How To Freshen Up After A Heavy Workout

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A morning workout can get your mood and energy in great shape for the day. But, if you need to get to work, college or school after that morning workout, then you may find yourself rushing out, feeling like a hot mess. So, hide the evidence of your day’s sweaty start with these expert tips.

How To Freshen Up After Heavy Workout

Set Up Your Gym Bag:

How To Freshen Up After Heavy Workout 2

Keep the few essential things in your gym bag and try to keep all the things in travel size as it is more convenient to carry. Those essential things are extra lingerie, fresh clothes, towels (face and body), deodorizer, baby powder, dry Shampoo, face wash, wet wipes, pocket dryer, face freshener or facial mist or rose water spray, tissue papers, perfumes, a pair of footwear, makeup essentials (BB cream, moisturizer, combs, kajal, lipstick, mascara, etc)

Wiping The Sweat:

How To Freshen Up After Heavy Workout 3

The best thing you can have is a shower. But, if it is not possible, then you can wipe off the sweat with a towel and follow up with wet wipes from your face, chest, stomach to your legs. It will kill the sticky, sweaty feeling and make you feel fresh. But, do wash your face at least.

Curb Odour:

After wiping the sweat, sprinkle some baby powder on your body as well as feet, as it is a great way to get rid of post gym sweat and odor. As a moisture absorbent, the baby powder absorbs excess sweat in shoes, under arms or on feet and leaves you smelling fresh.

Change Your Clothes From Inside Out:

Even if you do not have time for a shower, there is no excuse to wear sweaty gym clothes, post gym. Change into fresh clothes and undergarments. Changing your lingerie and clothes are very important because the odour it gives is not good and also sweaty clothes can also leads to bacterial and fungal infections. Do not forget to use deodorizer, when you change your socks. It will kill bacteria and keep your feet smelling fresh.


How To Freshen Up After Heavy Workout 4

Before starting your makeup, just spray some facial mist. It would brighten up your face and makes you look fresh. Then apply your makeup, but if you do not wish for heavy makeup, then go for a simple look with BB cream, kajal, moisturizer and mascara.

Freshen Up Your Hair:

How To Freshen Up After Heavy Workout 5

After a heavy workout, the hair get greasy, which does not look presentable at least in offices or colleges. So, after you are done with the body and makeup it is time for hair. Dry your hair with a pocket dryer. Then, sprinkle some dry shampoo or baby powder. Do not overdo it, because otherwise you may end up with grey hair. Style your hair with braids, buns, ponytails, etc.


Lastly, use a perfume to smell nice and fresh.

So, these were some simple tricks. Do try them because you would love them 🙂

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  1. Lovely and most importantly, very practical tips Shreya. Thankfully, I go to the gym in the night and always have the time to take a shower. I liked the idea of using a face mist, I use a rose water everyday after workout.

  2. A facial mist is something that I carried to the gym to freshen up. I miss going to the gym so much reading these workout posts 🙁

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