Overnight Beauty Treatments to Wake Up with Gorgeous Skin and Hair

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What’s going on? I know a lot of people who claim that they can’t take enough care of their skin or hair due to lack of time. These tips will surely let you achieve amazing results with lesser consumption of time. Just trying these tips before going to bed will help you wake up with gorgeous skin and hair in the morning as all of these beauty rituals will perform their magic overnight. Let’s get started!

Overnight beauty treatments

Warm Oil Treatment for Scalp and Hair

Girls, please mark the word ‘warm’, and remember you have to use warm oil not hot oil! Although this treatment is popular as hot oil treatment, but warm oil is used because obviously hot oil can harm your scalp (and your fingers during massage) leading to severe problems. A warm oil massage for scalp before sleeping is the best way to nurture hair effortlessly.

Prevent Those Split Ends


I have seen girls trying hard to get rid of split ends and usually they go for various hair packs or a haircut to remove split ends which does not let their hair grow long and strong. But, if you massage your hair (massage to the length not scalp) you can keep your hair protected, well in advance. As they say, prevention is always better than the cure!

Oil Massage for Eyes

If you are using a night cream, it’s fine. But, if you don’t then almond oil massage is a fantabulous way to deal with dark circles, fine lines and even puffy eyes. Simply massage the skin around your eyes with Almond oil gently.

Coconut Oil for Cuticles

Overnight Beauty Treatments to Wake Up with Gorgeous Skin and Hair!2

You don’t have to work hard to attain healthy nails, all you have to do is to apply coconut oil on nails and cuticles and nothing else. Clean and healthy nails don’t even require manicure frequently.

For Thick Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Choose any nourishing oil like coconut oil, olive oil or castor oil and apply it on your lashes and eyebrows before you sleep. Honestly speaking, I have tried this and have seen effects on my eyebrows. I used pure mustard oil and it showed effect within two weeks.

Tea Tree Oil to Zap Pimples

Overnight Beauty Treatments to Wake Up with Gorgeous Skin and Hair!4

Think you have tried each and every natural remedy under the sun to fade those blemishes? Wrong, if you are unaware of tea tree oil! Apply tea tree oil on your pimples at night and you will notice the difference the very next morning. Make sure, that you are using pure tea tree oil.

Hand Care

You do so many things with your hands, but do you think you take enough care of them? Exfoliate your hands with a homemade scrub at night at least once a week and apply a hand cream everyday. You can mix brown sugar and olive oil for scrubbing too. If you don’t have a hand cream, you can use olive oil on your hands to keep them moisturized.

Pamper Your Pout and Make It More Plump

There are multiple uses of almond oil. You can apply sweet almond oil on lips before going to bed. Or simply apply milk cream on lips and see the noticeable results after doing this on a regular basis.

Foot Massage for Beautiful Feet

Our feet get the least amount of attention. But, they should be massaged with warm olive oil or a nice moisturizer every single day, and in this case, night. After massage, you can cover feet by light cotton socks to lock moisture in.

Before signing off, I would like to mention that you need to be patient while trying these out because natural, homemade treatments do take time. But, the results will be definitely astonishing!

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  1. I need to take more and better care of my feet, but I just can’t sleep with my socks on no matter how cold it is.

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