How to Make Chemical Free Kajal at Home

If I were to ask you guys which is that one makeup item without which you wouldn’t want to step out, the answer will be loud and clear- KAJAL or KOHL. This is one makeup item that every woman loves and swears by. We all love the fact how a simple stroke of kajal on our waterline transforms the way we look. I must confess, many a days when I am supposed to go out, but am too lazy to even breathe, I just prime up my face and then that one stroke of kajal, I am all set!

chemical free kajal

I am pretty sure, once in a blue moon when we are found sans our kajal or kohl, the instant question popped is “Are you not keeping well?” Also, how many of you have literally drooled over the kohled eyes of Arabic girls? Don’t you just love and envy their jet black kohled eyes at the same time?

So, I am going to give away a few DIY tips for all the kajal/kohl lovers on how to make your own chemical-free intense jet black kajal.

Charcoal Kajal

You Need:
• Activated charcoal capsules or tablets (you can find them at the local chemists’ or order online)
• Coconut oil

1. Take a clean sterilized container and empty the charcoal powder of 5 capsules into it.
2. Add a few drops of coconut oil to it and blend thoroughly to form a paste of the right consistency. You can use a Q tip.

Make sure the paste is neither too runny nor too dry. You can further add oil or charcoal powder based on your preference. You can use a Q tip or your favourite eyeliner brush for application

Castor Oil Kajal

You Need:
• A diya with cotton wick and castor oil
• A steel or copper plate
• Two glasses of the same size

1. Place the inverted copper or steel plate on top of the two glasses. Keep a gap between the two glasses to place the castor oil diya in between them.
2. Dip the cotton wick in castor oil and fill the diya with the same oil.
3. Now place the lighted diya between the two glasses on the floor.
4. Let the oil in the diya be completely used up. This will take around an hour. The soot from the flame will be collected on the inverted plate.
5. Scrape out the soot and put it in a clean container.
6. Add a few drops of oil and blend it to get the desired consistency.

Castor oil helps in soothing and removing tiredness from around your eyes. It also promotes the growth of eyelashes

Ghee Kajal


The procedure used for making castor oil kajal can be implemented to make ghee kajal as well. Just substitute the castor oil with ghee. Ghee is known to have cooling effects on eyes and also reduces dark circles.

Camphor Kajal

You Need:
• A candle or diya
• 10 camphor pellets
• 2 copper or steel plates
• 2 glasses

In this procedure, we are going to place the camphor pellets on a plate and cover it up with another, to collect the soot. Place these plates on top of the two glasses and light a diya or candle beneath it.

This method will hardly take 10 minutes and is one of the quickest ways to make kajal at home. Scrape off the soot from the plate and add a few drops of oil to it and you are good to go.
Camphor has an endless list of benefits and has been used in Ayurveda. It is known for its cooling properties and is very effective in removing dust and soothing the eyes.

Almond Kajal

Again, this procedure is similar to the camphor kajal. Just replace the camphor pellets with almonds. When we burn the almond, it releases oil which later forms soot. Collect the soot in a clean container and add a few drops of almond oil to it.

We all know the goodness of almond oil. It helps in reducing dark circles, promotes eyelash growth and also has anti aging properties to keep those wrinkles and crows feet at bay.

How to Make Chemical Free Kajal at Home

Make it absolutely mandatory to use clean and hygienic plates, containers and other items.
Because these preparations are so easy, I usually make just enough to last me a couple of days. But, if you want to store it for a longer period, I would suggest using a silver container. Please remember these home-made kajals are not smudge proof as they contain oil. I prefer their use at night, before going to bed. The next morning, after washing my face I am left with a subtle kohl effect, which I absolutely love.

So, go ahead and give your eyes a break from the regular chemical laden kohls and kajals. It is okay to apply and leave the homemade kajal overnight as they are chemical free and the natural ingredients used have a long list of beneficial properties.

Until then, let your eyes do the talking! 😉

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15 thoughts on “How to Make Chemical Free Kajal at Home

    1. I know its a little time consuming Shikha…but trust me it just takes as much time as you would take to do your routine Pooja every morning 🙂 plus you can always store it up for longer and not go through the same method everyday 🙂

  1. My mum forced me to apply the ghee kohl…n it was a routine…. U know it was like I can miss my breakfast but not this kajal… I agree they were soothing..but trust me everyday wen I came back from school i looked as if i was relative of that Chinese panda… But nw i also apply it every nyt….i will try the almond one.a very interesting DIY Rakhi..

    1. Agreed Maharani…during the day thesr home made kajals will give us racoon eyes. Its a good option for night though with all the benefits to imbibe

  2. True Shilpa, this tradition dates back to our grandmothers’ time and even before. Those days they never had lakme, maybelline or l’oreal 😛

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