8 Tricks to Make Your Beauty Sleep Worthwhile

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A sound sleep is the key to healthy body, glowing skin and shining tresses. Here are some tips to make your sleep hours more effective. Tweak your sleep lifestyle a little to be rewarded with significant transformations in the way you look and feel.
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1. Tie your hair:
There is this amazing post on IMBB which tells you about ways to tie your hair when you sleep. Tucking your tresses in place will help to keep them manageable. Plus keeping them out of your face will help prevent breakouts. So either braid it or make a bun, and see how tying will prevent knots and acne.

2. Sleep on your back:
sleeping on back
Sleeping on your stomach or on your face, scrunches your facial and neck muscles, thus adding years to your look. The fine lines and wrinkles that you get, even after healthy lifestyle and regular skin care can be attributed to improper sleeping style. Hence it’s best to sleep on your back, for better posture and lesser signs of ageing.

3. Fancy pillowcases to your rescue:
Silk or satin pillowcases are better than your conventional cotton ones. They help keep your hair smoother, and prevent your skin from looking dull and mature. Investing in a satin pillowcase will undoubtedly be a beauty boon.

4. Taping your face:
face taping
It might sound weird, but it’s effective to say the least. If you’ve can notice some sleep lines happening, between your brows or elsewhere, use tape(Steri tapes or such) to pull your skin in the opposite direction from where it would typically fold in. It can help reverse the damage already done and keep those lines from getting deeper. A quick alternative to those expensive anti-ageing treatments.

5. Hydration is a must:
The extreme heat or cold makes us resort to sleeping with the AC on, which dries out skin. The key is to hydrate your skin to give it a plumped up and youthful glow. Use humidifiers to restore the moisture in the air. If you can’t, keep a glass or bowl of water in your room which will help to retain some humidity in the air.

6. Changing your pillowcase:
If you’re cleansing your face every night and aren’t going to bed with product in your hair, you can get away with changing your pillowcase once a week. But in no way use them for more than a week. Changing pillowcases after 3-4 days is best because the natural oils from your face and hair can build up on the fabric and lead to breakouts.

7. Prop up to avoid puffiness:
depuff eyes
If you tend to get puffy eyes from allergies or are prone to having ugly bags under your eyes in the morning, try sleeping with two pillows instead of just one. Doctors say that being up at that angle helps gravity work to your advantage, promoting lymphatic drainage and reducing puffiness.

8. Removing your makeup:
You must be bored of hearing it, but we can’t have enough of this essential step. Removing every iota of makeup is an absolute necessity. On days you are tired, try gentle cleansing wipes if you dread going through the entire CTM routine.

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