How To Make Vitamin C Serum At Home

Greeting to all you beautiful girls out there! This is my first contribution to IMBB and I truly hope that all of you enjoy reading it. Each one of us is beautiful inside and beautiful skin is achievable. A disciplined lifestyle, regular workout and drinking plenty of water is the secret to life long healthy and glowing skin. You only need the patience and determination to make it work for you.

I have been blessed with clean and healthy skin even though I was the darkest of my two very pretty sisters. But, on the whole I had no real complaint, which is until now. In the last six months, I got a taste of almost all kinds of skin issues like skin rashes, acne, blemishes, large pores, dark patches and uneven skin tone. My face turned into a battleground where the only one getting beaten was me!

how to make vitamin C serum

What did I do? Well I guess the right question would be… What didn’t I do? Everything under the sun…. From Olay to Garnier to L’Oreal to The Body Shop. And makeup to hide their after effects! And I thought, well it was good while it lasted. But my search for that perfect magic potion continued. While going for a month long break, I packed all my so called magic bottles and decided to rely on the home made ubtans for a while. That’s when I read somewhere that I could make my own Vitamin C serum for practically no cost.

For those of you who don’t know, Vitamin C, when applied topically, is an excellent anti- oxidant and helps in the production of collagen which gives you flawless skin and also keeps wrinkles at bay. Vitamin C and E, when used regularly, can help reduce the damage caused by the harmful UV rays.

Now the tricky part, l-ascorbic acid (the scientific name for pure vitamin c) is not a very stable compound and oxidises very quickly when it comes in contact with air and sunlight. So, in all probability, even before you buy your vitamin c product from the market shelf, it is good for nothing. Rather, it works the other way round by actually working as an oxidant, instead of working as an anti-oxidant. Now I have not even begun to discuss all the money you have spent on your precious product. One way to find if the product you are using is any good is to check for the colour. Yellow tint indicates oxidation. But since most brands add fragrance and colour to their product, this is not a very reliable method to check for oxidation.

Also, for vitamin c to work for you there must be a minimum of 5% vitamin c in whatever formulation you are using. Most brands do not specify the percentage of vitamin c used in their formulations, so even if what you have purchased is fresh, you cannot be sure, if it will work for you. It may not be potent enough to be effective on your skin. Ever wondered why those high end, highly advertised products don’t work in spite of having all the right ingredients? Simple answer: not potent enough.

So we will mix something up at home, that is both fresh and potent. Yes, your very own vitamin C serum. We will make a very small batch which will last you not more than a week and it will be free of all fillers and unnecessary stuff. Remember to use it only at night first. Once your skin gets used to it, you could begin using it during the day as well but be sure to follow it up with a good sunscreen since vitamin c makes your skin photosensitive. I personally prefer to use it only at night.

We will make our first batch with 5% potency. You could move it up to 10% once your skin has adapted. However, the maximum prescribed dosage is 20% so ensure that you never ever exceed this limit.
Here is the list of all that we will need:

Pure vitamin c powder (l-ascorbic acid) 1/4 tsp
Distilled water (or rose water). 2 tsp
Glycerine. 1 tsp
Vitamin E gel capsule 1 capsule
An empty glass bottle to store your serum (you could clean and use an old paediatric medicine bottle)

Being an Indian and living in Delhi, I know it is practically impossible to get pure vitamin c in powder form. Although there are some online stores that do supply this powder at a very reasonable price, I personally wanted to be sure that this actually works. So even though a lot of sites prescribe against it, I made my first batch using 2 vitamin c tablets (I used CELIN by Glaxo Smith Kline) instead of the 1/4 tsp crystallized powder. The logic I used was, if it is good to eat, then surely it won’t harm your skin. I now intend to order my supply of pure L-ascorbic acid powder and get the benefits of the serum without the fillers that may be there in the tablet.




Step 1: Dissolve the vitamin c powder in the distilled water completely. Just drop the two tablets into the bottle and add distilled water to it. Shake the bottle until the tablets dissolve completely. This way no contamination will take place by multiple handling of products.
Step 2: Add the glycerine to the mix obtained in step 1.
Step 3: Puncture and add the contents of 1 Vitamin E gel capsule. This will help keep your serum stable and add the benefits of vitamin E oil.
Step 4: Store this concoction in a cool and dark place….and voila!

There you have your very own vitamin c serum at 5% potency. Remember to use it within a week’s time and make a fresh batch once a week.


Application: After cleansing your face, apply a small quantity of your Vitamin C serum at bed time. Follow it up with your favourite moisturiser. Leave it on overnight.

A word of caution: Sensitive skin beauties may feel slight tingling sensation initially. If this happens, you may want to start using it on alternate nights for the first few weeks until your skin adapts to it.

I am a living proof that this works. What all those big brands could not do in six months, this little magic potion delivered in two weeks. My skin is on its way to becoming totally clear. The acne has gone the marks and blemishes lighter to a great extent, the pores appear smaller and the skin looks radiant and healthy. I will continue with this and increase the potency to 4 tablets slowly. I will share my experience and would love to hear yours.

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286 thoughts on “How To Make Vitamin C Serum At Home

  1. Welcome to IMBB Ekta. this sounds so awesome and I lernt so much about Vitamin C. In all probability i guess I would avoid buying Vit c stuff from marker from now on. I raely want to try the serum. Let’s see when I get time. Thank you so much for sharing this. 🙂

  2. awesome post ekta….. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
    welcome to IMBB 🙂
    m definitely going to di this too…
    thnku so much for sharing it with us :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

  3. Thank you Rati for welcoming me to the IMBB family:-). I hope this works for you as well….
    Thanks for all your encouraging words Parita, Nupur, Shreya and Neha… Do try the serum… It’s far better than what you get from any big brand….

  4. Welcome to IMBB Ekta! 🙂
    This sounds really easy and no doubt will be highly effective. I will try this once I get hold of some Vit C powder! Thank you!!! :toothygrin:

  5. wow!! this is awesome! I am currently suffering from acne and have a perpetual problem of open pores. :thanks: :waytogo: The water that you used has to be distilled? Can we use normal tap water?

  6. Thankyou Shaili, Samantha …. This really is very easy and effective… But be sure to discard whatever remains after one week. The whole point is what we use is fresh.
    Anveshi, use rose water…that’s really distilled. Never use tap water. Good luck with your acne and pores… I hope this is of help

  7. Thank you Praseena , Nidhi….. I could not find the vit c powder and thus used the tablets. Just don’t use the chewable ones since they have flavours to enhance the taste. Plain tablets should work just fine….

  8. great post Ekta…very descriptive :puchhi: … in fact m always in greed of such natural ways to treat my acne :woot: i will definately make this serum :thanks:

  9. God I have all these at home! I’m making em tonight and my troubled skin needs this mix for sure!! Thank you soo much Ekta!! :thumbsup: :yahoo: And welsome from my side too!! :shying:

  10. Thanks Shreya… Yes it is very good for all kinds of marks and uneven skin tone. I read someplace that lemon juice is very potent source of vitamin c so that could mean that a quarter teaspoon of juice may have more ascorbic acid than a quarter teaspoon of crystallized powder. But you could try it. Just wash it off if it bothers you. Then add some more glycerin and rose water to dilute the potency. I always feel.. As long as it is all natural, it can’t do any irreversible damage! Good luck!

  11. Thanks so much Sukanya, Keirti , Bhumika 🙂 it really feels great to receive so much love and encouragement !

  12. Hey very nice article. Knew that Vit C= great skin but didn’t know how to apply.
    I guess thats why fruit facials are so popular. they are powerhouses for vitamin c.

  13. I got all the things from the mkt, will prepare this serum tomorrow :)) thanks for the post ekta, i hope this works for my acne too :methinks:

  14. Awesome article@ :)) want to try this, should this be kept refrigerated and where do we get the Vitamin E capsule

  15. Thanks a tonne Ekta. I am so fond of this serum will try it tonight for sure. My skin is also facing the same problem as yours. Though I was blessd with clear skin of late it has become very acne prone. And none of the synthetic products in the market suit me!

    I regularly apply neem pack and aloe vera pack! Was not aware of vitamin C though.

    I have one doubt. I\nNstead of using tablets for vit C and E, can you suggest some natural products for it? Like for vit C we can use the dried peel of lemon or orange?

