How To Do Coffin Shaped Nails

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There are different nail shapes to choose from and coffin nail shape is one of the trendiest and stylish way of shaping your nails. This is a universally flattering nail shape and is extremely stylish too. Another reason why many people pick coffin shaped nails is that it is easier to maintain. Generally, long nails start breaking off from their tip. After a point of time, they become too fragile and thus, break easily. Thus, coffin-shaped nails are flat at the top and easy to use. These are also known as ballerina nails. And they look equally flattering on any finger type. This is also the perfect nail shape to create an illusion of slim fingers if you have fatty fingers. So, let’s look at the detailed guide on how to do coffin shaped nails.

How To Do Coffin Shaped Nails

Step 1:

Relaxation of hands

Clean your nails and prep them for the filing.

Step 2:

You can also wet your nails. This will make the filing process easier, faster and less painful.

Step 3:

Start filing and file by the sides more. You can sharpen the sides by slanting them fully.

Step 4:

Now, when you are done with the sides, file the top portion gradually.

Step 5:

Long beautiful red nails

Keep filing the top portion but make sure that they are completely flat and the top should be a bit more in the height than the sides. Overall, the shape should resemble a coffin.

Coffin shaped nails look extremely professional and stylish. They are very trendy and perfect for corporate girls who like to keep stylish nails.

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