How to Wear Red like Celebrities

Hi ladies,

First let me confess, I am crazy about red and black. I could happily wear these two colours for the rest of my life and I would never get bored of them. Today I will talk about how you can incorporate the colour red in your wardrobe like celebrities.


red gown

Off shoulder gown, sleeveless gown, full sleeved gown or cut sleeved gown; your choices are endless. Next time if you head out for a cocktail party then think no further than red!


red top

There are some days when we just don’t want to dress up but if you have a good red top then you are definitely sorted. Wear your top with black or blue jeans and you will definitely feel uplifted.


red skirt

A flirty red skirt with a basic white tee or crop top is a great way to dress up for your date night. The look is not in your face but will still fetch you many compliments.

Trousers or denims

red denim

Repeat after me “I will not look OTT in red denims!” You might feel that you will not be able to carry off red denims but you totally can. Reach out for a basic tee to go with your red denims and you are all dressed up in no time.

Little red dress

red dress

Buy an LRD for those days when you feel you have nothing to wear! These dresses can be casual or dressy but we all know reds can never be just mere casuals!

Blazers or jackets

red blazer

A well fitted and structured red blazer will increase your confidence manifolds in that corporate meeting. Do not shy away from incorporating red colour in your office wardrobe.


red pumps

Can you wrong with red pumps? No, no one can! When you feel like you need to tower over people and paint the town red then wear those sky high red heels with just about anything!


red lipstick

Do I even need to talk about the power of red lipstick with you? Even if you are in your PJs with a red lipstick on, people will notice the red lippie first and then your outfit! A stunning red can make gloomy days all happy and sunny. If you still haven’t tried a red lippie then please go ahead and buy one for yourself right now! You will not regret it.
P.S. I have fallen in love with red all over again while writing this post!

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