Homemade Soothing Face Mask for Oily Skin in Summers

The summer season is officially here. It’s time to bid goodbye to warm clothes and heavy moisturizers. It’s the season of cucumbers, mangoes and ice creams! But summers spell doom for oily-skinned ladies like me. I dread summer as they bring oily, clogged skin, acne, blackheads and sunburns. My skin feels itchy and inflamed throughout and everything is so ‘chipchipa’. I randomly made this face mask and it worked wonders for me. It’s made from easily available ingredients and can instantly show results. Now, quickly go through this DIY recipe and try it out ASAP.

Soothing Face Mask for Oily Skin in Summers

Ingredients Needed:

The ingredients are measured for 1 time application on face.

  • Bentonite Clay: I am using 1 tablespoon of Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. You can also use multani mitti or kaolin clay. This will serve as the base ingredient.
  • Rose petals: 1 small rose
  • Neem leaves: 7-8 leaves
  • Mint leaves: 7-8 leaves.
  • Yoghurt: 1 tablespoon of curd/yoghurt. It’s best if you use chilled yoghurt for added benefits.
  • Tea Tree Oil (Optional): A few drops of tea tree oil.

Homemade face pack for summers

How To Prepare and Use:

  • Make a paste of the rose petals, mint leaves, neem leaves and the yoghurt. It should be of a smooth texture. If needed, add a little water. You will find tiny bits of the leaves and petals in the paste.
  • Mix this paste with the bentonite clay. Add water to get the desired consistency.
  • Add a few drops of tea tree oil for added benefits.
  • Wash your face with a deep cleaning face wash. Exfoliate if needed.
  • Apply this mask using a brush. Avoid eyes and lips.
  • Ingredients for homemade face pack

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  • Leave it on for 10-15 minutes.
  • Wash off in gentle circular motions.
  • Pat dry and apply a toner/astringent.
  • Moisturize with a lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturizer.

How Frequently can you use Homemade Soothing Face Mask for Oily Skin in Summers:

  • Use it twice or thrice a week in summers to get rid of oil, grime and reduce pimples and excess sebum. I have very oily, acne-prone skin and I use it three times a week. If you have normal skin, you can use it once a week.

Face mask

Benefits of Homemade Soothing Face Mask for Oily Skin in Summers:

  • All the ingredients in this mask possess anti-inflammatory properties and help in treating redness, itchiness and rashes. It gently cleans and exfoliates the skin while treating it with the most potent ingredients. The natural ingredients create a soothing elixir for your troubled skin and together can banish all the summer woes of oily, sensitive skin.
  • Bentonite Clay: Bentonite clay is a powerhouse that deeply cleanses your skin, flushes toxins and pulls out dirt, oils and makeup from your skin. Not just this, it is proven to be miraculous in shrinking pores and tightening and toning skin.
  • Rose petals: The natural oils found in roses help lock moisture into the skin, making skin soft and supple. Rose is especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin because the sugars in its petals create a soothing feeling and help in treating sunburns, acne, dermatitis and eczema. It maintains the pH balance and gives nourished skin.
  • Neem leaves: Neem is one of nature’s magic cures for skin problems. From healing to hydrating, neem leaves help in oil and acne control, fade blemishes, smoothen skin texture and give you spotless complexion.
  • Mint leaves: Mint is rich in salicylic acid used in the treatment of chronic and persistent acne. It helps in detoxifying the skin and deep cleans the pores.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Tea Tree oil is a potent antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anti-fungal agent. It can calm redness, swelling, and inflammation and even helps to prevent and reduce acne scars, leaving you with smooth, clear skin.


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