Kajal Wars : VLCC vs Lotus Herbals vs Himalaya

VlCC Kajal vs Lotus Herbals Natural Kajal vs Himalaya Kajal

Lotus vs Himalaya vs VLCC

I would like to give credit for this craze to IMBB. A little while ago I was not a kajal person. I am a liquid liner person for years but tried my hands on kajal long time back. But racoon eyes made me feel that I can really pass it and also I felt kajal made my eyes appear smaller. But not with the right style and better complexion and over all make up kajal can actually help my eyes look bigger. I don’t over do it for fear of smudging but I am now quite comfy with kajal. This article will basically be comparison between the features of these three kajals – VLCC, Lotus Herbals and Himalaya . You can pick according to preference.

VlCC Natural Sciences Kajal

(liquorice camphor)

VLCC Kajal Relaxes and soothes eyes without smudging

Price: Rs. 135 for 2.5 gram

What the pack says: A unique formulation that does not smudge, smear or fade after application. The goodness of natural oils and herbal extract nourish and relax the eyes. Triphala helps in maintaining good vision.

Method of use: Apply gently on the inside edge of the eyelids

Key ingredients: Triphala, liquorice extracts, camphor, almond oil

My take on VLCC Kajal:

  • Extremely smooth
  • Dense black in colour

VLCC Kajal Swatch

  • Very matte, which I like
  • Does not have an oil finish
  • Mediocre packaging in the form of a lipstick tube
  • Good quantity of 2.5 grams
  • Will be best before two years
  • No cooling effect on application
  • Lasts upto 3 to 4 hours without smudging
  • No allergy or unwanted sensation( waterline safe)
  • Contact lens safe ( I wear cosmetic lenses and I apply it on my waterline and found it very safe)

Lotus Herbals Natural Kajal

Lotus Herbals Kajal 100% natural and safe

Price: Rs 115 for 4 gram

  • Relaxes and soothes eyes for all day
  • Smudge proof and long lasting
  • 100% natural kajal enriched with botanical extracts of camphor, liquorice & almond oil which pamper and relax your eyes all day. Also helps in growth of eye lashes. Can be used daily.

Key ingredients: camphor, liquorice and almond oil

My take on Lotus Herbals Kajal:

  • Extremely smooth
  • Dense black in color

Lotus Herbals Kajal Swatch

  • Mild oil sheen to it
  • Amazing packaging but small bothersome cap
  • Amazing quantity of 4 gram
  • Will be best before 3 years
  • Cooling effect on application
  • Lasts upto 3 to 4 hours without smudging
  • No allergy or unwanted sensation ( waterline safe)
  • Contact lens safe ( I wear cosmetic lenses and I apply it on my waterline and found it very safe)

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare Kajal

Price: Rs 105 for 2.7 gram

  • Extra smooth, waterproof herbal eye definer
  • Enriched with almond oil that nourishes your eyes, keeps them cool, and makes u look fresh and bright
  • A unique blend of herbal extracts that cools and nourishes your eyes

Directions: Apply kajal within your lash line

Key ingredients: Almond oil, castor oil camphor, damask rose, triphala

  • No sharpening required
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Opthalmologically tested

My take on Himalaya kajal:

  • Extremely smooth
  • Sheer black color

Himalaya Kajal Swatch

  • Oily sheen to it
  • Bad packaging (reminds me of vicks inhaler)
  • 2.7 gram in comparison to the other two
  • Will be best before 3 years
  • No cooling effect on application
  • Last for two to three hours
  • Smudges more in comparison as it has an oily finish to it
  • No allergy or unwanted sensation ( waterline safe)
  • Contact lens safe ( I wear cosmetic lenses and I apply it on my waterline and found it very safe)

Kajals Why pick VLCC Kajal?

  • Matte, more staying, very black

Why pick Lotus Herbals Kajal?

  • Staying, more quantity for lesser price, cooling effect and decent packaging, blackest of the lot

Why pick Himalaya Kajal?

  • For the ingredients. castor oil helps promote lash growth, this also mentions Hypoallergenic
  • No harmful chemicals and Opthalmologically tested

Camphor and almond oil are common to all three

Why not to pick VLCC Kajal?

  • For the price

Why not to pick up Lotus Kajal?

  • Umm could not think of anything

Why not to pick up Himalaya Kajal?

  • Oily sheen makes it sheer instead of dense and the packaging looks like cheap plastic. Himalaya also smudges most out of the three.