  16. Thank you Sim, Sandhya…
    Sandhya, you can continue with your ghar ke nuskhe during the day. This is kind of intensive treatment for night to give your skin the added benefit of vit c and E. Lemon and orange peel will have not have sufficient vit c. These would have to be in their pure concentrated form to give the results that you desire. Look at the brighter side… There are no additional chemicals. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Ekta! I was just querying! I am for sure going to test this today!

      I have compromised on so many things for my skin! Time for skin to make a little bit of compromise for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :zombiekiller: I will let you know the results tomorrow!

  17. Great Sandhya…. No compromise here… you know whats going there….and you get all the compliments….Good luck to you….!!! :preen:

  18. Ekta,
    You are demi god! Give me your address and i will send you roses :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: . I tried the preparation at home yesterday. :preen:

    1) My skin irritation is greatly reduced. All the red patches in my chin and nose are gone
    2) It has defenitely reduced the intensity of the black marks on my cheeks
    3) One added bonus that i got was that, by mistake i applied a little of the serum near my under eye area. :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

    Viola!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The intensity of the dark circle at the applied area is greatly reduced.

    All in all i am sure regular usage of this serum is going to get my skin back to the original clear skin that it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that at a total investment of Rs: 57!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    All thanks to oue dearest Ekta. :love: :love: :love:

  19. Yes Vid, u can add any vit e oil, but the advantage of capsule is again freshness since u just break it and add and I have seen that the quantity is just appropriate. I wouldn’t kno how how to measure it otherwise. Plus when u use the capsule it is totally clean and pure… Totally untouched by any contamination… :yes:

  20. Wow Sandhya… That really calls for a celebration. I am really happy it worked for you… O:) :yahoo: Though, I am a bit apprehensive about the under eye application, I guess u could use it like a mask there…. I mean like wash it off after a while… Not sure if it a good idea to keep it there over night….
    Keep doing this and share ur results… Also pls rate this and we’ll delay the red roses for a while :announce:

  21. woohoo ekta….gr8 post…..sounds like some magical potion…………..thanks for the post….will try this 2day itself…. :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yes: :yes: :yes: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  22. Ekta,
    THANK YOU!!!!!
    THANK YOU!!!!!
    THANK YOU!!!!!
    THANK YOU!!!!!
    For last 2 days ive been trying your mixture. But i ws scared of using colored Vit C tablet[Celin] so i used Lime juice. I made a fresh batch everyday using 1 lemon+1 Vit E tablet+ rose water+glycerine for my face,neck and hands as I got very deeply tanned from Chennai summer.
    And now I am glowing!!!!!Such quick results!
    And the plus point is, the used lemon rinds i use for massaging my scalp which has made my hair very shiny and then i boiled the rind in water along with jasmine and rose and used the water for bathing for a fresh feeling in the morning.
    So its like a total spa effect!!!!!!!!!!!
    Once again, THANK YOU!!!!!!! :aajanachle:

    1. vitamin c tablets are white in color :waiting:
      how cum u got colored one ??? celin tabs r pure white :stars:

  23. hey ekta…i started using this since yesterday only….but the effects are way too good… :thanks: …I wud also wish 2 use pure vitamin c powder(ascorbic acid)….can u suggest me wher I can get this in mumbai??? ?:)

  24. hey ekta! thats a fantastic post :waytogo: can you please tell me what exactly should i ask for vitamin e capsules? and please also let me know the name of vitamin C capsule ?:) i have oily skin and ma skin tone is wheatish.. does it help in attaining fairness? :starving:

  25. evion is the name of vit-e capsules ( green color )
    celin is the vit-c tablet by glaxo smithline ………..both of them i bght today to make the serum …me too have oily skin :waaa:
    i used it today for the first time lets see whether it suits me or not …hoping for the best :toothygrin:

  26. Shruti,

    i guess its an orange flavoured one that i got.
    so instead i used the lemon juice.
    it was a great substitute and purrrrfectlyyy natural… :pompom:
    though nt sure if it will suit all skin types!
    i would really recommend tat in place of the tablet- not sure how safe it would be to mix Vit C tablet plus Evion!

  27. thnxs devi ……..
    next week when i will make the fresh one will def.try with the lemon juice :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:
    :thanks: :thanks:

  28. Thanks girls for sharing so many success stories… :thanks: Was tied up with family and the kids so could not respond earlier. Will try to explain below:
    Vit e is a green gel capsule available by the name Evion. There may be other substitutes available at chemists.
    I have not been able to find the vit c powder in Delhi as yet and I don’t have any idea about Mumbai. But online you can find it at In tablets, I would recommend the use of plain ones vs the chewable ones since they have flavours and colors.
    If lemon juice works for you, then that’s best but I have heard that even one lemon is very potent source of vit c so there is a chance of exceeding the maximum dosage with it. It could make your skin extremely photosensitive.
    Again, thanks for sharing all your results. Feels great 🙂

  29. Nisarga, this does help in attaining glowing and clear skin which is very similar to fairness. You will get rid of all blemishes, uneven skin tone, acne scars, expanded pores. In short, a brand new skin 😉

  30. :toothygrin: Hi Ekta.Great going.I will definitely try it out.If i feel too lazy ,i’ll ask u 4 a bottle.After all what r sisters 4?

  31. Hi !!!

    So are you any further in knowing where to buy the Vit-C powder within India ? I want to try the Vitamin serum but I want to use “‘Tetra’ C (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate)” which is the more stable form of Vit C. Plus I want to add pure CoQ10 (powder) too for added effectiveness. So far I have not been lucky in my search to get these items … 🙁

    Have u tried any DIY with use of retinol for anti-aging ? Would be helpful too …. 🙂

  32. i have reaction marks on face and freckles too my doc suggested vitamin c serum but its costing 1500 for 15ml.i have post inflammatory hyper pigmention from last feb because of reaction. 😐

  33. I really dunno y i havent stumbled upon this before… vit c serum challenge.. here i come.. im gonna make it in a couple of days and work on it.. i wanna be bright n even toned before i get married this 2012… :yahoo: ekta.. :thanks: lots of kisses to u gal for sharing this amazing article.. can see from sandhya’s comment tht its gonna be terrific.. cant wait… pls post more serums lik these dear… can i use less of vit e? im oily skined and my night cream tho its super light, i get greasy.. so u think i shud go with 1 evion capsule fully??? can we try this for day time without going in sun??? pls do reply

  34. Lovelies…Am using Vit-C tablets since past year. For my freckles…dermatologists suggested Vit-C creams which are way too xpensive here in Brazil so grey matter told me to use pure matter.. :toothygrin: 3-4 days a week..early in the morning..I put 2 Vit-C tabs in glass bowl & lil water on it. Just 10 mins before bath I apply it on whole face avoiding under-eye area. At times I add honey + homemade face mask powder to this solution & after bath I get baby-soft skin & helps me in getting even skintone too.. :preen: Go for it Girls..cheapest & most effective face masks are the ones we make at home according to our skin requirements :preen:

  35. Thank you Arch, Shilpa, Surbhi…. I am glad you liked the post! Try the serum, u will not be disappointed:))
    Arch, reduce the quantity of glycerin and replace it with rose water keeping te total quantity and proportion of vit c and vit e constant. It won’t harm your oily skin. This quantity is to be used over a week so the vit e gets distributed over the period. Goo luck with your plans and may we see another glowing bride:))

  36. Hi Ekta
    Looks like a totally fab way to save money while treating your skin. Thank you I am going to make my first batch today! Do you have any ideas for wrinkles and dryness lines that have appeared in the last year since my total hysterectomy anyone. . . . . . .any suggestions gratefully receicved. . . . .i am on hrt and have tried many different shop brands. Thank you

    1. Annabel, add lots of fresh fruits and water to your routine. For the dryness, u could follow up with a rich moisturizer. Biotique morning nectar and wheatgerm cream are two very good moisturizers. Good luck and stay happy :)) :teddy:

  37. Seema, first dissolve the vit c tablets completely before adding glycerin and vit e. Shake it well before applying. This should help with hyper pigmentation but I would suggest consulting a dermo for proper treatment.

