How To Minimize A Large Forehead

How To Minimize A Large Forehead

Many believe that a wide forehead is a sign of higher intelligence, superior analytical powers and open-mindedness. But all these just seem like pretty ideas to comfort yourself with when you have a forehead that’s disproportionately large for your face. As women, we want well-balanced and harmonious distribution of spatial planes on our faces. For those of us that find our foreheads too big, high or wide to be aesthetically pleasing, there are several options at hand to play it down.
How To Minimize A Large Forehead
1. Avoid Back Combed Styles
Tying back the hair is a stylish back comb may be what you did when you tied ponytails in school, but not anymore. Tie back styles not only draw attention to your wide forehead, they also make the hairline recede further.

2. Wear Headbands, Bandanas, Scarves & Hats
If you’re bored of what you normally do to camouflage your forehead, you can give it a break with these cute fashion accessories. Buy a funky summer hat or make your own head band at home. Contrast and coordinate cool scarves and bandanas to cover part of your forehead. Learn innovative ways of tying these around your hair to break the monotony of everyday styles. You can incorporate some pretty curls into the rest of your loose hair as it cascades out of the bandana or scarf. This will not only add a nice effect but will also make your forehead the last thing an onlooker notices in your appearance.

3. Face Contouring
Look up tutorials to teach yourself how to contour your face to minimize a large forehead. The basic method is to use a matte bronzer along your hairline in a shade darker than your skin tone/foundation. This makes your forehead seems smaller than it really is. Combine this with clever face contouring as appropriate for the rest of your face to give yourself a naturally well-balanced look.

4. Eye Makeup
One of the best ways that work in conjunction with other methods, is dramatic eye makeup. Shape your eyebrows with due consideration to your face shape and forehead size. You can give brows a triangular shape without going to the extremes. Learn how to apply attractive eye makeup, so that the focus of your face is centered on your eyes and distracts the viewer’s attention away from the forehead. This is especially useful when used alongside a camouflage technique such as an appropriate hairstyle or accessories.

5. Hair Styles For a Large Forehead

A large forehead also makes the face elongated. This length must be broken and the volumes must be balanced. Avoid poker straight haircuts that have no shape. Clean lines and finished edges with only make the face look even longer.
Layered Hair
• Layers and Highlights (Medium or Long Hair)
Instead, opt for a layered style, or something that includes soft waves and bangs. A medium-length volumizing hairstyle is a smart choice for a large forehead. Ask your hairdresser for a side parting with a curtain of hair falling across one side of your face. Put in coloured highlights to make the hair more interesting and detract attention from the forehead.

• Emo Hairstyle (Short, Medium or Long Hair)
Emo haircuts are particularly useful for hiding wide forehead because of their innovative side-swept fringe shapes. These fringes are usually heavy and choppy, and may even be streaked in unusual colours as per your preferences.

• Straight Bangs For Long or Medium Hair
You can go in for classic flat bangs long enough to reach or cover your eyebrows. This adds a studied touch to your hairstyle. Your stylist may gradually taper off the bangs into the sides and blend them in with your long hair. But remember that traditional straight bangs need frequent maintenance and daily styling. You’ll find it especially true if you don’t have poker straight hair or if your hair is exceptionally fast growing.
Bangs for Short Hair
• Bangs for Short or Curly Hair
Choosing the perfect bangs for curly hair or for hair that’s cut short, can be a tricky affair. You could opt for a messy natural wind-blown look and have a side-swept fringe cut at graded lengths, starting short at the side parting and ending longest at your temple. This may be incorporated into a razer cut customized for curly/wavy hair.
Another option is to cut a straight fringe or a side-swept bang as usual and to straighten it, leaving the rest of the hair curly. This makes for an extremely unique high fashion look. Your bangs will cover your forehead but you get to keep your curly hair too. A dash of coloured highlights can further accentuate your gorgeous haircut.

• Bangs for Heart Shaped Faces

If your face is heart-shaped, with a large forehead and sharp chin, get a haircut that creates an illusion of minimal volume at the crown of the head and at ear level. A really sparse, long fringe till the eyebrows, or a very short baby fringe of mid-forehead length will minimize the forehead. Add a burst of curls or waves at the chin level to beautifully balance the look and bring a rounded effect to your pointed face.

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