Ratings :

  • Lotus Herbals Kajal : :heart: :heart::heart::heart:
  • Himalaya Kajal :heart::heart::heart:
  • VLCC Kajal :heart::heart: :heart::heart:


I personally found the matte one to be better for me but you can pick according to requirement. Camphor has been used for years in Indian home made kajal of soot as it cools eyes. Almond oil is effective for dark circles under eyes. Triphala is also a cleanser for eyes. I found all the kajals to be easy to be applied on upper and lower lash line. Though it is sure to smudge if get the kajal between the lashes where it may accumulate and smudge through the day. I tried it on at upper waterline and went to bed but all smudged badly when I woke up. All these kajals are standard quality but choice varies as to the finish of the kajal and the brand.

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78 thoughts on “Kajal Wars : VLCC vs Lotus Herbals vs Himalaya

  1. neha very dissapointed!!! :-/ :-(( xpecting a picy of yours wearing these kajals…., neways will go for the lotus one…i liked its pacaking v much also d cooling sensation oh i can feel it…

    1. he he
      i am quite shy….and quite new to kajal still
      used it in 2003 or 04 so still trying out
      liquid liners are my forte

  2. I use Lotus kajal every single day!! Maybe will try VLCC next….wanted to try Himalaya but dont think will after ur review

    1. hmmmm
      himalaya has lot of oil to it
      i did not like the look of that on my waterline
      i am into matt stuff
      also the packaging is such a bummer

      1. Yes, the packaging as u said looks like vicks tube…big no no…and I would be willing to ignore the bad packaging if the product inside is worth it..which is not in this case..

      1. Biotique is quite similar to the himalaya one… I used two tubes of it…it used to smudge on my eyes. Has almond oil as usual. Not very impressive.

  3. I would pick the VLCC one..loved how black black and matte it looks. Really helpful putting these swatches to compare..:-)

  4. Nice post Neha… I too bought Lotus after reading this site… and i love it… it is deep black, fades gently without giving me the racoon eyes… 🙂 the cap is a problem though… can come off very easily….

    I guess I’ll try VLCC next… liked the idea of a very matte kajal… but the truth is, every kajal will smudge… there are no smudge proof ones!
    .-= anks´s last blog ..Writing Vs Therapy =-.

    1. xactly anks…..no kajal is smudge proof….m trying vlcc…n it also smudges …i think lakme’ sketch eye liner will b gud..it dsnt smudges..bt its quite expensive……nybody tried it…????? Plz suggest me.. :wilt: 🙁

  5. well i use biotique kajal..its quite good..but yea it smudges. i put a thick layer of kajal so it becomes problematic for me so what i do is apply the kajal on the inner part of the eye and seal it by applying a layer of lakme eye artist beneath it. so what it does is, it will seal the kajal thus it lasts long and doesn’t smudge et al. quite effective and long lasting. eye artist is a wonder product 🙂

  6. That was a useful post Neha, well am for Lotus…has never smudged on my eyes though it lasts for hardly 3-4 hours..Has anyone tried colorbar kajal??And also how about lotus eyeliner pencil-the twisting one with a sharpner attached on top, any clues??

  7. VLCC looks good.. I wonder if i could find it in malaysia..
    Personally, I’ve never tried kajal before. Since kajals look very black (compared to my usual black eyeliner) I was afraid of how it will look if it smudges. I have a bad case of panda eyes most of the time..
    Good review though..I might wanna try some in the future..=)
    .-= aisyah de cullen´s last blog ..Indian Make-up Giveaways! =-.

  8. hey just wondering how will you sharpen it when it becomes blunt?it would be a bother and thats why i’d stick to pencil liners

    1. sonia i used to think the same thing and would earlier stick to pencils only, but after using the lotus herbals kajal i’ve fallen in love with it. the tip remains pointed till the end and there is no need to sharpen it at all. use it once and you’ll know. 🙂

  9. i’m using the lotus herbals kajal and whatever is said about it is true. it does not budge from the waterline. it will fade in a couple of hours, but not smudge.

  10. After seeing all the IMBB girls rave abt Lotus Kajal, I finally tried it 🙂 loving it so far 😉 Nice post Neha 🙂

  11. thnx so much Neha !! i have been using VLCC kajal and was thinking of trying lotus or himalaya just to check if VLCC is better than other brands… 😉 !!! Really helpful post !!

    i guess i’l stick with VLCC !! 😀 😀

  12. Hey Neha, really good review. It’s weird – just a couple of days ago I was hoping someone would do a kajal comparison!
    I’ve used Himalaya & biotique and both smudge! I’m glad that VLCC have come out with a good product now. A few years ago, they used to have this ‘paste’ type kajal in a tiny tube. It was really cheap too – 40 bucks, so of course I tried it. And it was awful! I had worn it and gone shopping to health & glow. While looking around, I just happened to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I was horrified. The kajal had not just smudged, but bled down under my eyes. Atleast by 1/2 a cm. And I hadn’t been outdoors for more than 45 mins. I was mortified and immediately RAN home. So I’ve been wary of trying their new Kajal, but after your review I just might give it a go.