  38. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww……………..will surely do it yar…till now i have been using only lemon juice……..its a masssssssst trick

    kudos :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  39. Dear Ekta,

    I am 28 years old and i have begun to get the initial fine lines 🙁 so i decided to try your recipe, today is my first day however, I want to ask you that I do have sensitive skin , however when I applied to vitamin c serum on my face, it did not burn or tingle that much, way less than what it tingles while bleaching the face, I thought this would have been bad as my skin tingles sooo much while bleaching. does this mean that the serum is not potent enough? or it gets oxidized while i make it?
    I used Camu Powder( has the highest vitamin c content , it has 5 times greater the amount of one vitamic c tablet+ AscorbicAcid + veg glycerine+distilled water.

    Then is it abnormal for skin to not tingle? or is it ok

    Please let me know.
    thanks so much 😉

    1. Dear Vish,

      Apologies for the delayed response. I dont believe that tingling is a requirement for the serum to work. But from what i see in the formulae you used above, you have used camu powder + ascorbic acid along with glycerine and distilled water! Is that correct???
      Have you seen any difference in your skin since you started using the serum ? if yes, then it must be working. I did mention that only the sensitive skin girls will get the tingling sensation. if you are not disturbed, then you seem to be good, all the best;-))

    1. try homeopathy seema. That worked for me and i am only using all products natural. U can give this serum a try…. should not interfere with other things and anyways the concoction specified above only makes the serum with the lowest potency. good luck 😉

    1. Laxmi, you can get glycerin at any local chemist store. You may replace glycerin with rose water if you feel it may not suit your skin. Just ensure that the ratio of the serum is maintained.

  40. :yahoo: i made d serum today i hav celin vitamin c tablet n vitamin e evion tablet bth at hme just bot glycerine n made it just hoping for the best results to cum…. :haanji: :waiting:
    aftr how many days i wil c d results 😉

  41. since yesterday i am using d serum my skin z becmg soft n supple bt cant c d diff in enlarged pores.. :waaa:
    i also put cod liver oil capsule in it bcz i heard dat its gud for skin :woot:
    so i want to hav extreme results :yahoo:

    1. Great to hear that the serum worked for you:) cos lever oil sounds like a good combination. Do share your results with all of us. :announce:

      1. really yesterday i made anothr bottle of serum… 😉
        last week i went to town n my frnd touched my face n c was like to knw wat i am using on face n dn i told my reciepe to her n c wil also make it
        thnx dear really my pores r covering up i use twice a day :yahoo:
        m really impressed wd ur wrk :pompom: :balle: :clap: :happydance: :happydance: :-* :puchhi:

  42. Ekta, this is one of the best DIY beauty routines I have read so far online. However, just wanted to ask readers, is it ok to use Evion 400 capsules? I am going ahead and making one batch anyway…but if there is any better way to get Vit E, please let me know.

    Also, did you get around to using the crystallised Vit C powder or still happy with Celin?
    Thanks very much 🙂

    1. m happy wd celin tablet bcz it dissolve in water no mess
      dn m using vitamin 44 mg capsule dat green wala
      trust me it will nt brek u out for sure…
      also add cod liver oil capsule sea cod is its name its also effective it wil stink a bit due to seacod bt its effective too dis z my second lot which i made yesterday n m really thankful to her who showd me d way to make it

  43. Thanks for sharing ur results yaslegal… I am really happy for you….
    I was finally able to get vit c powder and used it to make my last batch. I dis not find it any different from our good old celin! I will now try next batch with cod lever oil!

      1. Lavanya, I think you can find it at your local pharmacy…..not the small ones, some pharmacies like medplus might stock it O:) O:)

  44. Hello Ekta, One of the best posts I have read with so many success stories 🙂
    Can guys use this as well? My bro suffers from acne so I thought of making this for him.
    Also can this be used under eye for 15 minutes and washed?

  45. Thanks Manu, yes even guys can use it. U could use it on the under eye. Just wash off after say 15-20 min. Good luck :yes:

  46. m so glad to have found this post! and the success stories have made me believe more in it.. m definitely going to try it very soon for my uneven skin tone.. hope it works.. and doesnt break me out..this is the only apprehension i have!
    Thanks Ekta :yes:

  47. Hi..

    Awsome blog…luvd d idea….n after reading all des successful cmnts i cudn’t resist to try it hands on 😀

    Luckily i got the ingridients.. :yahoo:
    hv one query…hw much time will d tablets take to dissolve?
    i added 2 tsp rose water and 1 mor later, since it ws not dissolving..after 5 mins also i cn see pieces of tablets 🙁

  48. Hey tanvi, you need to dissolve the tablets by shaking the bottle vigorously. I hope u r using the white ones…. The coloured ones have many more additives. The white ones dissolve pretty easily. Good luck and do share ur results O:)

  49. Hi Ekta,

    Today i got my first compliment from my bf….”You are looking very fair and fresh today, what hv u used?” :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: *Happy dance*

    Thanx to you for our little secret… :shying:

    Pppl gv it a try…nd lets make the compliment list here :makeup: ….

    1. Thank you Tanvi 🙂 I am so glad the serum worked for you. It’s a very effective serum and I sure hope that all IMBBians give it a try at least for two consecutive weeks. It is far better and potent than all those heavily advertised brands who mostly charge you for the parabens they add to their goods purely to increase the shelf life. I owe so much to IMBB that I want each one of u reading this post to give it a shot…. :haanji:

  50. One more question Ekta! IS it mandatory to use a moisturizer or night cream post the serum?
    I use Kumkumadi tailam as night cream. Using it on top of my serum makes it more sticky and oily i felt.
    So wanted to confirm if it’s necessary to use the night cream.
    I kept it on for 1 hour for 3 weeks(to get my skin adjusted to it) and yesterday left it overnight..Awessommee glow to my skin :woot:

    1. Manu, kumkumadi thailam is another concentrated blend of essential oil and a very potent serum in itself. Please avoid using two serums. Just use one and follow up with a light moisturizer. Some moisturizers I like are cetaphil, biotique morning nector, clean and clear… They are very light and will help in the absorption of the active ingredients of your serum.

  51. Ekta,
    I prepared the serum but i feel that the glycerine makes it a lil too sticky for me.. i hve oily skin. and i feel that i leave on the serum as it is, it’ll break me out (m too paranoid about it!) .. i dont even apply moisturizer over it… the stickiness scared me and i didnt use it regularly :waaa:
    what should i do??

    1. Ragini, just reduce the glycerin by replacing it with rose water. For eg instead of using 2 tsp of rose water, use 2.5 tsp of rose water and then instead of using 1 tsp of glycerin, use only half a tsp of it. This will ensure that the ratio of vit c in the serum stays same. Hope this helped. But u could give it a shot anyways coz it will actually help calm your skin and glycerin keeps your skin moisturized while vit c concentrate helps to regenerate your skin. Good luck 🙂

  52. yeah.. it works for me too… :happydance:
    but i’m still struggling with my pores.. can you ppl suggest some more natural remedies on this ??

  53. Hi Ekta….would it be okay to follow up this serum with kojivit cream(its a kojic acid cream),since its what I use at night….can I use the serum wait for 15-20 mins and then use kojivit….
    n also…if it is not advisable then would it b ok to go without any other moisturizer…do lemme know…n thanks in advance

    lots of love to all the imbbians….gr8 place this space….

    1. Nandita, kojivit is a very strong cream used specifically for skin lightening. If u really wish to see the serum work, just skip the kojivit for a week while u try the serum. Or u could use kojivit during day. Please do not combine them. In case kojivit is a prescription by ur dermo, then do check with your dermo before using the serum.

  54. I just read this post and i am definitely going to make this today!!! :happydance: :happydance: i have a few spots on my cheeks from acne..sigh!! so do we use this on the entire face or just the affected areas?? :/ my nose has large pores and as a result, lots of blackheads too…will be help reducing the balckheads?? waiting for your response!! and thank you sooooooo much!! 🙂 :happydance: :happydance:

  55. Ok that’s clear now…Thank you soo much….But is it mandatory to use the moisturizer after the serum? I don’t feel the need… Is there any significance of using the moisturizer? Will it harm my skin if I don’t use a moisturizer..

