Larger Eyes : How To Make The Eyes Appear Bigger

Larger Eyes : How To Make The Eyes Appear Bigger

Hello Ladies,

I have been running away from these “how to” posts for quiet sometime now! But today I thought I must bombard you guys with quite a few of them! Today I am writing about tips and tricks on how to make the eyes appear bigger!

Larger Eyes : How To Make The Eyes Appear Bigger

So let’s get started!

First and foremost, eyebrows! Eyebrows play a very important role in accentuating and enhancing the beauty of the eyes. So always have clean brows. Tweeze them or thread them, do as you prefer. If you are not comfortable with both, you must set them the right way! Always keep the brows clean and disciplined this adds a lot of dimension and depth to the eyes!

Curl the lashes! This is the best bet! Trust me. Even if you do not apply mascara on regular basis, try simply curling your lashes! This opens up the eyes and the difference is VISIBLE.

Use a mascara, this lifts up the lashes and opens up the eye twice as much as simply curling the lashes! Mascara also creates an illusion of thick dense lashes thus opening up the eyes!
False lashes is also a great option and even lenses for that matter!

Larger Eyes : How To Make The Eyes Appear Bigger

Avoiding one eyeshadow color all over the eyes also closes the eye! Hence use 2 different colors from the same color range to add dimension and depth to the eyes.

Check for any puffiness around the eye! Get rid of it!

Ban the dark circles, everyone has them but not all do something to get rid of them. So take care of the dark circles, if you really want your eyes to open up! Conceal them well, or simple banish them totally from your life!

Avoid lining them completely! If you have a smaller set of eyes, do not line them all around! Try and use liner only on the 1/3rd of the lip and on the lower lashline! This will add instant openness to the whole eye! Avoid using liner all over the rim of the eye i.e the waterlines!

Larger Eyes : How To Make The Eyes Appear Bigger

Go nude on the waterlines! Till date I have seen people using nude/white liners only on the lower lash line, but have you tried doing this, all around the rim i.e on your upper lashline too? Try it, it makes your eyes look obnoxiously big!

The cat eye!!! Yes, the cat eye dramatic eyeliner tends to give your eyes that elongated and enhanced look which looks superbly sassy and dramatic, making the illusion of bigger and deeper eyes!

Brighten up the inner corners of the eyes! Use a white shadow or preferably something shimmery which could reflect light easily! This makes your eyes look more awake and bright!

Larger Eyes : How To Make The Eyes Appear Bigger
These are some tips/solutions on How To Make The Eyes Appear Bigger! What do you guys do? I am more of a white eyeliner on the waterline person!!

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