How To Hide Big Ears

How To Hide Big Ears

Big ears can be an issue and a cause of worry for many.  There’s no need for surgical help when the hair styling industry offers so many options to camouflage our flaws.  You can either choose to hide or disguise.


To hide is simple, grow your hair long and avoid wearing your hair up or tucking behind it your ears.  Choosing the best haircut is the key to feel confident about your look.  If you can’t decide on a haircut, layers is the answer, ladies. Curling can also be a method to make the ears hard to spot.  Remember there’s no need to look like a doll to look gorgeous. Keep the hairdo neat and natural. You need to find out more on the hairdos that were designed to hide big ears.

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You can fake fullness of your hair with a smart blow drying technique. Start drying your hair with the use of rollers that will ensure the thickness of the strands. Increase the volume of the hair leaving these on until the hair is almost dry, then shape the curls according to your preferences.

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Those who sport super sleek straight hair should use straightener to create arcs that will enhance the texture of the hair. You can even create waves with this hot tool.  Disguising takes a little more thought.

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1) Wear large earrings as this will make your ears look relatively smaller.
2) Wear interesting and statement hair accessories and bands as this will draw attention away from ears and highlight your preferred assets such as your hair.
3) Match earrings to your eye colour to draw attention towards your eyes.
4) Try wearing makeup. It makes your face and eyes more interesting and impressive, meaning people won’t think of looking at your ears.
5) Try wearing over-sized sunglasses that are slightly wider than your face to minimize ears.
6) During winters, slip on ear warmers or a fleece headband or even beanie hats.

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7) Hats are great and stylish way to disguise your perfect imperfection.

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8) And last but not the least, put on a BIG smile and be confident to take focus away from your ears. A positive attitude about your ears can dramatically shift your sense of self.

Celebrities as Kate Hudson and Jennifer Garner are some of the prominent figures who also share your worries.

Hope I could be of help. Stay beautiful and be fearless.

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