    1. Not applying moisturizer will not harm ur skin. But I have seen that if u do use a moisturizer on top, it kind of seals the serum in. Otherwise due to concentrated ingredients, a serum alone will kind of feel sticky…. But if u r okay, then I guess it’s fine 🙂

  56. Heyy Ekta…Thanks so much for the response…will b trying this serum once I’m back home[holidaying now:)]…gonna get my sis to do it too…shall let you in on the results once I get started***keepin my fingers crossed****

    1. Hi Seema… Not sure about laser… Just make sure u seek a good dermo to do ur procedure… I can understand ur condition… I had ugly pigmentation a year ago… Homeopathy really helped me and my pigmentation is gone by 75%… I would say give it a shot before u go for anything extreme….! All the best :yes:

  57. Hi Ekta..i have got all the above ingredients n would be preparing the serum tonight..had few questions though..i have pigmentation around my mouth area so i can use it only there? do i have to use on entire face? also is it ok to keep the serum on for 3 to 4 hours or its imp to keep it overnight? wouldnt it interfere with night cream?
    also did find L-ascorbic acid powder? if yes from where? pls give the website details..thank you!

  58. Hi Parita, you can use it on the entire face like a regular serum. It will not interfere with your night cream. Just make sure u don’t use a retinol based cream on top of this. It might not go well with vit c. Could be very strong. Just use a regular night cream. U could use it for a few hours initially and once ur skin adapts, then u can leave it overnight. Since we use it at night, it makes sense to just let it stay 🙂 I used celin tablets and they were pretty good. I got vit c powder from US but I have seen that they do have it at drugstore(dot)com. I dunno about the shipping charges but I guess they would be charging a bomb.
    Good luck with your pigmentation…

  59. Hi Ekta, I made this serum finally the day before yesterday n used it twice now. I did everything according to the steps u mentioned. The only problem was, I felt that the Vit E oil (got from breaking the capsule) was very heavy on my skin (I have combi-oliy). It also did not blend into the serum but sat on top. But it still did not break me out n am happy abt that. Any substitute u can think of for this?
    Also, it is wise to add a couple of drops of essential oil like tea tree or lavender to this serum? Will it be too strong?

    1. Ramya, vit e will not break u out. It is one of the best treats u can give ur skin. Just shake the serum well before u apply it. Good luck :))

  60. Hi Ekta, I have been using this since 1.5 months and find it the most awesom’est’ thing ever. Have also suggested to couple of my colleagues who had problematic skin and came to me for any suggestions..Thanks a lot 🙂 🙂
    Btw, I wanted to ask about this 5% and 10% potency. Now that my skin is used to 2 tabs, i recently started with 3 tabs to the same quantity of water,glycerin and stuff. So 4 tablets of CELIN with same quantity of water, glycerin is 10% potency right?
    Also is there any harm in the long run by using this serum regularly? In one of the comments I read that a doc suggested to use diluted Vit-c tabs on face before bath. So I guess there are no side effects..
    Most important thing, you have been answering to this serum related queries from almost 10 months after your article is published. That’s great of you 🙂

  61. Thanks for your kind words, Manu :)) IMBB is my best friend and so many girls like yourself have shared wonderful stuff with me! So I am happy to just be around….

  62. Hi Ekta,

    I just discovered this post searching IMBB for some vitamin E related posts… reading the comments, it’s
    wonderful to see so many to have tried your formula and received happy results 🙂
    Great that you shared such a simple and cost effective method for glowing skin!

    If you can share, I just wanted to know any brand names u would suggest for vitamin C powder
    available on ..also, have u used any vitamin E capsule apart from evion ?

    1. Hi Paddy,

      I have used C-1000 powder from The Vitamin Shoppe. I got it from New York when I went there. I don’t know which brand from drugstore… Never tried it. Apart from evil, I used E-cod capsules. They were pretty decent. Good luck with the serum….

  63. Hi, I’ve been using the Vitamin -C serum that is available in the market on my husbands face as he developed dark patches on his skin. It has helped somewhat but your serum sounds safe. will definitely try it. One question- what strength of Vitamin -E capsule to use, the 200 usp or the 400 usp? I have earlier used usp 400 on my face with very positive results. Thanks for sharing.

  64. Can anyone tell me how to apply this serum on face??…i mean with cotton balls or with our plain hands just like applying like the moisturiser??…pls do reply someone….

  65. u can apply it with your hands like a moisturiser preethishree.and dont forget to follow it up with a moisturiser to seal all the goodness in! 🙂

    bdw I have been using this for 3 weeks and the results are simply amazing.I have been suffering from acne and it’s aftereffects(stubborn marks) which wont go no matter what i try.And i hated it when everyone i met decided to make it their duty to bombard me with suggestions.For some strange reason nothing worked on a permanent basis and everything i tried gave rise to some new problems on my face.Just like you described my face was a battleground!!!Now almost 80%of the marks have faded,it has removed blemishes and all other imperfections from my face. I’m TOTALLY IN LOVE with this serum.It’s a magical product.Now everyone i met is wondering what kind of treatment i did that my face is so glowing glowing in less than 3 weeks!:-):-):-).thanks Ekta for sharing this wonderful idea.:-)

  66. Hey thank you so much KRISHTI for replying me…:) ..its really tempting me to use this serum after reading so much positive feedback from all you beauties…definetely i am gonna try this for sure…thank you so much EKTA and KRISHTI…:) By the way what moituriser are you using Krishti??…:) 🙂

  67. Thanks Krishti for replying on my behalf. I am glad that the serum works for you. Do try the serum preethishri, I am sure you will like it….. :))

  68. can you confirm about the potency part:) somebody…now i use 4 tabs after using 2 for over a month….4 tabs and SAME quantity of rose water,glycerin and all that is 10% right?

  69. Please correct me if I’m wrong but L-ascorbic Acid is Not the scientific name for “Pure Vit C”. It is actually the scientific name for a chemical compound labeled as Vit C but is actually synthetic Vit C. Pure Vit c can be found in berries such as camu and are made into camu camu powder which can be used in this recipe instead of the harmful unpure chemical L-ascorbic Acid.

  70. I have been trying this for 2 weeks now. And I totally love it. I use half the quantity of glycerine and wash it off after 3.5 to 4 hours (can’t sleep with my face feeling so heavy with glycerine and vitamin e) and I just love to see my face in the mirror. Thanks Ekta :).
    I have stubborn acne mark on my back and also active acne. You recommend its usage on the back? Will it help with the acne marks?

    Thanks again Ekta ….. the serum is a miracle. 🙂

  71. well said NIHARIKA….Its doing miracle and i am too started using for a week and i can feel the difference and my skin is started glowing 🙂 …Thank you so much EKTA for suggesting this wonderful serum to us. 🙂

  72. I think it works on other marks too. I dont like throwing away so much of the serum at the end of the week so I use some on my ankles,knees and some ugly marks i have on my arms and shoulders too and it works really well on them. I too didn’t like sleeping with such a heavy serum on my face but then my face had so many problems that i decided to bear with it and i really dont regret all that effort and sacrifice!!

  73. hi ekta,

    I just dicovered this post searchin IMBB for de-pigmentation creams and vitamins n its uses….
    m so glad to have found this post …really amazing dear…and the comments on ua serum is makin me crazyyy to go for it…. love u so much ekta… i have tried a lot of cosmetic products for ma acne prone skin…. earlier itwas oily and now it is combi….
    but i have a doubt….. am i able to use garnier light night cream / ponds gene white / fair n lovely anti marks/ vaseline cocoa glow/ or dabur gulabri moisturiser(got this for free with dabur rose water)???????????????????
    pls do reply …… ekta di… wanna try it tomorrow itself………

    1. Thanks Swetha,
      Dabur gulabari moisturizer sounds safe to use with it…. Any basic night cream / moisturizer should be good to go… I would not use garnier white, ponds gene white or fair n lovely with it because of Thierry obvious high potency chemical content. :)) good luck…

  74. This is a really simple and useful DIY.. I will surely try it.. whatever points you’ve stated are quite accurate.. and cant wait to share the results with you guys 🙂

  75. i am now on third week… i messed up the liquid amount the second week so that was a dud… I too wash after hours before sleep… cant sleep with glycerine..the vitamin E oil will stay on your face anyway.. i use 3 tsp of rosewater and one drop of glycerine.. i dont like glycerine..
    it faded a big acne scar that i have and brightens up face.. no effect on hypopigmentation yet.. since i messed ur second week.. i m gonna wait another week…
    Better store this in refrigerator.. its cool to apply and saves from oxidation.. if u have ph paper at home u can check whether it has oxidized.. then dont use it anymore..(refer net for this)..