  13. Thanks dear this article is really very helpful to me as I am very much confused which one to take…now surely I will go for Lotus…

  14. I ordered the VLCC one – I hope the one I bought is the one you wrote about and not the old version. Thanks for posting so much information.

  15. I bought Himalaya Kajal some time back, its so delicate you have to use it very carefully, mine broke within 2 weeks of buying it. Its also not very black n intense (which is the whole purpose of kajal !! ) , was extremely disappointed this, because Himalaya other products work (face washes n stuff) well for me

  16. Himalaya kajal also burns my eyes a bit. But its good for the smudgy or smokey effect altho it stays only for a few hours , starts fading very fast

  17. Kudos to you for having given us such a useful review of worthy kajals. I am a complete kajal person and just can’t imagining doing without it. So much so that the day I am not putting it on, people around me give double stares :rotfl:

    I have been a Lakme addict so far and thought anything other would incur huge opthamological costs in the long run. After having read your post, I am going to try Lotus for sure. Not VLCC ever because I hate VLCC as a brand. (It devastated me with its hair removal s?%t laser therapy and increased left me crying.)

    Thankyou anyway. will post my response once I have tried Lotus. :blush:

  18. Neither HImalaya or Lotus worked for me. It was a waste of money. both were intense black and didnt give me any problems but they gave me raccoon eyes

  19. Hi rati, nice post on kajals by Neha…. Am myself a very kajal kajal person and have experimented with loads of them (although my fav is the surma which i get from bareilly… will certainly gv u one in case i get a chance to meet u smtime 🙂 I like Himalaya the best because twice i hv tried Lotus and it left me all teary eyed with slight tingling sensation…. And i hv noticed that Himalaya one gives a more intense colour too…. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

  20. Hey Neha.. thanks for ur post.. I brought the lotus one on ur recommendation and I find it better than himalaya..
    Although I think himalaya had a better texture than this.. but it smudges much less and thus doesnt make me look like “manjulika” anymore, even after 3-4 hours of applying!!! :toothygrin: :jiggy1:

  21. hi all…
    i bght lotus kajal ……not worth buying the product …it smudges after 2-3 hrs 😐
    bcoz of that dark circles look more dark :tongue:
    shehnaaz one i tried after that i started having irritation in my eyes :stars: …………dont know which one to buy ….totally confuse :scream:

    1. i use maybelline colossal kajal and for me it doesn’t smudge at all :waytogo:
      previously i had the lotus one and it did smudge after a few hours :smug:

  22. i just ordered himalaya’s kajal on ebay before reading this blog. i wish i would have ordered the lotus one instead 🙁 too late now :((((

  23. hey all plz suggest me is lamke’ artist safe for eyes…..m confused…cnt buy it widout cnfrming as it i :struggle: s quite expensive….

  24. an awsome post neha… :thanks: am a kajal addict person since few years….n i hav been using himalaya through out…n it do smudge….aftr reading dis post am impressed with lotus… :thumbsup: nxt tym gona giv it a try….but itz smal cap wud b really a mess…. 🙁

  25. For all you know, all the three kajals are made from CRAP!!. None of the 3 are honest enough to list all their ingredients. No wonder what they are hiding from you. I appreciate the cosmetic grade eyeliner companies that they atleast list all their cancerous crappy ingredients. These herbal varieties are all deceptive liars, fradulently marketing their crappy products as Herbal, fooling people into thinking that they are SAFE and Natural. Dont trust me??? Smell all these kajals, Do they smell natural to any of you. Dont they smell like cheap chinese lipsticks??

  26. For you beautiful ladies out there, “KEY INGREDIENTS:” does not mean all ingredients. DO NOT trust companies who list only “KEY INGREDIENTS”, they are definitely hiding their NOT SO HERBAL crappy cancer-causing ingredients that THEY DO NOT WANT US TO SEE.
    The FDA should be more strict with all these herbal companies and make the disclosure of complete ingredients list mandatory. Cosmetics and skincare products flooding the market in India are the No.2 cause for the rising cases of cancers in women. First cause being contaminated, adulterated & chemically processed foods.

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