History of Makeup- Killer Looks Through the Ages

Makeup must have been discovered by a married woman. After she had got her man, she wouldmakeup in painting have wanted to keep him to herself, probably prevent him from paying attention to the young filly living next door. Makeup would have been her saviour; those painted lips, those bewitching colors around the eyes. But as she must have started getting attention of more than one man, other women must have caught on to her tricks fast. Pretty soon, the whole colony must have been mushrooming with red-pout women with kohl-lined eyes.

Or it must have been discovered by an artist, trying to make the women he painted look more exquisite, beautiful and mysterious. Perhaps he painted many other contours of her women first before settling onto the lips and the eyes. Maybe he was trying to give the corny sexual connotation to red lips as all other men during the ages have. Whatever it was, he must have become successful because the paintings reached the eyes of the women. And unknowingly, the painter set a new fad amongst women; a fad that was going to spread like wild fire and survive the wrath of courts. What? Didn’t you know? Makeup was once declared illegal- the court declared that any women with makeup could be tried for witcraft. Men are always intimidated by women’s looks, so they take refuge in religion or law to suppress them.

Anyhow, why should we care? Lipsticks are a thriving trade now and even God would have to work hard to chase away women from MAC showrooms. But ahhh… we do need to know what were the instincts of the first women who put makeup on their faces? What did they find exciting? Deprived of the Vogue magazine or makeupandbeauty.com, they only had their primal instincts to guide them. And ladies, in case of makeup or beauty, primal instincts still work. Tall, Dark, & Handsome disgust anyone here? So what worked in makeup during the early days? Let’s do some guesswork and find out.

What is common between the two beauties you see below? These two images still hold that beauty and charm to beguile us men.

beautiful women

Most of you would get it right- it’s the fair face, the red lips and the kohled eyes. Throughout the ages, women have spent nights trying to find the perfect red for themselves or the perfect eye look or the perfect face pack. Throughout the ages? Yes, yes and yes.

The Ancient Greeks and Romans also used cosmetics. Ancient Egyptians had a wide extent of make-up utensils. One of them is kohl, which was used to outline the eyes. It is made up of lead, copper, burned almonds, soot, and other ingredients. Women in the ancient Indus Valley Civilization applied lipstick to their lips for face decoration. Ancient Egyptians extracted purplish-red dye from fucus-algin, 0.01% iodine, and some bromine mannite, which resulted in serious illness. Cleopatra had her lipstick made from crushed carmine beetles, which gave a deep red pigment, and ants for a base. Lipsticks with shimmering effects were initially made using a substance found in fish scales called pearlescence. In Japan, geisha wore lipstick made of crushed safflower petals to paint the eyebrows and edges of the eyes as well as the lips, and sticks of bintsuke wax, a softer version of the sumo wrestlers’ hair wax, were used by geisha as a makeup base.

rati beauty ad

“Hmmm… so what’s new?” you might be tempted to ask. Nothing much, I admit, but when you nonchalantly comment that ‘I am not into red lippies’ or that ‘I am scared to try on the red,’ you are defying centuries of natural instincts of our species. So either you find your perfect red or be left out. But work hard at your perfect eyelook and get noticed. Make Your choice. In the end, good looks shouldn’t only belong to stars. 🙂

makeup through the ages

And the rewards? What else, you get to keep your man… jealous by all the looks you get. Isn’t that enough? 😎 Well, more than that you would have a look that you can wear on all occassions without thinking much, draw stares and envious looks, and have a ball.


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    1. hahahhaa.. perfect reply Rati..!!!
      Now that he himself has written this post he wont let you defy centuries of natural instincts of our species..!!!!!!!

      One thing I would really like to see your husbands name under his post the next time. Dont know how to address him.
      But really he has done it once again. Awesome post by a awesome husband. Keep them coming Mr. !!

        1. Oh my you two had to go thru alot it seems. but then doesnt the hardships make love sweeter and deeper. You two look grt together.
          And by the comment at the TG site, i just realized how much you two are being loved by your readers. You are truly one blessed couple. I hope the love and blessings just keep showering on you both always. GOD BLESS 🙂
          And from now onwards even if Mr. Sanjeev doesnt addds his name, its not a problem with me. I know how to address him…lol..!!!

          1. I think we came even closer during that one year of struggle. 🙂

            We have got a lot of love from that website and it was tg.com that kept me sane and alive all that year. Thank you so very much, Priyanka. 🙂

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              1. You are lucky you have such a boyfriend. I pray that you guys be together all your life. I have seen tough time myself so I can totally relate to what you are saying. I was very proud of your bf when you used to tell me stuff about him. It is commendable.

                Always be with him , Priyanka. Never ever forget that he was with you during your toughest time.

                God bless you both. :hugright:

  1. 🙂 :laugh: really enjoyed this one. Your “man” has a great sense of humour and I can imagine how you get teased when you try your MAC products. There is so much information regarding how certain things were prepared, it really startled me how these people living 2000 to 3000 years ahead of us were knowledgable.

  2. Lovely..

    Rati : Your hubby’s posts definitely help to lighten the mood in M&B :-))

    Mr M&B : Now you are caught and would need to oblige to Rati’s Viva Glam allowance 😉

    All readers of M& B are witness to her plea.. LOL
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    1. I know Poornima, I also feel enjoy when he writes these teaser posts. 😛 I am def getting that lipstick now. He was rolling his eyes a few days back when I was telling him that I have found my perfect red. After this post, he is not left with any choice.:D

  3. Juhi,….you can get everything related to makeup in Kathiwar Stores, Parklane, Secunderabad. Makeup brushes and many other accesories are available there.

  4. Hey Rati, why don’t you post your hubby’s and your pic here….would really like to know the generous husband who buys his wife Viva Glam without any qualms…… 😉

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    1. Yes, we had a good one year fight but it all ended well. My parents agreed and I had a love-arrange marriage. 🙂 Now they love him a lot. *touchwood*. 🙂

  6. Rati..you two make a great couple! Now I have forgotten what I wanted to say about this post afetr seeing the picture….

  7. Hey Rati…………….You guys make a lovely couple!!!!!!

    I can imagine how awful that 1 year would have been….but alls well that ends well!!!!!!

  8. Geee,, You two look adorable !!
    total MFEO 😉
    and Rati , I know you will rock in that Viva glam lippie , you have the attitude,looks and the panache to carry it . I am certain after seeing you in that Red Hot lippie , Mr Rati will fall in love with you , all over again 😉

    1. Thank you, Palak. 🙂 I am a little scared of carrying the red lippy. i think, it’s just a little mental block that I have to get over with. Keeping my fingers crossed. :fingersxd:

      Mr Rati.he he he. I hope so. 😛

  9. Omg it’s hard to believe that this article was written by a man! 😀 . I enjoyed reading it.
    Rati keep those demands rolling hehe


  10. hieee…thats a great article by sanjeev bhayya!! and RATI di and Sanjeev bhayya…u look wonderful in the pic!!!!

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