  76. Ahhh….. this sounds like areal miracle and after reading so many success stories cant wait to try it. bought everyhing last night.. will prepare this serum today and update you all :)cant wait for that glowing skin……..

  77. Thanks a lot ekta, i have done experiments @home before m being a science student 🙂 but this is too awesome. just want to know do i need to apply a moisturiser at night ? cant we just apply this and have a beauty sleep ? 🙂

    1. Hi since i am using it for the past two weeks, i can reply your query 🙂
      If your skin is dry/combination then you should use a moisturizer after this serum, if yours is oily then you can skip it.
      For my combination skin, moisturizer helps the serum to get absorbed into skin well. Hope this helps 🙂 🙂

  78. Hi Ekta…Its almost been 1 1/2 yr tht m undergoing homeopathy treatmernt and ive gt a comparitvly a clear face with 1 or 2 bumps 1ce in a while..But i do hve pigmentation marks which r gradually fading..but to speed up d fading…I happen to make & use ur MAGIC Vit C Serum (containing 3 tsps Rose H2O+Vit E cap+2 tabs Celin) without moisturiser yesterday…For past few days hve been hving pimple bumps on my cheek @ d same spot…D spot was red n inflamed…but after using d serum last nite the bump has reduced!!!:) ..From now on I wud like to use a moisturiser after applyin serum…Do u think Nivea-Moisturising Fresh Lotion (containing taurine,grape seed oil, tocopheryl acatate and sea salt) can be used since i use tht othrwize????…Do u think this serum will help 2 remove pigmentation marks????Will use it for some time and let u knw…Thanks for putting up a g* post..:) Good day 😀

  79. Hi Ekta,

    I read complete thread on this serum. I surly try this serum today im just waiting for good result, hope so itll work. bcz i used many cosmetic cream on my face bt they didnot work. so im little bit afraid.. 🙁
    One doubt in my mind tht is my skin is oily and some acne and i don’t apply any cream on my face at night bcz it makes my skin so much oily so plz tell me which moisturizer i apply on my face at night after using this serum? and is it mandatory to use the moisturizer after the serum? if it is yes then can i use vaseline health white on my face if not then plz suggest me
    plz reply, im waiting

    When this serum will work thn definitely ill give u a big treat… promise..:)

    1. if u have oily skin skip the glycerine and no need to apply moisturizer or night cream because it may break out skin.. the vitamin E oil remains on skin anyway..

  80. yesterday i made it………….i just cant wait to do tht finally one day application and a little glow…lets see further wht happens…any chamatkar for my old old marks of acne..
    Dear Ekta you surely deserve a treat after this GOD BLESS YOU for sharing this

  81. Ekta it’s really a very great and huge hit post… And behalf of all the imbb girls I thank you so much for your great effort for not only the post and also for the doubts you have been replying in your valuable time..Can you please tell me if v are using vitc tablet what should be the strength of the tablet please and can v use it on the kids like my son he is 14yrs and my daughter 11yrs. As per the camu camu powder I can see only in UK website… I am really very happy I can get it for you… When I come to India in December please send me your address to my mail ID will be happy to do for your effort… Thank you once again….

    1. That’s so sweet of u Lakshmi 🙂 I would not advise u to use it on kids… Just use pure milk with a pinch of Haldi. Dab it with a cotton ball, let it dry for say 10-15 min and then wash off. Use every day in morning and night. Let the kids grow up and decide what they want to use. Vit c makes the skin extremely photosensitive, kids being kids will never be serious about using sunscreen. So just let them enjoy their childhood 🙂
      I only used the white celin; didn’t really notice the strength… I think it was 500 mg. u could use what u have, just alter the strength to suit ur purpose. Like if u r not sure begin with half a tablet and then go up from there…. Good luck

  82. From where can we find Vitamic-C powder in India? I read that its preferable to use the powder rather than vitamic c tabs 🙁
    Seems the amount of ascorbic acid in celin/tablet form varies when compared to pure ascorbic acid powder 🙁
    I just don’t find it in powder form in any local chemist stores!

  83. hi there thanks for sharing this,love it. can i use aspirin c, it is plain white and ingredients written are acetylsalycylic acid 0,400g and vitamin c 0,240g this is exactly what was written on it, i bought it from Dubai

    1. hi girls, i made this serum, can you tell me what is the consistency of this mixture, mine is watery, and i added evion and shaked it well but all of the oil got stuck with the sides of the bottle,i got no oil on my face

      1. hi girls i dont know what happened, i made the serum exactly written here, but when i applied it i got rashes on my face, my face is red now, irritated and my upper lips are very dry, help me

        1. Omg angel charm, thats awful… I tried to find the details on the tablet u mentioned but couldn’t get any details….. Maybe there is more to this tablet than just ascorbic acid, or maybe ur skin is just too sensitive. Please stop using the serum immediately and use aloe vera gel or lactocalamine to calm ur skin for now….. Hope u recover soon

        2. the acetylsalycilic acid has to be it … has nothing to do with regular vitamin c that we are to use to make this serum.

          salycilic acid for instance, dries u a whole lot, even makes you loose skin, exfoliate, a lot or not depending on the concentration. seems acetylsalycilic acid behaves just like salycilic acid (which I know well, it is the ingredient in my blemish concealer stick make-up, intended for little use on trouble spots)

          the pill you got was not the plain vit c pill… you got something like aspirin with vitamin c …

  84. Hi Everyone,
    Please tell me some one I Bought the same vitamic C tablet ( CELIN by Glaxo Smith Kline) which ekta wrote, but it is not in white color it is in orange color plz tell me it is safe for my face
    and suggest me.. 🙁 im waiting for ur reply…

    1. u cant use it… u better eat it since it is chewables celin :).. its good for u… go buy white non-chewables.. ask for that specifically…

  85. Thank you girls for your wonderful comments 🙂 will try to respond to all your queries in one go:
    We use the white tablets since they are pure and devoid of additives and taste enhancers. The orange ones are chewable and flavored. Basically, any tablet that specifies it’s ingredient as ascorbic acid should be good. I have only used celin, so that’s the one I know. There could be others…
    I could not find the vitamin c in powder form in Delhi and as far as I know it is not available for retail. It is available online at but I am sure the shipping would be insanely expensive. I purchased mine from USA while I was there. From my personal experience, I can say that the tablets are as good as powder.
    The serum is effective on scars, hyperpigmentation, acne, open pores, dull and lifeless skin. Since it is highly potent, I would recommend to follow it up with a very mild moisturizer. No treatment creams; not whitening, not anti aging. Just basic creams with mild ingredients. Some that I really like are clean and clear, cetaphil, biotique, neutrogena, dabur, nivea soft, aroma magic etc. This list is only illustrative and not exhaustive. Just stay away from ingredients like retinol, hydroquinone, kojic acid, arbutin to name a few.
    The points here is that seal in the goodness and not use anything that might clash with our serum. Oily skin beauties can use oilfree moisturizer. It will even help settle the chip chip feeling from glycerin:) hope I was able to clear all doubts…

  86. Thanks ekta 🙂 , thanks for ur responce. first ill find white vitamin c tablet after that ill make this serum and use oil free mosturize

  87. hii ekta di m using this serum for the last 1 week n the results are super super awesome.but i apply this serum only in night so is it necessary to apply sunscreen the next day if i go out or is it like sunscreen is necessary to be applied if i apply ths serum in morning and go out.and for how much time shuld i continue to use this .will ths has any side effects if used for a long time….. pls reply…n thnku sooooooo much for ths little magic potion.

    1. Jyoti,
      Sunscreen is very important. Whether u use the serum or not, always apply sunscreen. This serum will make ur skin extremely sensitive to uv rays. It’s like u will be prone to sun damage even more while using it. I like to use it for say two to three months and give it a break for a month or two….

      1. thnk u soooo sooo sooo much for replying….n can i use lemon instead of vitamin c tabs n how much quantity of lemon shuld i mix it in this same proportion bcoz while searching i found out that it mostly contains citric acid so one shuld not use lemon on skin but u know since childhood we all are hearing the benefits of applying lemon on skin.

