How to Do Facial At Home with Kitchen Ingredients

We load our skin with all sorts of beauty and makeup products and therefore, it becomes very important to let the skin breathe, occasionally. My weekends pass in pampering my skin with facials and other hair and skin treatments. Ideal pampering is getting the facials done at salon, just relaxing and letting your skin feel all the heavens. Nevertheless, getting your facials done at parlour every time can also dig a big hole in your pocket. So, many times I do facials at home, altering between the kits and products. Once in a while, I go all natural with ingredients from my kitchen cabinet. Here I am sharing with you all what I did at one of the weekend and how amazingly it worked!

Kitchen Ingredients

All the ingredients I used during the whole process are shown below. These are basic ingredients lying idle most of the time in our kitchen. You may switch these with many possibilities from your cabinet as per what suits you most. Whenever we are using natural ingredients, it is better to have stuff grown and processed in organic way. Because there is no significance in using natural produce which are laden with chemicals.

How to Do Facial At Home with Kitchen Ingredients2

So let’s get started! Play your favourite relaxing melody in background. This spontaneously buzzes my mood for feeling more peaceful. Tie your hair at the back and use a hair band to prevent your hair from falling on your face. Start with clean hands and face. Remove any makeup using makeup remover.


You Need:
1 tbsp of ripe tomato’s paste
1 tbsp of fresh milk
½ tsp of lemon juice
1 tsp of rice flour

How to Do Facial At Home with Kitchen Ingredients3

1. Mix all of the ingredients together.
2. Apply on your face. You may use a slice of tomato to apply the paste on your face too.
3. Gently massage the paste.
4. Leave it for a min and rinse off with warm water. This paste leaves the skin squeaky clean and you will also notice little brightness in your skin.


Next we move to exfoliation part. Chuck out any dead skin using this awesome scrub.

You Need:
Ground Coffee
Olive Oil
Warm Water

How to Do Facial At Home with Kitchen Ingredients4

1. Take two portion of ground coffee with one portion of sugar and half portion of olive oil.
2. Mix the ingredients well by adding few drops of warm water.
3. Lightly massage the scrub all over your face using finger tips for few minutes.
4. Wash off your face with warm water.


Steam your face either using a facial steamer or boiling some water on gas stove. Steaming helps in opening the pores.

You Need:
Green tea
Steamer or vessel

How to Do Facial At Home with Kitchen Ingredients5

1. Add few green tea leaves to boiling water or in the steamer.
2. Keep your face at a safe distance while taking steam to avoid any tingles.
3. Cover your face using a hot towel instead of direct steaming.

Face Mask

Since your pores are open, the next step is to apply a face mask. You may use following ingredients for making a quick face mask. This is the yummiest pack I have ever used.

You Need:
1 tsp cocoa powder,
1 tsp cup honey,
1 tbsp fresh malai
2 tsp oats.

How to Do Facial At Home with Kitchen Ingredients6

1. Mix all the above ingredients.
2. Apply all over your face.
3. Leave it for 15 minutes and rinse your face with cold water.

Toning and Moisturising

You Need:
Green tea water
Olive oil
Aloe vera gel
Cotton pads

1. Use the strained green tea water for toning the skin by applying it using a cotton pad.
2. Take few drops of olive oil mixed with aloe vera gel and apply all over the face.
3. Now, gently massage the face for 5-10 minutes using circular movements.
4. Let the oil and gel get soaked into your skin to keep it moisturised.

Lip Exfoliation

You Need:
Baby toothbrush

1. Gently brush your lips using a baby toothbrush to remove any dead skin.
2. Apply ghee on your lips. You may also apply some ghee on your navel area for dry lips.

And, we are done! Your skin will be so grateful for this.

Be beautiful!

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