Huda Beauty Trophy Wife Lip Contour Matte Lip Pencil Review

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Hello gorgeous gals,

One last review on the Huda Beauty products with m. This is the third Lip Contour shade I picked up. I had reviewed the liquid matte version of this shade a while back. So far, the Lip Contour formula seems consistent, considering the 2 shades reviewed by me so far: Bombshell and Icon. Let us see if this too falls in the same category or turned out to be an aberration.


Price: $19 in the US/GBP 16 for 1.2 gms
For perspective – A MAC Lip pencil is $16.50 for 1.45gms.
Product Description:
A line of easy-glide contouring and filling lip pencils featuring intense color payoff and a matte finish. Balance and beautify your lips with the Lip Contour Matte Lip Pencil to address flat lips, thin lips, wide or narrow mouth, or uneven shape. These easy-glide lip pencils are simple to use and provide an intense payoff with a matte finish in a single swipe. Each shade is waterproof and transfer-proof and can be used alone or combined for the perfect lip look. It is formulated without parabens, phthalates. “They are literally the only thing I am using on my lips at the moment. The glide and payoff is so perfect and long lasting. They fit ideally in my mini bag too! My favorite combos are Trendsetter used as a contour plus Bombshell as a highlighter or Famous and Trophy Wife. But when I want to add drama to my look, I use Vixen combined with Famous.”—Huda Kattan, Brand Founder. This product is vegan and cruelty-free.
The lip pencil is a regular sharpenable wooden pencil in black which comes packaged in a black cardboard box. The look and feel of the product are definitely good – goes with the pricing of the product. The plastic cap fits snuggly and doesn’t come off easily. The end of the pencil as well as the box are colour coded corresponding to the product shade. So, it’s easy to identify in the stash. It does not come with a sharpener.


My Experience with Huda Beauty Trophy Wife Lip Contour Matte Lip Pencil:

A quick brief on the brand again. Huda Kattan is a successful Youtube and Blogger, born and brought up in the US and based out of Dubai. She, along with her sisters, run the Huda Beauty empire. Their initial foray into the beauty industry was with the ever popular Huda beauty Lashes. The iconic packaging along with a good product sent the beauty brand soaring. Next to launch were these, the Huda Beauty Lip Contours. These were followed by the Liquid Matte Lipsticks and the recently launched limited edition Huda Beauty Rose Gold Edition Eyeshadow Palette.

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Color: The shade Trophy Wife is described as the “best-selling Rose Wood”. I think the description suits the shade. However, apart from the woody rose, there is a hint of purple in there as well. It is a very pretty shade. It would work well for the upcoming bridal season – for the bride as well as the guests.

If you look at the lip swatch I have shared, I have the Liquid Matte at one side and the Lip Contour on the other. The shades are absolutely identical, just the finish of both are different. Kudos to the product development team for that! It can be a challenge to reproduce the same shade in a different format. Normally, there tends to be little or more variance. In this case – none!


I mentioned this in my review of the shade Icon as well – these lip pencils have been termed as Lip Contours as they can be used to contour your lips. How do you do that? If you check online, you will find a plethora of pictures of Huda Kattan with lip contouring demonstrated on her lips. And she does have gorgeous lips. But, as is with all things related to the internet, be discerning. Huda has lip fillers, nothing wrong with that. Her body, her decision. The only thing is that if you think these pencils can change your normal lips to look as full as hers, that ain’t gonna happen. Just like contouring powders can only do so much. So can this product.


Texture: The Huda Lip contour pencils are quite smooth and creamy. They glide on easily without tugging or pulling on the lips or dragging on. The flip side is also that the tip gets used up quickly, i.e. with just 2 applications. And if you need a sharp point to work with, then you have to sharpen it each time you use it. If you don’t, you will work with a blunt tip. So, all in all, this will get consumed fairly quickly.


Do remember that these lip pencils were launched way before we even heard that there will be liquid lipsticks in the offing. So, were these supposed to be a base for the liquid lipsticks – not quite. This was an individual product. Supposed to be used as is – as a matte lip product and as all matte products go – this too needs prepped and exfoliated lips. If not, it will grab onto any texture on your lips and emphasise it.


Once on, you feel a slight tightening which is typical of matte lip products, but it isn’t too bad. It works more like a traditional matte lip. After an hour or so, you feel the dryness on your lips. If you move the upper lip on the lower one, you will get that dry sandpaper feeling. It gets fairly drying by the end of its wear time. However, if used as a base for a lipstick, it feels fairly comfortable. The added moisture from the lipstick (regular ones/Huda’s liquid ones) helps add comfort.


Pigmentation: The pigmentation is excellent. It still covers all lip pigmentation very well and provides an even base. Your natural lip colour will not peep through and will not alter the shade of the lipstick.


Lasting power: The product lasts about 6.5-7 hours on me on its own. But it does get fairly drying. However, probably not as drying as a traditional MAC lip pencil. It wears fairly well and does not budge with light snacks or drinks. A heavier meal does break it down, though. Still, it has a much better wear time than the Huda Liquid Mattes. Also, it does not look patchy with time.


To sum this up for you:

Pros of Huda Beauty Trophy Wife Lip Contour Matte Lip Pencil:

⦁ A beautiful colour – very flattering.
⦁ The shade is bold but not neonish. Just right.
⦁ Lightweight matte texture.
⦁ Allows for clean, precise application once sharpened.
⦁ Does not tug or pull.
⦁ No feathering or bleeding.
⦁ Convenient packaging – easy to apply and easy to carry.
⦁ Decent wear time.

Cons of Huda Beauty Trophy Wife Lip Contour Matte Lip Pencil:

⦁ Not a hydrating formula.
⦁ Tends to cling to dry patches. Would suggest prior exfoliation.
⦁ The creamy texture makes the tip disappear in 2 uses.
⦁ Sharpening makes the product get over quickly.
⦁ Price point.
I have discussed this point in detail while reviewing Bombshell and Icon. I have shared my viewpoint on the price point at which this is based. Also, I have shared why I feel the price point may be what it is. Tying up with a retailer who has a worldwide reach comes with its own cost to the company.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Final Thoughts:
I feel the Lip contour is a better product than the Liquid Matte. It may not be fair to compare these two as both are different products – apples and oranges! Even though they may be from the same orchard. Having said that, if Huda had followed the Kylie route and put both these things in a kit (not the Limited edition Holidays Kits) and sold them at a similar price point as Kylie’s, these would fly off the shelves faster. I don’t for a minute doubt that her liquid lipsticks have a cult following, especially in the middle east. However, I wonder how many people buy the Lip Contours.

And the beauty to me is that both these products work exceptionally well together. Her Liquid Lipstick formula isn’t my favourite, though I love the shades. But, with the Lip Contour as a base, the liquid lipstick is elevated. To explain it in another way – had I been reviewing this along with the liquid lipstick, as a kit, it would have got a higher rating than the rating of the individual products (Lip Contour and Liquid Mattes).

Would I Recommend Huda Beauty Trophy Wife Lip Contour Matte Lip Pencil?

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  1. really like the shade on you but honestly, i am not much gaga over lip pencils. even the good ol’ nyx or mac work for me. you look gorgeous. 🙂

    1. Ya! MAC is like a workhorse! Plus they have such a huge variety of colours. I intend to review another brand of lip pencils soon – i keep losing the pics – those are something else altogether. 😉

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