        1. Jyoti, begin with one lemon juice, keeping all the other add ins in the same ratio…. Try it for a day…. If it suits you well, continue the same concoction, else dilute it with another half teaspoon of rose water…… Let me know how it goes 🙂

  88. i tried with lemon , rose water n honey….it also work wonders bt not as fast as the one written here… i started using this bcoz first i tried the vitamin c serum which is mentioned here , but i got 3 bums in the next mornin bcoz of the glycerin content as i have a oily skin n have large pores…. so thought of making with lemon juice n honey by skipping the glycerin n vitamin e part…lemon n honey will be good for blemishes n pigmentation…. since 2 weeks im using this n its really good for ma skin….:)

    1. Thank you Swetha, I am glad it’s working for you…. U could try adding vit e, I am pretty confident it won’t break u out…. Rather it will help stabalise the serum….

  89. Hi Ekta,
    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Thank you soooooooooooo much 🙂
    Really this serum worked. I am applying this serum for last one week and my skin will become so soft and my uneven skin problem has remove and all pimple has gone, only little sports are there bt these sports will also remove.
    Thank you so much EKTA for this awesome serum… 🙂
    Yesterday my husband told me “You are looking very fair” then i told him ” ye hai mera Vitamin C serum” then he told ” thanks to ekta, usne waste n costly cream use nahi ki” 🙂
    it is really simple and useful.
    Now ready for PARTYYYYY 🙂 whenever u come pune just tell me.
    Thanks for sharing this…:)

  90. Only Little spots* are there, by mistake i wrote sports*:-( bcz im am so excited about this serum. Again Thanks a lot Ekta …

  91. Hi,

    Can this serum be used by females who’re trying to get pregnant?I mean is it safe?

    I’ve terrible skin & I’m desperate to get my original fair skin, but at the same time I’m trying to conceive & avoiding all sorts of chemicals on my skin.Thanks.


    1. Yes chini, pregnant women can use it. Use lemon juice if u r not sure…. No chemicals there. Also do not skip sunscreen.:)

  92. hey Ekta jii,this is Nalini 4rm Fiji Islands….ihave bought the yellow one>>ascorbic acid>>…but i’ll try to find the white one soon…i am using the PONDS GOLD RADIANCE YOUTHFUL GLOW DAY CREAM with micro gold particles 4 the day n ponds flawless white re brightening night treatment…will this two go well with the my knowledge i have been told by the pharmacist that my day cream contains the serum n the foundation as well so i wanted to make it clear with u that can i use these creams with ur serum….please reply…waiting 4 ur ans…what effects does the coloured vitamin c has if it is mixed in the serum???

    please reply soon….

  93. Oh wow! brilliant Ekta!! this is just superb, will surely try to do this..m so lazy at stuff lik this but readin about ur experience i’d be stupid not to try!! Thanks 🙂

  94. thanxx Parita jii….how long have u be using this serum n did u find any changes???how does the mixture feel is it watery??? coz i have heard that the serum should be more silky n should b absorbed nicely by the skin…does it happen with u …i have used the fresh lemon juice (a quarter tsp) coz i didn’t find the ascorbic acid ( the white one) but am still in search…n my mixture is watery n bit sticky…is it ok or shall i stop using it…but i also got some good results …my breakouts has stopped…but i just wana have the correct thing in my fridge so ws just checking…hope u won’t mind…thanxxx a ton …..

  95. m using this serum from 4 days….bt no results so far….plz help…my face have become dark no glow bt bundles of pimples around chin and cheeks…..plz suggest somethng…..

  96. hey ekta.. I must say its best article i have ever read.. 🙂 thanx a lot for sharing it wid all of us! I even kept aside youth code cream for the serum.. 🙂
    Yaar i searched in walgreens, costco n even walmart but everywhere i get 100 units bottle wid different vit C & E content.. I can replace vit c powder wid lemon juice but where can i find right vit E capsule?? I got : Nature Made dl-Alpha Vitamin E 1000 IU Softgels, Nature’s Bounty E-400 IU Vitamin Supplement Softgels Softgels… are these right ones??
    I desperately wanna make and try serum.. but nt getting even simple ingredients.. 🙁 hw to make it?? pls help yaar!!

  97. hi ekta,
    1st of all i wanna say thanks to u…
    da serum dng wonders on my skin… i hv been usin dis frm past 2weeks and am in luv wit it..
    u wont belive i am gettin compliments for my blemish free,clear n glowin skin..
    thank u sooo soo much ekta.. can v continue same dosage or need to inc it by tym ???

  98. Hi Ekta!
    Thank you so much for the serum recipe….I did used it for a week…The good part was though I didn’t notice any extraordinary changes in my skin but I could feel my pimple marks clearing and even skin tone….and I was quite happy with that…but on the 4th and 5th day of using the serum there was an irritation on the skin at the side of my eye and I stopped using it immediately and I am not sure what to do about it cause I would love to continue using the serum. Please suggest…

  99. Hello girls, sorry for not getting back for soooooooo long….just tied with so much stuff….. So here goes the answers to hopefull all the queries……
    Firstly, only use the white tablets. No colored ones.
    Rose water is distiller water. So go ahead and use it happily. 🙂
    The consistency of the serum will be watery. Not creamy, not silky. But it will get absorbed in your skin. No doubt on that. In case you find it too sticky, sacrifice glycerin, but replace it with more rose water. If you don’t add more rose water, you will end up making the serum much more stronger. It might then react.
    Do not, I repeat, do not sacrifice vit e oil. It is very beneficial in making the serum effective and also keeps the vit c stable. Else your serum would oxidize faster, making it into an oxidant instead of anti- oxidant. Vitamin e will not break you out…. Even if you apply it directly to your skin. I have been applying one cap on my skin daily and my skin glows…. No break out!
    There….I guess, I have it all covered now… wait… Vit e cap that I use are evion 400 mg IU. But whatever you can get your hands on, use it…… Vit e is good, very good for your skin…. So go ahead and indulge:))

  100. hello ekta….
    very nice post..but i have some queries…
    i hav super sensitive skin
    can i use water and vitamin c only?
    and also u did not mention how much water or rose water for 2 vitamin c tablets…what should be the ration?
    plz reply

  101. Hi Ekta, just got my hands oN this article….seems like a magic serum!! thanks a TON for sharing it, I can see it has helped so many people ..just cant wait to make it today itself:) thanks a lot..:)

  102. i am definitely gonna try this as soon as possible, i think this post is alive since one year…kuddos to u ekta for this.. cant thanks enuf..

  103. Time for me to hop in the bandwagon and try it too. So so so so many positive reviews!! Would try it this week and will post my feedback too. *fingers crossed*

  104. Hi Ekta

    I read your post… plese help n advise me. neither glycerin nor rose water suit my skin also hv used vit e capsules in facial cream.. all these 3 ing. make my skin all the more dark… will it be ok to try this serum. Also.. my doc has advised me to use Melaclear serum which is unfortunately not avlbl anywhere around… kindly suggest wat to do?


  105. Hi Kusha,
    Try mixing vit e and lemon juice. Puncture one capsule and extract the vitamin e in your palm. Now add a few drops of lemon juice. Massage this mix onto your face and let it sit overnight. Hope this works for you. Good luck :))

  106. This time I decreased the glycerin quantity to few drops and loving the less chip chip feeling 🙂 Thanks Ekta for this simple and brilliant DIY serum 🙂 *hugs*

  107. Dear Ekta.
    Thanks a lot for the post 🙂 . Have been using the serum for one week now. But not overnight only few hours before sleep. Bit scared. Yesterday I got a lot of itching all over my face. Dunno exact reason as allz well today.
    Will make more of the serum henceforth to use on hands and legs too as my face was already fairer than my arms and legs (any idea why? I’ve not done anything special for my face). Hopefully my arms, neck and legs match my face skin color soon.
    Thanks again 🙂

  108. Hi Ekta,
    My face itches when I apply this serum. I use the facewash and facecream made by Patanjali Industries (baba ramdev’s company). I use sunscreen of Lotus (over the face cream). Where did I go wrong?

    1. read the whole thread. she has already written, at least twice, that sensitive skin is the one that may itch and that you can make a less potent serum to start out with

  109. I am on a skin lightening processs…loved ur idea about vit c serum..just had some quires

    1>can we use evion 600..would it be more?

    2> is celin better or lemon juice?which one is prefrable

    3> i am pllaning to use aroma magic Almond Moisturizing Lotion for face,is that good?

    4>i dont know where to store this mixture in :(..which continer.

