How To Give Your Tresses Beauty Sleep For Gorgeous Hair

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I’ve been having such a hectic month. Campus placements are going on and it is just super tiring. I went to the last round of one company but only to get rejected at 2:45 AM *sob sob*. I just thought writing would lift my mood a little. So, here I’m to tell you what to do for your hair’s beauty sleep. We all know beauty sleep for our skin and face, but hair beauty sleep is not used that often.

Frizz Free Hair

1. Use a silk pillowcase:

Cotton or other material pillowcases can cause tangles and may cause hair breakage. When sleeping on a silk pillow, the hair slips on the surface and it doesn’t cause tangling and therefore no hair breakage. This will also prevent hair split.

2. Hairstyle for sleeping:

It’s been a long time debate how should you keep your hair while you sleep. Some say keep it open, some say lightly tie it in a ponytail.  The correct answer to this is- tie your hair in a loose bun; this keeps the ends safe from tangling and it can give you beautiful bed head in the morning and who doesn’t love that? Make sure the scrunchie doesn’t pull your hair.

How To Give Your Tresses Beauty Sleep For Gorgeous Hair sleep

3. Don’t sleep with wet hair:

I don’t know but this leaves me with really good hair texture in the morning. However, I feel it damages your hair. So dry your hair well before you go to sleep. If you like air drying, then shower earlier or choose an earlier time in the day to shower.

4. Bouncy hair:

If you want beachy bouncy waves, braid your hair and sleep. It’ll not only keep the hair away from your face but will also give you nice bounce. Experiment with the number of braids and sizes to get the perfect waves.

5.  Massage:

When our ancestors said massaging is healthy, we should listen. It stimulates circulation and leads to faster hair growth. You can also add oil to your massaging. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on the massages, you can do it yourself or can ask your spouse if they like doing it. It may be one of the best massages.

6. Dry ends:

If you have dry ends and don’t like applying oil entirely, apply a couple of drops on your hair ends. For piling such as this, use argan oil. The dry ends absorb the oil and give a beautiful shine to the hair without the sticky, oily feeling in the morning.

How To Give Your Tresses Beauty Sleep For Gorgeous Hair beautiful hair

7. Coconut oil treatment:

Your hair needs nourishment too. Once a week, take a generous amount of coconut oil and apply it from the roots to the ends. Massage it a little and tie your hair in a top knot. Cover your pillow with an old cloth as it might stain your pillowcase. Rinse it 2-3 times in the morning with shampoo to get the oil out.

8. Dry shampoo:

Most people grab the bottle of dry shampoo when they’re running out of time in the morning. You can instead spray a generous amount of dry shampoo at night on your locks to give it a more natural look. It also adds volume to your hair and no grease.

9. Bye-bye frizz:

Get rid of frizz by spraying a small amount of leave-in conditioner at night to dampen the hair and then twist it and tie it in a loose bun. In the morning, just shake your hair and you’ll be left with beautiful frizz-free hair.

10. Brush your hair:

You don’t have to spend 15-20 minutes brushing your hair. Just comb through it once to remove all the knots. Use a wide tooth comb for this. This will improve your scalp circulation and also leave you with less knots in the morning to work with.

11. Basic changes:

This includes changing and improving your diet, sleeping more and increasing your water intake. De-stress once a week by doing something you really enjoy.

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