently, if you are well-hydrated. If you drink less water, Toxins do not get flushed out of  body easily, so you end up feeling sluggish, tired, lazy and thirsty if you go without water for a long time. In order to avoid that, keep water near you at all time, sip it as necessary.

7. Indulge in temptations once in a while, but don’t go over-board

Most comfort foods are laden with high calories due to simple sugars, high-fats and simple carbohydrates. (Maida or all-purpose flour). You may feel good when eating them, but your body is going to store most of them as fats. High Calorie Comfort foods make you feel like resting, sleeping, spend the day like lazy person, and all that extra-available calories are going to go to your trouble spots.

8. Strength-training is very important, do it 2 to 3 times a week.

Why?weighing scale healthy lifestyle
It protects the bone density and makes them strong.
It helps builds more muscles and maintains your already existent muscles.
It tones your body, reducing flabby appearance
It makes you stronger, more energetic and physical activity-prone.
It makes you fit and heart-healthy.

9. Know your food and its caloric measurement

At the end of the day, calories do count. If you are eating more then you should be, then for most of us, it’s going to result in weight-gain. (Unless you are blessed with super high metabolism). Know your caloric requirement and follow it properly, it will soon become a habit.

10. Make weighing-scale your friend.

Monitoring your weight every day or every week, keeps your weight in check. Allow for fluctuations, as that’s going to happen, don’t fret over it. Reduce the weight gain once it crosses five pound threshold.

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  2. wow nia :yes:
    but im really confused on indian food calorie chart
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    1. I came to know few days back that 1 cup flour contains abt 500 calories….that is chapati flour….some can make 4-5 Rotis out of that, some can make 6-7 small Rotis (This is my guess)…..so calories can change a whole lot if you take in terms of 1 Roti….so its very hard to generalize calorie count in Indian foods. The best way is to just breakdown what you add to curry or daal and divide it by no. of servings it provides. I am sure for most of the ingredients like lentils, rajma, vegetables, oil, ghee…you can find calorie counts on. I hope this helps.

  3. I follow some points of this list..have breakfast….chew my food 28 times before taking in…I keep dry fruits handy, to have after every 3-4 hours…I drink 2 litres of water..I know I should drink more!! ..Not strength training, but I do half an hour of yoga morning and then half hour meditation in evening! :)) …Still need to make weighing scale my friend!! 😛

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