    5> can u please suggest a good sunsblock to use..zinc one.ty

    sorry for so many questions

  110. Hi Ekta, I came around the homemade vit. c serum through makeupalley. I used to skin pick from stress, so at 21 I have some light acne (not all that bad, but i really dislike it at this age), and sadly acne scars that wont go away and make me very self concious 🙁 They aren’t deep but dark red and super visible on my fair skin. I have to apply makeup to cover it everyday, which of course makes my sensitive skin worse with acne spots and whatnot.
    I must say I have tried about everything, from aspirin mask to the really heavy creams and all kinds of natural ingredient mixtures but none seem/seemed to work.
    Since this has gotten such rave reviews I decided to buy the items and look up a good recipe through google, and that is how I got to your post!
    I actually live in the netherlands and it’s rather easy to get the products needed here thank goodness 🙂
    I have applied the mixture about an hour ago, and after 5 min it started to sting a bit but a lot less than the lemon juice treatment i once did. So that’s good 😀 the stinging now almost faded, or i just got used to it i dont know hahaha.
    But anyways, I’m going to top it off with my vit. E nightcream (i left the E-oil out of it because it’s in my moisturizing night cream already). I’m so excited to see how and if this works for me!
    I hope I finally found the answer to my skin insecurities. It’s just really annoying having to apply concealer, powder, and sometimes even foundation! to cover up the scars and not-even skin tone. I have grown to be very insecure about it.
    I will definitly keep you guys posted: I added this page to my bookmarks so I can look up the recipe ^-^ Fingers crossed, and thank you for sharing this! Seemed to have helped alot of people already 🙂 Sorry for the long comment

    1. the directions are to use the vit e in the preparation of the serum. in the thread you have the reasons and explanations. use your vit e cream all the same or reserve it for other time and better use the light cream indicated, over the serum.

  111. Hi! Is it ok to make and store this in a plastic jar ? I can’t seem to find any glass bottle 🙁
    And the Evion vitamin E capsules – they come in 2 variants – the 400mg and 600mg… which one should I be using to make this serum ??

  112. Hi, just stumbled upon this post looking for remedies for uneven skin tone and the thread chain says a lot about this vitamin c serum..thnx to Ekta.. *thankyou* *thankyou*
    i am surely going to try this *preen* ….can anyone share her comments after using it for a longer duration of time….i mean over 6 month…? *announce* *announce*

  113. Hi Ekta…

    first of all *thankyou* so much for the review and *clap* *clap* for being so patient in replying each and every comment 🙂 .Iam actually new to this blog and iam very much surprised seeing this chain going on from so long.
    i’v found this review as a result for remedies for dark under eye circles and eagerly waiting to try this serum but l’l busy these days so cud’nt get the ingredients but will try this in a couple of days for sure.My marriage is in nov of this year and by then really wanted to get that flawless skin.Iam looking out for some natural remedies to cure my acne spots,uneven skin tone.Have some queries..
    1)can i use this serum for curing dark circles around eyes??
    2)Till how long should i use this serum for uneven skin tone??
    3)does using this serum at regular intervals makes the skin sensitive for other products??

    waiting for your reply *scared* *scared*

  114. poonam,

    Hey read the entire article and found it to be very interesting…..looking forward to use it asap……….!! will surely update the results..hope this works for me…waiting ..waiting…waiting!!!!!!!! *thankyou*

  115. Hlw dear

    I love to make this serum but at Bangladesh i don’t get Celine vitamin c tablet. All vitamin c tablet i get chewable nd orange in color. But here i get ascorbic acid in a ampules. It’s a injection. can i use the color vitamin c tablet or the ascorbic acid ampuls. Please reply me.


  116. hlw..ekta..i use vit.e oil with few drop of lemon evrynyt..since 1 week….my skin becm more darker 🙁 ..n light colourd acne appears also..m so mch worry abt it..plzz suggest me asap..i want glowng skin..

  117. hey…firstly awesome stuff uv come up with…m 28 n skin”s nvr been bad but it”s not great either
    now im seeing uneven skin tone,some pores,blackheads,brown spots, and dullness…tried a lot of expensive creams,iv read a lot about retinol n was wondering if this serum is a better option….

  118. *thankyou* for dis awsum post ekta…..i m sorry i have been so late but after reading so mnay success stories couldn’t resist myself….i made the serum yesterday….but it felt very very sticky on my skin…i could feel my hairs sticking to it…anyhow i washed it in morning and didn’t notice any difference and today i am feeling my face is looking more dull….i have orally consumed vitamin E tablets earlier and found my face glowing but this serum *headbang* *headbang* i used viatmin c tablets orange one…is dat coz of this????

  119. Hi Ekta

    Groundbreaking stuff: this!
    I’m quite into DIY-ing masks and serums for my skin and I find the idea of using such cheap pills marvelous! I was toying with the idea of Using Vitamin A (Maxepa/Fish oil/Omega 3) directly on my skin, but my common sense was somehow telling me no!

    Anyway, I’ve been trying to search for Celin from a number of neighbourhood chemists for over a week now, and they all seem to only have chewable tablets since a couple of months. Supply issues they say. I have literally started thinking that the bigwigs at TBS or Piramal or other beauty and skincare giants got wind of us using this elixir and pulled the raw materials off the shelves to discourage this independence which might hurt their business! Hope it becomes available soon, I’m itching (haha!) to try this!

    Thank for sharing, and keep mixing!

    1. When we use the Bleach it actually burns the skin wherever u have cracks, and using a vitamin C serum would leave ur skin a bit dry (probably small cracks due to dryness) which can harm ur skin when u bleach.

      so my suggestions:

      1, If possible, avoid using bleach for few weeks, coz vit C has natural bleaching action & using this serum will leave u with a very reduced need to actually bleach it

      2. But if u have a really important occasion & u cant avoid, then u can use Oxy bleach which has a pre bleach cream with it, this would kind of form a protective layer on ur sin before the ammonia acts on it.

      3. Or u may opt for a bleach that is ammonia free.

      I hope this would help..

      Stay Beautiful, Stay Happy!!

      – Heena

  120. Celin chewable tablets is what we have to use right? I have been using this serum sumtimes at night n the other days during the noon ..then wash it in the evening. I have been doing it since roughly 14-15 days but yet no improvement ..blemishes , pigmentation around lip corners n on my cheek(small patch) still the same. When will they go? :cry *nababana* *scared*

  121. i tried the serum but felt lyk it waas darkening my complexion. again after reading the reviews here i wanna try it agan! 🙂

  122. Thanks a lot for such a nice piece of information *thankyou*

    … gonna try it for sure !!!

    *happy dance* *happy dance*

  123. Hi ekta…this celin plain tablet is not available in the market…company has stopped making the plain one…only chewable is available… Pls suggest me any other option..I really want to use this serum n wanna get rid of acne n blemishes….

  124. Hi ekta,thanx a lot 4 sharing this post, I am really impressed by the comments, but mine is a acne prone skin and I am facing this problem from last 1.5 yrs. So is it ok to use it on my face. Do help me….

  125. Hi Ekta wonderful post. Loved it. I had lots of pimples and oily skin but using saslic ds facewash all my pimples gone. Also skin is less oily now. But still the pimple marks are there. I stopped using scrubs as my skin is too oily just use the clean n clear blackhead clearing scrub. I prepared the serum today and applied but made my skin too oily. Can I apply it on and under eyes? I have kept the serum in refrigerator to preserve the freshness.

  126. I applied this serum twice. Made my skin too oily and had breakouts too. Just threw it in dustbin. Totally no use to my oily skin. I can’t apply anything other than a facewash on it. Thank god I have saslic ds saves my skin from scary pimples.

  127. Hi Ekta, I’m 21 year old is it advisible for me to use this serum for my face? And I wanted to know for 2 Celin tablets how much glycerine and rose water should I add?

  128. Hi everyone,
    I have a doubt..I read that we need to apply sunscreen during the day since this serum makes the skin extremely would sunscreen alone be enough to deal with this photosensitivity? Or is it possible that even after applying sunscreen my skin would react to sunlight due to usage of this serum. I am worried if this would prevent me from stepping out of home during the day..To all those who have used this serum please share your experience regarding this.
    Also, please suggest me a good sunscreen.

