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Of late I have noticed that I am having a puffiness just below my lower lash line,and also some fine lines(am not even 25 !!) which becomes prominent when I smile. i think what i am having is under eye bags.Totally hate them.Please suggest a product/home remedies to take care of this .if i try to do a smoky eye look.. i look horrible. :((


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        1. yeah somreeta.. very nice dp :yes: :yes:

          i my case that loccitane eye roll on has worked. you can use ice packs regularly or the back of cold spoons every morning.

  1. ya the tips from Era are really good. you can also use these eye masks that you get in the store. they are filled with some gel type subtance. if you dont have much time, keep them in the freezer for abt an hr or so and then keep them on your eyes.

  2. :thanks: for all your suggestions will keep in mind :worship: :worship: :)) …. any particular product you recommend girls?

  3. Try using a under eye cream – I suggest either Kaya or Blossom Kocchar under eye creams both work beautifully. I prefer the latter though & its reasonable too

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