  129. just wanna say thanks as your this magic serum helped me almost cure my skin of acne .. still lot of scope of improvement .., but what doctors medication was not able to do for like 3 months … this serum helped me in 1 month … pimples have visibly stopped occurring .. just marks are left which i m sure will also go away over period of time

    thanks alot

  130. tks for such a nice post
    i think i will also start up with the vitamin c tablets u told but plz do let us also know abt the pure vitamin c powder if u get to know of it frm which site etc

  131. Hi
    Ekta ..
    Thank you so much this serum is totally worked for me 🙂
    my skin started to glow and no new acne is erupting..
    I hope my previous acne scar goes away too..
    just used thrice and saw the miraculous effects 😀

  132. i use to buy vit.C serum of Cipla, and for small bottle, i use to pay Rs.1500.which is very epensive. I thankyou for giving us homemade recipe ,at low cost and also for providing information on maeket Vit C products.

  133. Hi ekta ,
    I’m living in california US, can u tell me,is it safe to buy vitamin c serum through amazon, and can we use vitamin c serum during pregnancy . I have blemishes and marks all over my face ,,,im Struggling for long term to get rid of it . can u please kindly answer my queries .

  134. Hi EKta
    I bought vitamin c chewable tablets(sunset yellow)n vitamin e capsules r in yellow in clr…should I go with ds…confused…help me….thnks

    1. hi poonam,
      you should buy a vitamin c white tablet not the orange chewable one. I personally bought it from a local drugstore and it’s very cheap.. just Rs 17/- for 25 tablets… it’s called CELIN 500MG… and almost at the same price you can buy vitamin E gel capsules called EVION 200MG

  135. Hi,
    I am 27 years and of late I am having freckles on my nose and the near of the face around my nose. and even small pores have developed around that area. This serum sounded excellent so I made this with Celin tablets. 4 celin tablets, 4 tbsp distilled water, 2 tbsp glycerine, 2 evion capsules ( 4 tablets because I had put two tbsp glycerine by mistake so added two tablets again). Applying this serum every night for four-five days. Though skin feels soft, that particular problem area looks reddish, pores are more prominent, two three white spots appeared in the cheeks and in the forehead and freckles seem to be more prominent. Please help.

  136. Hi ektaa Thanx for ur serumm but i ve very oily skin i never use ny moisture on my face as i get acne other day if i apply soo…but yess m using sunscreen d brand is suggested by doc only…i m planing to get a cosmo pealing as advised by d doc as i m on fair side and d acne marks looks very bad and make me conscious…..As i ve heard lot of sideeffects of peels so worrierd dat should i go for it or not…. But before dat i wanted to try ur serum as i m beleving dat it will work for me….So Suggest me dat if i dont use moisture do it put any affect.. Can i only apply serum at night without using moisture……. Or it is compulsory to apply if yess den suggest me i ve oily skin very oily
    Hope u reply thanx 🙂

  137. hey ekta.. thank u so much 4 dz post.. i hv a very bad skin.. during summer i h
    get dz pimple kind of thing on my shoulder’s and back and till my chest.. it happens evry summer.. i am sick of doctor prescribed medicines and it dsnt work at ol.. it’s nevr ending.. if u cud suggest sumthing 4 dz i wud be grateful.. really i mean it.. plzzz.. i hv tried evryhthng nd it dsnt seem 2 work.. thanks again nd plz see to my prblm.. :* loadz of love..

  138. Hiii… I have oily and acne prone skin and i m really keen to use this serum.. Bt i cant find the vitamin c tablets plain but i hav found the orange flavour ones…can those be used….help::help:::

  139. Could you please suggest me ,shall i apply this serum for whole night?

    Is it neccessary to apply the moisturer after applying the serum ?

  140. Hii..
    I like post very much..I eagerly waiting to make and try this serum..but I didn’t getting the white form of vitamin c tablets….what should I do?

    Plz plz give me the ans..iam waiting. .


  141. Does this serum needs to be removed after few minutes and moistureriser needs to be applied or can u explain the procedure plz

  142. Dear Ekta and all my friends out there. Somwhere in the 80s I remember a dear friend of mine making this nuskha. Take 3 parts rosewater 2 parts glycerine and 1 part each of Badam -almond-oil and honey. Add the juice of 1 lemon to it,shake well and refrigerate. Both of us were in our early20s then so we come in the aunty-ji category now,lol. But would you believe that everyone wants to know how our skin is so flawless and wrinklefree and also fair.
    OK baccha logan-grin- dip a cotton ball in this lotion -before you go to sleep- and apply all over your well washed face.Wake up to a marvellous soft complexion. Believe it or not,this has been my only moisturiser,cleanser and nourisher for the past 30 years. And if anyone had the patience to scroll down to read this,well you’ve got your reward of a fair and lovely complexion!

  143. Hi, Recently I got some pimple marks on my face, and because of those makes my skin looks really dull:(. i am using Fab india vitamin e dpigmentation cream.. I just want to know can i use This cream after this serum.. please reply. My skin type is sensitive & combination . please reply

  144. One of best remedy I’ve come across till now. I was little skeptical to it earlier but I decided to give I a try. I had even undergone laser treatment and chemical peels but my acne was almost inert to it. This experience made me hard to believe the other success stories comments. Rosewater+celin+evion+glycerine= magical solution !!! It did wonders to my skin in just two days. I’ve mentioned below the changes I noticed.
    1) drastic reduction of acne black and red marks.
    2) visibly fairer skin tone. (my neck looks slightly darker than the face :p )
    3) the wrinkles disappeared to a great extent.
    4) collagen has started to reproduce which made my skin softer,younger and elastic.

  145. Hi Ekta,
    Please say the quantity of rose water and glycerine for 2 vitamin c tablets?
    2. Glassbottle we have to store in refrigerator is it compulsory to store in refrigerator?

    3. After applying serum we have to wash face then apply moisturizer or on the serum we have to apply?

    4. Suggest me a sunscreen lotion name and pf

    Sorry for asking so many questions

    I will be waiting for your reply please reply soon i won’t to prepare serum now itself.

  146. Hi Ekta,
    I am not sure if you are going to read this anyways …I am 22 years old.My skin always looked dull and tired though I am a heck of a good’s been two weeks since I am using estee lauder serum aft readin all the gr8 reviews but guess what.?it turned me down,I didn’t c much difference but I used your serum just for a night and wow.! I was saved me from experimenting several serums in the mkt..thanks a tons…????????????????

  147. Hi Ekta,

    Thanks for this concoction! It’s amazing. All my skin problems have gotten solved. All thanks to you!

    Now to help those who are struggling to find vitamin c. I first used Celin, which works too. But Celin doesn’t completely dissolve in rose water. I used it for some 2 months with amazing results.
    I ordered vitamin c powder by nutribiotic from Amazon last week. The powder completely dissolves! And it’s feels nice, just like applying plain rose water on the face.

    I am totally loving this! Thank you so much!

  148. I personally used this serum along with dermarolling & got rid of my acne & dark spots completely within couple of months. Magic began just after using it for a week & then my look was refreshed & renewed.

  149. Hi,

    Thank you so much for this tip.i just have one query: can we add 2-3 vitamin E capsule and skip glycerin.

  150. Hi Ekta. I have been using the serum, made exactly as you have posted, for the last 4 days. But it has turned my skin darker. What am I doing wrong? I have been applying it only at night. Am I using too much? How much should I use each time? Please advise

  151. Hi Ekta…. Thank u so much for the splendid info ..Can I use this serum under my eye for dark circles also ????
    Please do let me know….
    Awaiting your reply 👍
    Loads of love,

  152. Hi Ekta that’s a very useful post. Vit c serum has been on my mind for long. I have simply postponed it for lack of vit c powder. Never thought of using tabs. Can you help me with where to order L ascorbic acid from ?
    Just today I made my first Diy anti ageing serum with tips from Dr Axe. Your post has inspired me to try the serum. Pl help

  153. Hi Ekta,
    Thank you for sharing this gift. I’m trying this home made solution for the first time. The vit c Celin tablets are not dissolving completely in the water (not exactly distilled water but RO water) completely. It’s making a cloudy white solution. Is that expected? Please advise. And I did not have any tingling whereas the Vit C serum I tried before had a slight tingling.

  154. Hi Sony,
    How did the vitamin c powder by nutribiotic work out for you? Please share. I’d like to try it instead of Celin.

  155. Wow .. it’s amazing to see that this has benefited so many people.. can’t wait to try it out..
    I have another question.. vit c is supposed to be very good for hair as well.. has anyone tried it out for their hair? Is it effective? Any side effects?

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